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What ancient Sith Lord would you like to see?


What Ancient Sith Lord should make an appearence?  

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  1. 1. What Ancient Sith Lord should make an appearence?

    • Darth Bane
    • Exar Kun
    • Darth Reven
    • Darth Malak
    • Darth Plagueis
    • Darth Traya
    • Marka Ragnos
    • Naga Sadow
    • Other

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i personally would think darth plagueis would be more related to the story then anything :D imagine if starkiller had a sort of vision about darth plaueis with plagueis revealing all of the emperors secretes and weaknesses ( as far fetched as that sounds)

Would be cool to fight him and maybe gain his respect.


And yer as for reven, i dont think he would really have any relevence in the story lol

as much as i also love him.

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Revan FTW


Think about it,he was on his way back to known space from the unknown regions,about to warn the Republic about the sith invasion,then mandalorian neocrusaders bash him over the head with a brick,knock him out freeze him in carbonite to sell him as a slave ,then the mandalorian base gets attacked,later abandoned then he is left alone....THEN about 3,970 years later, our hero Galen Marek's ship breaks down,he is forced to crash-land on mandalore,in desperate need of supplies he goes to an abandoned mandalorian fort,where he discovers a frozen Revan.then he takes him ,and with their combined bad-assery they team up and slap the emperor and vader senseless.

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