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Trapped in Jekk'Jekk Tarr


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(Posted this in The Workbench and realized it belongs here. Feel free to delete the other one.)


I've defeated the Red Eclipse and gotten the cutscene where Visquis invites me to meet with him in his private lounge. I've defeated the Twin Suns. Now Mira appears in the Jekk'Jekk Tar, and that's where the problem starts.


First of all, Mira appears in the Jekk'Jekk Tar with no environmental suit. No cutscene plays (as I believe there's supposed to be a cutscene where Visquis sees Mira standing just inside the first chamber and says something like "the Jedi showed up after all"...?--if so, this cutscene didn't play). Ignoring these bugs, I walk through the door (it doesn't open or anything; I can just walk right through it like a ghost--not sure if this is supposed to happen.) Then I come to the door to the private lounge, and it says it's "magnetically sealed".


So then I re-loaded from a save right before the Visquis invitation. This time Mira appears in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr wearing the environmental suit (though there is no cutscene). This time, when I try to open the door to the private lounge, Mira runs up to it, turns around, runs away, runs back to the door, turns, runs away--running circles like this and never opening the door.


So, my main problem is the door won't open. The other couple of glitches were just indications of the whole glitchy-ness of the situation.


Note: This has been posted before. I did, actually, have the Suvam Tan mod installed, and I just completely uninstalled it; but the problem has not been resolved. That's why I'm asking for help.


I have the following mods installed:

Jedi Temple - Coruscant (module)

Feat Progression

Increased Skills & Attributes

Jedi Council Holovid Restored

Party XP Bug Fix (deals with bug concerning XP when you train your party members in the Force)

Remote Tells Influence


I entered the Jekk'Jekk Tarr once before, earlier in the game, to find the Lunar Shadow crew captain. This wouldn't have anything to do with it, would it?

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It very well could.


Try going back to an even earlier save, from before you went in to look for the captain of the Lunar Shadow. I know it's a pain, but it's better than a broken game. ;)

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Nah, I've been to the JJT before the end sequence with no problem. And the Mira environment suit glitch is unrelated as well.


But, it couldn't hurt to load a previous game. But if you don't want to do that, you could download the Whereami Armband to open the door.

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Now that is interesting...


I downloaded the whereami armband to open the door, and sitting inside the lounge in the place of Visquis is a Sullastan named something-or-other Nubb. This must confirm that the problem is caused by the Suvam Tan mod, which replaces the Visquis .ncs file with this Sullustan.

But I deleted that mod (and all other mods too, to be safe) -- so it must be a problem with a save game.


Does anybody happen to know what exactly triggers Visquis to spawn inside the private lounge?

I'm going to snoop around KSE a little bit. I'll probably end up just taking Qliveur's advice and re-loading from before my first Jekk'Jekk Tarr excursion...unfortunately...since JJT was one of my very first visits on Nar Shaddaa. ;P


Nah, I've been to the JJT before the end sequence with no problem.


Yeah, but (I assume) you didn't have the Suvam Tan mod installed. Visquis may have spawned when you visited that first time, but you wouldn't have noticed since you didn't have some Sullustan spawning instead.


EDIT: Someone should report this glitch to the author of the Suvam Tan mod, so he can use a different file...

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I started with an early save, on Nar Shadda, after I moved the file. After I get the invite, and get through the whole the JJT and even G0T0's yacht, I'll put it back in. I do wonder if it screws up other things. Or if other mods screw up the game. I'll have to take a look, here.

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Yes I had the glitch as well where Mira couldn't get into the private lounge in Jekk Jekk Tarr and it was part of a mod that caused this to happen. :¬:


Look for a file either called



Once I removed this file from my override folder to my desktop, and reloaded my saved game, just before Mira enters Jekk Jekk Tarr, it worked fine. After that was over I through the file back in my override folder.


Everything seems to be working fine again. :thmbup1:

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