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What is your fav. class?


Favorite Class  

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    • Imperials
    • Rebals
    • Clones
    • Droids

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I always play either as Shock Trooper, Dark Trooper , Rebel Vangaurd, Rebel Soldier, ARC Trooper, Jet Trooper, Super Battle Droid, or Droid Assassin. The Dark trooper's gun is already accurate you just have to take time to master it like babyface up there said its like a shot gun :gun7: And droids aren't as bad as they cut out to be. It's just that online they lose because everyone switches to clones leaving the battle 10 clones to 3 droids. The Super Battle Droid has the fastest fire after the droidekas plus they have rockets, easy killer, and the Droid Asssassin's sniper rifle never misses. Droideka's are actually pretty bad. They have a super hailfire but they are too slow and it takes too long to roll into a ball to move and you cant shoot when in a ball. It's too much trouble. I just use them when I have to get to a far off neutral command post and I cant use a vehicle to get there. The best AI over all is the Super Battle Droid. I reak havoc with that thing :grnlaz:

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