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The most emotional "scene" of a game. (spoilers abound)

Taak Farst

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I have to update mine, because a game actually gave me a feeling I never had in a game before that was astonishing.


I'm not talking about the grip your controller so hard it creaks and swear at the T.V. anger, I've had that plenty of times.

I wasn't angry at the game itself, I got the feeling of 'angry at the other side' type anger where you want to stomp them into dust, the kind that games try to get you to feel but ultimately epic fail, and well, this one didn't fail.

This game was Godfather 2.

And lemme tell you just wat happened:

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Sonny had just betrayed the Family, the Manganos just beat the ever loving hell out of us, and then Micheal delivered his speech, I was ready to take back my City. I sent every man, everywhere, and spared NONE, hell, when my men were off, I marched into rackets with 30 Manganos inside with nothing but a Crowbar and walked away with a new business, I was pumped.

And in the end, I loved the Godfather 2, it's just awesome, and it will always puzzle me why it has such bad reviews.

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The final confrontation against Sion was very moving. Some of the things he said, like "If you go before her, you will be broken. If killing you will spare you what lies ahead, then kill you I must" or "I hate you because you are beautiful to me" left me thinking for a while before I went to Kreia. This breaked the "ooh hes total evil has no feelings doenst like bacon kill him kill him KILL HIM!!1!!one1one!" thing (like just about everything in TSL, tbh), and making you feel compassion for your enemy was a huge + when compared to KotOR's cheesy ending.


Another "emotional" game has to be Majora's Mask. The first time I played I couldn't really tell, but when I older I noticed the darker, depressing atmosphere. There are all those people for you to help, but helping them is rather pointless from a "cosmic" point of view: they do get happy when you help them, and for some on your help depends the ultimate purpose and happiness of their lives (Kafei and his... fiancée? I forgot now), but once you play Song of Time because that mean-looking moon is about to destroy the world, all that you've done is undone, and all those people are needing help again. As for the Kafei sidequest, I found it kind of hard to just leave them there to die. The Song of Healing, although beautiful, is depressing too, and that paradise-looking meadow with the huge tree and the masked kids playing is "lolwut? Did I die or what..?".

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I thought the scene in Final Fantasy VII where Aeris dies. That was the only time I got teary eyed in a game. I was 14 at the time. Since then I have gotten emotional feelings and a tight feeling in my chest but not teary eyed. Testosterone FTW! lol


But emotional moments for me have been being rejected by Bastila in K1, training Mira in K2, the Frostmourne scene in WarCraft III and the ending scene in The Frozen Throne, and the last battle of Chapter One in Final Fantasy Tactics.


I'm not gonna say anything else other than play these games, they are great fun, at least for one play through.


Oh! and don't forget: Mankrik's Wife = PwnD by Chuck Norris!:nod:

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