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Custom Commando Project - Redux


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I've been following this project as a non-member for a while, and you guys are great at this.


If somebody would be so kind......


Name: Ram'ser

Colors: not too sure, but a dark grey with visor blue shoulder and knee pads

Armament: is an E5-s possible? if not, a DC-17 anti-armor please

Other: perhaps some small acid green detail and a Separatist hexagon on center chest (also green).



Thank you!

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Wonder if anyone is kind enough to help...



Colours: Red and black

Armament: A DC-17m rifle with the barrel of the DC-15A like the one seen in the game trailer.

Other: Red visor, Mandalorian helmet (if possible?), Mandalorian logo, anti-armor leg pack.


Thanks! :)


P.S. Hope I did not break any rules in posting this

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