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Custom Lightsabers!


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Wish i could but its a pretty solid heavy piece


i have a friend and he builds all sorts of sabers and he does prop blasters too i'll try and get some pics of his to post they are pretty nice




heres one of his


whats cool about our sabers is they were all built using parts we've found at work and about

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Meh. I want them to be MR (Master Replica) quality. Worthy of being in museums. I want them to be weighted properly and everything. I was more into the action figs and now WotC miniature game. Once again, it's a dream that I'll never fulfill. Thanks for the link though ;)


EDIT- Actually, those are mighty damned good jobs. They should get Lucas approval to do some EU ones since MR never seems to try doing any of those. I'd be all over the Katarn one if they'd make it.

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master teplica sabers are pretty awful in all truth and arnt 100% accurate on some of them *they really arnt worth the asking price*


the blasters are cool but you could make your own replica thats exactly the same for half the asking price


all you need to do is get a picture of katarns saber and send them it then they'll make it for you! :D


ooh i have the wotc minis too :) i even custom made my own :)

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Holy crap, those are amazing. You use D&D minis for those or what? As said, the paint job is sloppy a bit (not so much on the Sith lord actually) but one of the best minis I've ever seen. Great job ;)


I'm gonna look into the saber thing a bit more. I have so many other things I collect so it's not a priority. Also, due to copywrite issues, they can't really make me the saber the exact same way :(

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I think i picked them up from this set




I liked the way they turned out and plan on making some more when i get the cash :D


I stopped collecting the minis for a while due to being poor and having to pay for other things but with the Universe set out now im gonna start collecting them again


Oh while looking at the site i really wanna turn one of these guys into Sith



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I only get the original trilogy era and post RotJ era EU so I didn't bother with Clone Strike or RotS. I got the fringe as singles and a few Jedi off eBay as singles as well. I got all of RS and am missing two guys I want from Universe yet. This set is more money but truly amazing.

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Found pics! like i said the painting is crappy but then again so is the paint work on the real minis lol


Darth terros in mini form!


And again fighting obi wan!


And a jedi master and his padawan i made too


Nice. Yes the paint job is a little messy but so much better then I could ever do. Nice job.


And really nice sabers too! I couldn't hope to make as good as sabers

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The blades that they put in those sabers do they come out? and is it possible to have them clear and have them change colors when they power up? and do the blades come in short sizes? a yoda fx would be awesome!


I've been eyeing the M2 at http://www.parksabers.com/ for quite a while, but at 300 bucks my wife says I'll have to get her something really nice for her birthday if I get one.


My question is, does anyone have one of these and if so it hollow inside ?? I'd like to make a really powerful LED flashlight out if it (so it actually has some real function) as I don't get to conventions very often.

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well, stick a paperroll or antenae as the blade, take photos, and use photoshop.


Oh as for blasters, I am getting parts and what not to build one. Going to add the parts on an airsoft gun, and you get a working blaster.


Its really not that hard, since most guns in Star Wars are based off guns in reality, even for most of them EU. Look at that P90 in dark times!


PS: Nice minis, but I suggest you use a thinner coat of paint. Oh and do the shades in gradual layers, makes your job easier.

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