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Republic Commando 2 - Delta Operations

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animation tutorial for which program?

i use blender and there are many tutorials for it. its quite easy; only problem is that it does not work properly ;).

have worked on animations for a while and there was only 1 successful test yet(though it was just a little 3-bone animation).

im not sure whats wrong but sometimes the mesh gets screwed up or works only partially. at least the editor accepts the psa/psk files.

btw, seems like the psa-files i've created make no troubles with udk, so maybe there is something wrong with the importer of the editor.

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well, there are a couple of other programs you could use. xsi, maya, 3ds-studiomax for example.

if you don't like blender i'd try xsi, because its free.(at least there is a free version and i'm not sure but i think you can also make animations with it. and there should be an actorx-exporter.)

have tested it once and it's quite easy. blender is more irritating at the beginning.

maya and 3ds max are great programs but really expensive.

normally it should also work with blender. you can either download a script for a psk/psa-exporter here or you can download blender 2.5 or higher which should contain the exporter.


shows you how to make an easy blender animation and how to import it into udk. we're not working with udk but importing is quite easy and does not need a tutorial. just open the animationbrowser and go to file>import mesh/import animation.

hope that helped.

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sure, you can add that way more than 3 bones and you can take a more complicated mesh. that tutorial explains how it works in general.

animations for a clone would be the same. well, its way harder and you would have to regard boneweighting and so on but theoretically its the same.

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