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Rebel MC30 Frigate Hassle


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Man.. what do You guys think of this - in FoC -

implemented new spacevessel?


It is absolutely insane! They have not many

weaponslots - as far as I see - there are 4,

but even Stardestroyers get blown away a bit easyily

(in Galactic Conquest). The vessel they are weak against

are tie-bombers. wtf!? And the rebels come in with them

in waves about 10 to 20. Just as You start thinking "ah

I can make it" there are 3 or 4 more of them! And more,

and more...


And their special weapon!? Oh man! :smash:


I hope they make them in a further patch a bit easier to beat



Well, makes playing as imperial more challenging the 55 planet-



Aaargh!! I h*** them I h*** them :king1:

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I get the same feeling of dread when I see them but they dont do much damage to me because I give them the respect and attention they deserve. Interdictors are far more useful now but I could see that if you dont use them the MC30 would really hurt you. They are rather expensive and when they usually throw a dozen or so at me spread amongst big fleets and lose them all it must hurt. When playing as ZC you just have to laugh because Vengeance frigates take out the torp lauchers with ease.

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Skiprays' jamming ability is pretty useful against them, too. So is the Crusader's point defense. The Zann Consortium can stand up to MC-30s pretty well.


I imagine that VSDs could make a pretty big dent in an MC-30 fleet. As for the ISD being weak against TIE bombers, that's just an encyclopedia suggestion. Other ships could be effective against the ISD as well. I like the idea of the Rebels having a small capital-ship-killer in their arsenal.

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Well, I made the experience - with difficulty set

on medium - that they attack with frigates in masses

and they match me out in numbers by about 3 to 1 or

higher. Not seldomly I destroy from 10 to 20 MC30s

(and not only them, also assault frigates and Nebulas)

and they are nasty as they move also very fast and

I throw the bombers against them to kill the engine first

to make them a better target.


When they come in with about 30 Frigates, its getting

really difficult (or the comp cheats or bugs?). T


Last time, over Corellia I just got my butt kicked as they

destroyed my fleet with an ISD, some VSDs and Acclamators

and a Level 4 spacestation. It would have been much bader,

if didnt have a hyper-V gun on the planet. With a 2nd fleet

later I got the system back. Also very dependent on the hyper

v gun.


But their attacks are just very nervy. But I guess they cannot

produce capital ships (dont know if they own Calamari). I have

Kuat and Fondor. The only capital ship I encountered yet was

Admiral Ackbar's one. The Zahn Consortium didnt attack me ever

at all (why that?), they just sabotage me.


But well, even Rebels need a chance to win (I h8 them, haha)

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A simple defence for most ships I have found to be artillary, the Broadside would do amazing damage again about anything that comes close. I have early killed a ton of nebulan-Bs with them. They also offer cover for fighters to go in and do the final kill. Basically I take an old fashion strategy and make it work. :)

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10 Keldabe and 10 Aggressor.....that is nasty! Bravo for the victory. As for using the interdictor, I always put the interdictor in the centre of my ships which are in a tight formation. The interdictor field is not very big and will not cover a fleet if it is spread out; and at 3 population each, I dont want to use anymore than one because they have almost no offensive ability. Have a spare just in case it gets taken out by assault/sturm frigates which seem to love going for the poor little interdictor.

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Thanks!! Yeah this one was tough! 44 Minutes fighting.

Spawned on the right of the map and cruised to the

left,while suddenly I got somehow surrounded and they

spawned in from the left and the right. Had about 3 or

4 ISD's left and a missilefrigate and an acclamotor or

VSD. Gotta fill the whole borderline of planets. The ZC

is better to fight against, as the rebels use another very

agressive tactic with the frigate.


The interdictorfield is very good against those torpedoes

(vs. the ZCs not really I think), I think its just very hard

because ISDs can hardly target those MC30s because

they are so fast and cruising arround you all the time and

bust away the tiebombers with their special ability (this

strange looking ringblast or what it is) while I want to go

on their engines. Having missilefrigates in the spawned

fleet isnt that easy too, as the fleet most times is spawned

automatically and I got all sorts of ships (tartan, missilefrig,

vsd, acclamator, isd) and the fleet is spawned balanced.


Though, sometimes, I dont know why (it happend most times

when I used Adm. Thrawn), I have the chance to spawn the

fleet (at the start of the battle I mean) myself how I want it.

What can be very important for battle going.


I think theres not really a good counterpart-ship vor the imps

versus those frigates. Except the Tie - defender maybe. Didnt

try that out yet.

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