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Custom Commando Project

Darth Hyukan

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Well, me and my brother were messing around in Photoshop yesterday. We were scrolling through pictures to edit, and came across a Commando model. He decided he wanted to make his own, custom commando; so we did. His is dubbed Phoenix, while mine is Smoke.




(Phoenix has fire-resistant armor and is equipped with a flamethrower)




(Smoke has cloaking abilites and is equipped with a Bothan incinerator, modded with acidic ammo)




I just thought I'd share that with you all, also if anyone wants a custom commando of their own, I'll be glad to take requests. All I'll need is:


1. Name of the commando.

2. Color and basic idea.

3. Type of gun.

4. Animated/Not.

5. Details (where you want the color, etc.)


~ Hyukan.

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Wow thats Nice.


How bout:


2)Orange(Sparingly),Grey, matte Black, Red.

3)DC-17m Anti- Armor Atachment.

4)Take your pick

5)Red Visor, Orange at the Joints and Small Square on Gauntlets, Red Mythosaur Skull on Shoulder Pads and Left Top of armor chest plate. Grey Around visor and Gauntlets and Y shaped piece on Chest(where yours is Green), Matte Black Everywhere Else.

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How bout:


2)Red(Sparingly),Grey, Black.

3)DC-17m blaster attachment

4)Like all the other ones.

5)Blue visor, Red at the elbow and knee joints and on feet (where your's is green) and Small Square on Gauntlets, I like the Mythosaur Skull where it is on taccled's, keep it red. Grey Around visor and Y shaped piece on Chest(where your's is Green), and grey on upper arms, black on lower arms. Black upper chest, grey lower chest (like your's). Black feet (except for red spot) grey legs (except for red knee joints) and black strip down middle of upper leg leg, like on Phoenix. And batter him up with scrapes and bullet marks, however you think would look cool.


Did you catch all that? LOL


Let's see how that looks, thanks.

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One small request


2.DC-117 attachement

3.Mythosaur across chest, legs, wrists

4.Lot of craches across chest, mainly chest

5.Black visor

6.Armor color like Wrecker

And this can be tricky

7.Cold blazing katana wrist!

If you cant, no problem.

If you can, :):):):):):):):):):)

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Two questions on your request, Alan.


1: Is his name actually Fixer, or do you want him to be based off Fixer? (I ask for the commandos name, because sometimes it gives me a concept of what the commando would better look like)


2: Did you mean DC-117, or DC-17?

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You can see the dramatic change in effect once you take away all the scratches, burns, and bullet marks:




Holy Fosh! That's sweeet! Btw, how do you add the bullet marks/scratches/etc. in Photoshop. Also, what pic are you using to base this off.


I must say, you are very talented. Keep it up!

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If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you try making one that has the basic color scheme of this:




You don't have to do all the little details. Basically it's black, gold, grey, and a little bit of red and green. His name is Exodious Prime. :D

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