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Yes, that's right, a desktop thread where you not only post your own desktop, you also request desktops, and showcase desktops you've made so other people can use them.


My desktop.


Looks the same as last time.



And i'll showcase one (my first vector, btw, even though it's a trace):










Btw, for future refrence, posted desktops should be in that format. Say, from now on, all images over 640×480 should be linked.



And the thread name's resemblance to names of other, sticked threads has no meaning. None at all. >.> XD

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Originally posted by InsaneSith

And please try to have more to your posts than just a single sentence.



Originally posted by InsaneSith

lol, Morgana. Nice wall Pie. :)

Originally posted by InsaneSith

What file format is it?

Yes, yes, I see what you mean. Maybe it would be a good idea to practice what you preach before you go critizing others about it. Nothing against short posts -- most posts are fairly short -- but there's no need to turn up your nose at someone for something that you don't hold yourself or anyone else to, now is there?

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