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Discovery! (a kind of co-op)

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ok ok check this out, i dont know if anyone has figured this out yet, but its possible to play CAMPAIN maps ONLINE, without downloading ANY mods. the way u do this is run a Non-dedicated server and use the usual code for adding maps (/admin /addmap), but instead of putting the ending, _con, _1ctf, or _ass, put _c and you will get the campain mode of the map, ex: in cor1c_c you will be able to play the jedi vs clones on Coruscant as u did campaign but u play it ONLINE and you can play on BOTH sides. You can do this for everymap as long as it existed in campaign mode. Credit for this discovery currently goes to my freind ~GCU~GENRUDEDOG.

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I highly suggest trying this, it is really fun to complete missions with your friends. here is the list of maps that can be played

cor1c_c (Coruscant)

dea1g_c (Death Star)

fel1c_c (Felucia)

geo1c_c (Geonosis)

hot1g_c (Hoth)

kas2c_c (Kashyyyk)

mus1c_c (Mustafar)

myg1c_c (Mygeeto-only host can play)

nab2c_c (Naboo)

pol1g_c (Polis Massa)

tan1g_c (Tantive IV)

uta1c_c (Utapau)

yav1g_c (Yavin)

spa1g_c (Space Yavin)

spa2c_c (Space Coruscant)

spa3c_c (Space Kashyyyk)

spa4g_c (Space Mustafar)

spa8c_c (Space Hoth)

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I didn't work I've tried and tried again nothing it doesn't work btw I'm using a patched version of BFII would that have to do with anything


You may need to tell us step by step what you're doing. Obviously this has to be your own server, not somebody else's...


Are you running a dedicated server? Or non-dedicated?


Are you running the game from a batch file, command line exe, Server Launcher program (and if so which one), or from in-game?


Are you able to "chat" in your game? That's the key. This game has no "console" like many other FPS games, so in multiplayer you use your chat window to enter commands (which is clumsy and you risk revealing your admin info if you accidentally mistype it so be careful!).


Basically you have to have the admin detail enabled first off, and then in chat you have to enter the proper commands with the proper syntax. Type slowly and carefully.


In addition to the links I provided, you may also want to read this sticky as the info is applicable to full version as well (it was originally created for the public beta).

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I'm doing the commands right in game I followed the instructions to the letter about how you start off with /admin/password I started off with that the game seemed to except it but I didn't get feedback I think I don't have admin detail enabled where do you go to enable admin detail?

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First, which method are you using to run the server?


In-game launcher?

Dedicated Server program (if so, which one)?

Batch (bat) file?

Command line shortcut?


If for example you're running a batch file, post here your settings. If it's a command line, post the full command line. If it's the in-game browser I guess take a screenshot of your screen and post it (alt+printscreen, paste into a paint program, save, upload to a free image uploader service or whatever).

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Then you should be able to do admin commands on your server. You're the admin by default. You just need to type the commands correctly. Sorry I don't have time to go in-game and double check them to be sure exactly what you need to do to make sure it's working. Anybody else up to the task?

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In some battles like hoth our finest hour the evil side (which is the Imps for hoth)has the objectives and the rebels just have to defeat all reienforcements.So the good side has to take out all the reienforcements on some campain maps.


That was the best discovery I ever heard about.I'm puting you on my buddies list for that discovery!

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Hi all. Hi Dan, remember me from BFII online? My game name will be {****FREEZE****}Leader.Alpha if you are looking for me. Anyway, I was told to google to find how to do campaign in MP. The guy wouldn't tell me, because of a "secret". I was led by my search here, to find this thread. So I registered, even though i saw you post. So here I am now. But, a question. Where is the anti-trooper level designation?



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