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Custom Commando Project - Redux


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Please don't forget mine guys. I made up a request for an edit. Thanks!!!


We won't ;). Don't forget that we are filling requests that haven't been filled in chronological order so your commando will be towards the end of the pack ;). Thanks for being paitient and supporting the Custom Commando Project.



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Good work - for a beginner :lol:


In case I have to say it - that was a joke :xp:Awesome design!

:lol: Thanks :xp:


wow ner'vod how much time do you have on your hands? and how did you do the dual weild on Ark Angel?

Not that much time actually...just snow-days :xp:

For the dual weild I had to cut the DC out and edit it so that it looked like just a gun (ie no fingers on it).



I have been addicted to the olympics and have been swamped with school work so I might not be posting any for a little bit ;).

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I don't know if it i included with GIMP (never used it before).


I'll search to see if you can do this GIMP but in the meantime here are the steps I did in photoshop (this might help guide you to the way in GIMP):


Edit>Transform>Horizontal Flip (This is to make it so the DC looks like it should go in the right arm)


Edit>Free Transform (This is to rotate the DC until it fits with the right arm)



EDIT: Horizontal Flip in GIMP

Rotate in Gimp



Here is the site I found those on :D:


Edited by Rinku
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Unless someone got a request in after i took it off my site, these should be all of them that are left.


Light Gray

DC 17m rifle

Many marks, scratches, and burns all over the armor. If possible, place an ammo clip on the left shoulder pad, and explosive devices on the right leg. (if you can't thats fine) and try to make some broken battle droids in the background. I will be using this photo for a numerous amount of things so make it good plz!


black-all over, grey-left sholder


left sholder shoudl have blood red srtip down center sholder and left side. vicer shoudl be also blood red! put a gray empire sign on chest plate but on blood red line near top! have anti armor rounds around leg wiht blue srip on them blood red.


Orange and Black and White (Commander Cody Style)

DC-17 Commando Blaster

look at a picture from "Commander Cody" Star wars the clone wars.

After looking at the woodland MARPAT what's a mod gotta do to get one in desert MARPAT? Maybe a gold or red visor. And again a regular deecee.


And the Strider Knives logo seen here.




Just the logo. Of course I'll need it for avatar size too.


EDIT: Plus this one

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Well I know you guys do have real life stuff and so I am in no rush for this. But was hopping that you could do it anyway seeing as this is clone based and this a blank template of a clone from a friend. This one posted below is what I am asking for basically to be edited.





1)Name: Skar

2)Colors & Placement- I'd like the colors to be like this clone below only blue like the 501st Legion clones.


4)Add-ons/other details- Add a visor like Cody's (the one shown above) and a scar across the face-plate of the helmet, a Kama like what Rex wears, and this symbol on the body armor (keep the sash)





As stated before take your time. I am in no rush and try your best. It maybe big but I know some of you said for some challenging work. This is challenging and it should turn out pretty well.

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Hey everyone I would like to make a request if you don't mind.

Name: Tracyn

Armor: Just the standard kind (i.e. not the one with scorches back pack, sev's shoulder holster etc.

Colors: All black with with red stripes. That's stripes down the sides of the arms, the shoulder, knee and elbow armor plates, those streak shaped indentation on thigh plates, and a single red stripe down the center of the helmet and also on that center y shaped chestplate. Could you also make the visor red.

Weapon: Just the standard DC-17m blaster attachment



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