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Magna Guard VM


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great Marz :) Hey some1 who use 3d max i hawe a question , how can i put a Imgae File in 3d max so i can model over it...well something like this !



Well for 3Dmax 4.0 this is what you do.


Go to the very top of the screen and pick the "Views" rolldown. Then select "Viewport Background". Now a the "Viewport Backround" Table will show itself. From this Table you will be able to pick your image from "Background Source". Play around with the "Aspect Ratio" to get different methods of Aspect. One option will freeze the image to the panel, the other will allow it move around. Anyhow, just play around with it, cuz the aspect are important. I would make sure you have 2 or more working panels open, and designate one panel to your image. Hope that helps. Marzout

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:angel: :angel: :angel: File Ready for download :angel: :angel: :angel:


O.k. here is V 1.0 for download. I may still make more changes later. This version has NPC support (which makes the model taller). I have the headless, grey, red, and blue varients. Fixed electrostaff. Cape, and Non cape varients... but I couldnt really come up with a suitable replacement for the cape. I tried re-weighting is several different ways, but this is the way that works the best. I adjusted the cape for less clipping. Hope you all enjoy it. Marzout





I love the mod but I have a problem with the electrostaffs.

I'm running it with OJP and every time I hit someone with the electrostaff, the game freezes terminally. I have to use Ctrl + Alt + Del to exit.

any ideas? Oh, and I can't change the color of the staffs for some reason...

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