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Republic Commando 2 - Delta Operations

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i already thought about an pickup E web gun! its on my list! landmines too!

the remote droid! i never understood what they are for! i can pick em up, but i cant use em!

SBD blaster...i dont think so! how could a commando use it?

droideka...the same broblem!

trando knife...i've already seen it in a mod! but i propably could make it better ;)

geonosians wont appear in my mod! (i hate em!)

flame thrower! :thmbup1: nice idea! but if i make one i'll take a better model!

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- yeh but youd need to find the static mesh for e web i dunno where itis.

- ive tested landmines already but couldnt get them to detonate.but theyd be great

- the remotedroid is only got a pikup entry youd need to create a nu inventory listing for it and engineer characteristics.

- ive tested the sbdblaster and droideka blaster and they not bad as weps jus u have to rotate the meshes first and change the attachment entry for it cos it covers the 2 weps in 1 and create a nu entry for the other ..

- geo forcepike (weapon) i meant not geonosian aliens !

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Lol :p Nice to see you posting again Fraz :) And I'm really looking forward to your mod Cyro! If you happen to need any skins, just PM me! And could you please post a link to the trando knife mod?


(I also have a self-made clone shadow trooper skin and shock trooper as well, if you'd like to use them. Just give credit for them to me ;) )

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thx! good! and...this is my first really good big mod! aand..it will not be my last!


i am planning another mod! it continues this mod! the new mod is THE REPUBLIC COMMANDO 3 MOD!


for this mod i really need help! your help! i need animators! any here?

and i got another realizable idea! you can switch between 1st and 3rd person!!!!!

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Okay. First, third person might not work. Unless you could find a way to aim properly in 3rd person. I want to be an animator when im older, so it could be good practise for me. And dont you think its a bit early to plan another mod? Stick to the first one until its finished, and maybe you and our group (Carbonite Modders) Could join together to create RC 3?

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