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ROTS preview figures and other pimptastic things... *SPOILERS*

El Sitherino

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So today I went to toys r us to get the General Grievous sneak preview figure, ended up getting both that and Mace Windu Unleashed. I should be getting my Wookiee Warrior in the mail soon (tommorow I think).


Anyway, just figured I'd show off some pictures of my new prettys.


My super awesome pimptastical Grievous pose.

General Grievous, picture 1 *minor spoiler*

General Grievous, picture 2 *minor spoiler*

General Grievous, picture 3 *minor spoiler*


And the original BMF.



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I ordered the preview and Clone Wars cartoon General [:rolleyes:] figures. I'm kinda disappointed that the General only comes with one saber... he should have come with at least 2, but 3 would have been coolest.



I'm sorry, but I think spoilertagging

General Grievous

is just silly. Especially in another forum where there were game spoilers that were ignored :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by ZBomber

Does anyone seriously not know the main baddy of ep3? :p

You mean other than Palpy/Sidious and Vader right?


GG was in Clone Wars after all, and most people (people that actually like star wars and plan on seeing ROTS) here have seen that.


Anyway, I'm anxiously awaiting my Wookiee Warrior. Can't wait for it to arrive. Anyone here get the R4 droid? I saw it Toys r Us, and though she looked rather cool, think I'll get her at a later date.

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I picked up all 4 at TRU. They had a million of all of them. I hate TRU so much....


The Wookie is my favorite but I disagree with you Z. The gun's hidious. Why not design a Bowcaster or something? In the EU, Wookies use Bowcasters. I'm sorry, I know it's EU, but if GL wants to stray so far away from the EU with the PT, he should have never approved half of the stuff to begin with.

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