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Revan Returns?


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Leik....Title shuld haz spoiler tag on it. Just saiyan. :dev9:


Well, now I have. Heard about it before. I hope they make him harder on the OPS mission than the Dread Lords are. Hell, I hope they make him harder next time around, period.


I hear Vitiate was only a gold and kinda underwhelming. If he's back too, I hope they fix this as well.

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Very well.


As to my thoughts about what it means? There was a couple interviews (that I know of) with Drew Karpyshyn about Revan. What he indicated was that the door was certainly open for this. Also when questioned about Revan gearing up for essentially committing genocide, he responded that yes (Revan) might have swayed in that direction after 300 years of battling the sith emperor but is not necessarily beyond redemption.



IMO I'm not surprised.


From a story significance perspective: re-reading the relevant parts of the Novel, as well as what he says upon being released from his maelstrom nebula prison, that (Vitiate) used the same alchemy to keep him alive as (Scourge), he's essentially been granted immortality to aging but not necessarily absolute immortality. Both just like Vitiate.


As to the details...


Interesting how only one eye glows while the other does not behind the visor of the mask. As to what it means? Probably exactly what DK said.


I *speculate* this story arc would either include the Revanite cult on Dromund Kaas, and/or the plans for Star Forge II would be in action as I really see no other way this would be (logically) included.


IIRC Star Forge II was to be the terraforming Star Forge since now Forge 1 and the Foundry have now been dealt with. We may yet see some more organic, mutating stuff similar to what has been witnessed in missions of the Dread Masters (at least that one with all those tentacle like monsters she summons).


I wouldn't be surprised, though, if it went an entirely different direction. Perhaps the events in the prophecies by Surik's ghost have yet to come true? Her prophecies notably mirroring the visions Malgus had on Korriban's surface after retaking the outpost. Malgus saw visions of the galaxy burning... (And until definitive evidence otherwise, Malgus is dead.)


So far as gameplay content, it looks to me that Revan may end up being a Raid/Ops boss once again. (It better be MUCH more difficult this time!) A ton of other interesting equipment no doubt. I just hope Meetra Surik gets another nod or something. A bonus archaeology mission to recover her remains that rewards you with some of her gear, maybe? Also, whatever happened to the Ebon Hawk? Why doesn't Revan say anything to you about Scourge if he's brought along? (PLOT HOLE!)


It would probably be for both empire and republic. Just a guess I'm venturing given what's been said so far. *shrug*

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Hmm.. hadn't thought of that. So you think someone else is posing as Revan? It would have to be someone intimate with the knowledge of the Star Forge, which is extremely limited. I'm thinking it is Revan, on some purpose he believes is right, completely agnostic to any dark side or light side allegiances.

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It appears I was somewhat correct. Dec 9th it's coming. Revan's final stand. Sit tight folks, just under two months to go.

(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


Looks like a Rakatan structure...Seems the wiki page talking about a star forge 2 has disappeared. But IIRC the name of the last major Rakatan space station was not finalized--ans it does appear to have some natural growth about it though not necessarily terraforming.


Lore wise I guess this means that although Vitiate might have been aware of all this Rakatan technology existing, he never did unlock it. Revan, on the other hand, did and is using it. So here it goes.


Now here's praying Darth Revan will be a worthy challenge. Maybe some resolution to some things... I guess if the foundry's ending wasn't climactic enough, this one will be.

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