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Which Banner?


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Why the hell can't we have two? ;_; What if I change the backround to a darker color, something like one of these:




I think that way we could use Sithy and my banner.


The only reason I used red was because SOMEONE told me to try to get it like the red cards. >_>

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Looks too pixely now. Meh, one banner? I'll go with Sith's then unless Z makes it less pixely.


Oh, and I confused Quaft with Qualm. That's what I was thinking of....

Uh, Katarn, I saved it in paint, so its gonan be pixely. look at the banner I posted above them, the ones with them on the layout I just quickly did in paint.

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I combined Sithy and my banner, and took the strong points of each one. Sithy had unique stuff, like the midnight madness, EU figures, and the darth taters. I included my Boba Fett, series packages, and the backround. I also added a 12 Inch greivous.


V. 1



V. 2



I can give the PSD to Sithy if he likes it and wants to make a little change.

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