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What extra classes do you think should be added to STBF III


What class(es) do you think should be added to STBF III?  

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  1. 1. What class(es) do you think should be added to STBF III?

    • Commando Class
    • Null Trooper Class
    • ARC Trooper Class
    • Other any ideas???
    • All of the above

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What do you mean, "gamplay value"? IGF's recruitment server is constantly packed with people. I don't see what gameplay value really means or how it has any bearing on heroes being not/involved on IGF's servers...


Please detail what "gameplay value" is for me.



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If the case is actually that the IGF recruiting server is "packed with people," then my statement is null. However, as I said, I have never seen more than 15 people, and I have certainly never seen it full. Which is why people continually go back to servers like Shattered Planet and Jedi Battle Arena; they want a full game. I guess that's what I meant by gameplay value. If JBA and SP didn't use heroes, their servers would probably be even more popular, and WGO's Hero Assault servers would, too.

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It is often armed with at least 6 people at a time, if not more. Obviously, there are downtimes, but generally, it has a fair enough amount of people to get a game going good. But then WGO Hero Assault server wouldn't be the WGOHA server now, would it?


Anyway, I don't quite see the "gameplay value" of a hero server in comparison to a standard set server like IGF's (depending on the event on).


Hop on, sometime, bokken. Add me on Xfire, too.

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Doesn't anybody like the CIS. They have a lot of different droid units that could work in the game. Maybe no the Annihilator droids( for those who don't know, Annihilators are droideka's big brothers), but they still have good units. Maybe the crab droid might be a good one to use or maybe the ultra battle droid or the dwarf spider droids mark 1 & 2. And what about those droids that the deranged geo planned to build? There are those commando droids from the Clone Wars( CGI version). Cortosis battle droids, buzz droids, Baron droids, Magna guards, regular battle droids, and super battle droids also exist. So why is almost everyone focusing on the Republic?

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Heroes may work well in some kind of the Co-Op (i know it doesn't fit into battlefront series but adding something extra won't hurt) mode (humans vs bots).This way the geonosis arena battle may work with humans being jedi and bots being droids, and bobba fett, and count dooku. That may also be used in Order 66.


Maybe more commander-like heroes for regular maps with auras (Like Rage and rally but they would always take effect instead of being triggered and with a larger area of effect)- that would force more teamplay (heroes like Imp commander vasks and Mon Mothma)- just an Idea. Also the health and the timer separated - if someone shoots you your health decreases but your 3 min timer does not so you can use those 3 mins if you don't die.


As for the customization I'd like to see camouflage - like white uniforms on hoth, green on endor(isn't it stupid to see white stormtroopers in Endor) , and sand brown on geonosis, but with a recognizable look and so you know what it is when you see it. I don't like the idea of customizable weapons or weapons that can be picked up (if you were a trained sniper would you know how to operate a rocket launcher, and it would change the gameplay too much AND make teamkilling a good thing)


maybe also different classes for different maps- like no heavy's or engineers on infantry only maps, or no jet pack troopers in interior maps like Death star and Tantine IV interior, or pilots on maps with ships like hoth or bespin.


Sorry for my english :D

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i had an idea for standard "universal" classes, where there are, of course, set weapons and each class had a special ability. some classes have weapon options.


Assault- Primary: Blaster Rifle, Secodary: Pistol, Ability: MedKit

Demolition- Primary: Rocket Launcher, Secondary: Light Repeater, Ability: Mine Layer

Recon- Primary: Sniper Rifle/Carbine, Secondary: Pistol, Ability: Cloak

Engineer- Primary: Shotgun, Secondary: Pistol, Ability: Repair

Scout- Primary: Carbine, Secondary: Pistol/Light Repeater, Ability: Jet Pack

Support- Primary: Heavy Repeater/Flamethrower, Secondary: Pistol, Ability: Ammo Dispenser

Commando- Primary: Carbine, Secondary: Pistol, Ability: DemoCharge


and then you have your unique units for each faction.

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