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Which Banner?


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Z's is too red. And Insane's has both Darth Tater and Midnight Madness on it. Tough choice because I like all the crap on Z's, but I'd go with Insane's.


Oh crap. It's a tie. If Z and Insane vote, they'll just vote for their own and that won't help :p

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My stores didn't open at midnight. TPM toys came out on Monday. I had off, someone died and there was a memorial in her memory. Since my school was a part of the church, the faculty couldn't be in two places at once. Anywho, we went to the stores when they opened. It was crazy! We didn't do anything special for AotC. We went Sat morning for RotS like we did TPM. They had a Wal Mart employee dressed in full stormie gear and everything! Not as many people showed as for TPM....

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