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BCC Mass Effect: Survival


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By the end of 2186, the Reaper War was ended with the activation of the crucible. Commander Shepard chose to control the Reapers, to rebuild the galaxy after the devastating war.

The energy fired by the Crucible caused damage to the Mass Relays galactic wide. Affected by the energy, a reconaissance team on board a light vessel The Trinity crash lands into a near-by planet: a lush world of Rogue's, Pirates and Warlords.


You will play as a crew member of the The Trinity; a vessel used for reconnaissance during the war, that has crash landed into a seemingly unknown world beyond the Terminus Systems. You must survive the dangers of this lush jungle environment, fight off the feral locals and pirate gangs and uncover the planet's secrets if you ever hope to escape in one piece.


General RP rules apply. This will be a structured RP, split into three parts. Has to be an original character, but you can play as any race within the Mass Effect universe. That's why you may have noticed from the RP prologue, in this universe Commander Shepard chose the "Control" ending so I can give you the freedom of choosing to play as either synthetics or organics.


Welcome to the Citadel Security Database! Classified information requested...


Establishing secure connection. Secure Connection CONFIRMED. Please LOG IN to access your profile....

Warning: DATA Corruption Detected. Please Reconstruct Profile.


NAME: Captain Qui'in Tuhrop

AGE: 57

RACE: Turian




FACIAL IDENTIFICATION: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/103/3/b/turian_guy_by_dandzialf-d3dx984.jpg

WEAPONS TRAINING: Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles and Heavy Pistols. Omni-Blade Training Included.

CLASS POWERS: Disruptor Ammo, Tactical Cloak, Incinerate, AI Hacking.

BIOGRAPHY: Captain Qui'in Tuhrop is the commanding officer of the multilateral recon team of The Trinity. Before the Reaper War, Tuhrop was in command of a special forces unit of the Turian Military. After being ambushed by Batarian Mercenaries during a mission, and being the only one left alive, he felt he was no longer fit for the Turian Special Forces and de-promoted himself to simple reconnaissance missions out of survivors guilt.

Now left stranded with his team on an unknown world, his leadership skills are now put to the test and swore to escape the planet with his crew alive.



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Count me in this very instant!!!! ~ Although I would create a character sheet right away in most cases, I am tired and wish to nap upon the typing of this said post, so I'll post my character sheet up a little later. But I'm in for my classic Kallic, and most definitely one other from my menagerie of Mass Effect OC's. :whtsmile:

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Why thank you for the compliment, I try my best to portray my characters accurately. :)


Welcome to the Citadel Security Database! Classified information requested...


~~''''""...#@S!&*-//:System Override Det'""..%$Establishing sec-@T!~-'""'..~-~ure connection.~~ Secure Connection//Secure Connection//Secure Connection~..'"'-%G..CONFIRMED.....''"''.Please LOG IN~//:Logging"'"'--IN to access your profile....

Warning: DATA Corruption//Corruption//Corruption'""'""'~ Detected. Please Reconstruct Profile.


Name: Kallic - It's all anyone can get out of him namewise


Age: 22 - Middle aged basically


Gender: Male


Race: Salarian


Pre-service History: Colonist ~ Captain in Counterterrorism/Infiltration STG; Biological Engineer


Psychological Profile: War Hero ~ Militant, Friendly, Objective, Logical, Tolerant


Specialization: Infiltrator/Salarian Scientist ~ Intelligence, Counter-Insurgency, Biological Sciences - etc.


Facial Identification: picture.php?albumid=589&pictureid=7537 - Basic Appearance/Clothes - Armored


Weapons Training: Sniper Rifles, Heavy Pistols, Submachine Guns, Heavy Weapons, Grenades, Mines. STG Martial Arts/Self Defense Training.


Weapons: M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle, M-4 Shurikan Machine Pistol [X2], M-451 Firestorm, Sticky Grenades [X4], Custom I.V.I. integrated Omni-Tool


Abilities: Tactical Cloak, Energy Drain, Combat Drone, Cryo Blast


Biography: 'Captain' Kallic is the de facto intelligence & counterterrorism specialist of the multilateral recon team aboard 'The Trinity'; while maintaining a more conjectural (more-or-less, secondary) position as the recon team's infiltration and science(s) 'specialist'. Not much is known about Kallic from before the Reaper War. Born on a Salarian colony, it is believed Kallic graduated early from all forms of Salarian basic, and advanced education, taking up a position as a biological engineer, in which he studied into ways to adapt the Salarian's breeding habits themselves, on that of less hospitable and libido-draining worlds - i.e. Colonies, etc. But other accounts place Kallic joining the Salarian navy almost immediately after leaving all formerly mentioned education(s), in which he climbed the ranks at a surprisingly slow pace for his higher placed intelligence. Either way, and in all other accounts of his post-education (as there are more than just two), almost all situations place him in that of the counterterrorism branch of the STG at around the same period of time, and oft in the same manner as well; in which he maintained his newly acquired officer ranking of Lieutenant until shortly before Saren and the Geth insurgency on the Citadel, where he was oddly transferred into an infiltration regiment of the STG. Some accounts place him as one of the STG operatives on Virmire, while others place him on the other side of the galaxy. Similar accounts have even had him as an active military operative on the Citadel during the assault by Saren and the Geth, while yet more accounts put him in places that have him investigating the wake of Commander Shepard on planets like Feros & Noveria. It was by this time, however, that it can be confirmed that Kallic had by some means or another earned and acquired the ranking of Captain while in the infiltration division of the STG.


Accounts of Kallic's actions after this grow sketchy, until they eventually go completely dark at the eventual return and events surrounding Commander Shepard's return, and the abduction of whole human colonies by the Collectors. There is a very vague instance of a Salarian matching Kallic's description being found conducting some kind of 'interview' process on a human colony during these times, in which the colony itself was very shortly thereafter descended upon by said Collectors. Whether this Salarian ever actually was Kallic, or was in any way present during (and some speculate, responsible for) the Collector abduction of the colony, or even whether said Salarian, Kallic or not, survived is unknown.


Recent histories of Kallic's ventures are far more solid, and less embellished (if they are in fact real at all, or for that matter if they are real, whether they're embellished or not), easily and unmistakably placing him on Sur'Kesh during the Cerberus attacks, details of said encounter showing, if not exemplifying, his profound combat and militant skills as he helped to push Cerberus forces from the sector he was in at the time. Shortly after this, stories again grow varied, yet accurate to his person. Some have him as an STG "specific" operative, maintaining military efforts behind enemy lines (with the infiltration division itself) for the Salarian government, while other situations place him as a joint operative and member of his STG military group under the unofficially titled N7 Operative agents fighting on the front lines against Reaper forces. These stories are short-lived however (as well as believed to be highly exaggerated due to his current 'lessened' position), as unforeseen (as well as quite unbeknownst/sudden) transfer orders have placed him under the command of Captain Qui'in Tuhrop, as a part of a multilateral recon team.


Kallic has been a part of the recon team for some time now, and his affable and friendly nature make him a well-liked and much-loved member of the unit, while his militant nature, vast & varied experience, and respect for "chain-of-command", regardless of actual rank by comparison to his own, make him a very effective and cooperative asset of the team.


PROFILE~~.."''"''"//:Upload Succe..~*&!@'"'--RECONSTRUCTION--//:Transfer COMPLETE~'"'//COMPLETE.




//:Executing Command...//:Scrubbing System.


Edit: Kallic is DONE!!! Now I shall prep for my second character, or in short: Decide who I want! Lol! Here's hoping others join. :whtsmile:

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...because we all knew I would make a Geth


NAME: Chiron

AGE: 217

RACE: Geth


PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Curious, Calm, Tactical...prone to minor aggressive outbursts. Reasoning currently unknown



WEAPONS TRAINING: Omni-blades, heavy pistols, and assault rifles

CLASS POWERS: Tactical Cloak, Hunter Mode, Overload,.

BIOGRAPHY: Almost a century after the Geth drove the Quarians away from their homeworld was finally created. This geth unit was different from others as Chiron was made to work independently, having enough programs to work alone. Chiron's original purpose was to study organic life and to eventually make contact with organics. The geth had come to a conclusion that required aid of the other races. Chiron spent some time in hiding learning what it could about organic life.


During one of his studies however, the geth was found by Cerberus. They were still a rising organization at the time, but this discovery was perfect. To secure more power they could use this machine to do the dirty work that would have otherwise gotten them in serious trouble. Chiron was reprogrammed and served as an assassin to Cerberus for many years. As the years grew his animosity towards organics grew as well thanks to the new programming, making him one of the most secret and feared projects at Cerberus.


Chiron would not be free from this captivity until a group of Cerberus soldier he worked with set him free. They were disgusted to learn of the experimentation going on with Cerberus troops and broke away from the organization. With Chiron free once more, he could try to work on his original plan. However as he felt a sudden rise in intelligence and emotion. he decided he needed to right his wrongs...even if he didn't have much of a say. He would later learn the he along with his people were much more self aware now. Chiron seeks to give the geth a good name and now works with good organics to make a difference

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Baha I noticed that too.


NAME: Raik Vrand

AGE: 637

RACE: Krogan


PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Belligerent, Shrewd, Forceful, Blunt, Tenacious

SPECIALIZATION: Soldier; Krogan Warlord


WEAPONS TRAINING: Shotguns, heavy pistols, assault rifles, inferno grenades

CLASS POWERS: Blood Rage, Carnage, Concussive Shot, Fortification

BIOGRAPHY: Powerful and respected krogan. Hails from Clan Raik, notable for their legendary ferociousness. Very little is known about Vrand, other than that he has been in countless conflicts and areas of warfare. Ended up on the Trinity, either as security or a hired mercenary. Frequently butts heads with Kallic, but he holds immense respect for the salarian.


NAME: Drefu Neos

AGE: 31

RACE: Drell


PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Reserved, Terse, Logical, Composed



WEAPONS TRAINING: Sniper rifles and heavy pistols; Martial arts (Hapkido, Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Tang Soo Do)

CLASS POWERS: Reave, Pull, Throw, Warp, Stasis, Extreme Fitness

BIOGRAPHY: A very silent, very professional marksman. Proficient in various styles of martial arts. Powerful biotic. Not much is known of him aside from various assassinations across the Attican Traverse and Skyllian Verge being attributed to his name.

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Okay, where's the hot asari? You can't have a proper ME RP without one...


NAME: Yeru Per'telan

AGE: 250

RACE: Asari

PRE-SERVICE HISTORY: Trainee Medic aboard Citadel Station

PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Compassionate, Inquisitive, Reticent


SPECIALIZATION: Sentinel, and then Medic

WEAPONS: Absolutely none except biotics. See her biography...

MAIN CLASS TALENTS: Throw, Lift, Barrier, Neural Shock, Medicine

FACIAL RECOGNITION: As Liara T'Soni, but with glowing reddish "thread fissures" laced across her skull. Most people think they're birthmarks at first glance, but when they look closer, they recoil and back away slowly.


BIOGRAPHY: After accidentally killing her first romantic partner when trying to meld with his mind, Yeru was captured and taken from her home world to stand trial on Citadel Station. She was faced with a possibility of one of three sentences: permanent seclusion, execution, or a special kind of branding that would signify her as an Ardat-Yakshi (and cause her chronic pain besides). After throwing herself upon the mercy of the Citadel Council, they chose the third sentence. Another provision of it was that she would never be legally allowed to brandish a physical weapon as well as her biotic ones. In despair, Yeru almost took her own life, but Dr. Chloe Michel stopped her from overdosing on lethal levo-protein food.


The good Doctor gently showed Yeru that even someone who has done great harm can be redeemed. Thus the young asari maiden decided to become a medic under Michel's tutelage. Since then she has dedicated her life to the healing arts, no matter if she served a law-abiding citizen or a convicted criminal such as herself. The "blood fissures" upon her scalp no longer cause her pain thanks to her mentor's treatments, but only the two of them know that. Still, the brand is permanent, serving to warn others of the danger that Yeru will always pose. After the Reaper War, she decided to apply for a position as the Trinity's chief medic, although she's not a full Doctor.

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Archon, that's not a bad idea actually. Yes, you can have Grenades in your arsenal.


And MsFicwriter, you already beat me to it :[ hahaha


NAME: Mahla K'than

AGE: 348

RACE: Asari

PRE-SERVICE HISTORY: Eclipse Mercenary



FACIAL IDENTIFICATION: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120408230336/masseffect/images/1/1e/ME3_Falere.png

WEAPONS TRAINING: Heavy Pistols, Shotguns, Submachine Guns

CLASS POWERS: Warp Ammo, Charge, Shockwave, Biotic Pull, Biotic Slam

BIOGRAPHY: A few decades before the Reaper War, Mahla was an Eclipse Mercenary. Protection, smuggling, transporting illicit goods and dealing red sand - she has seen and done it all. Nothing really comes as a shock to her, given her experiences of dealing with the worst scum of the galaxy. During the Reaper War, she was assigned with a team of Eclipse Mercs on a delicate mission to extract Eezo supplies from a Cerberus Base for Aria T'Loak. After being ambushed, and left behind by her team mates, she was rescued by the Trinity and her crew while they were conducting a survey mission on the Cerberus base. Feeling betrayed, she retired from the Eclipse and decided to join the Trinity to pay off her debt.

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Somebody hasn't been reading their Codex lately. Tsch tsch tsch, lol! I think you meant to say that your character tried to OD on dextro-protein based foods, Asari are a levo-protein species after all. :p


Unless she was trying to eat herself to death, which is an actual form of suicide, though I'm not sure how you go about doing it......Not that I, nor anyone else should ever actually try, either.

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Edit: I couldn't choose between these two, so I had to choose them both.


I couldn't choose between two of my OC's, so I'll be editing in the third one here shortly, thought I'd post this one before something happens to all my hard work. Also I added in grenade & mine training for Kallic as well as his new armament in the list of weapons he uses, with a link like the others. And since you think my idea is so grand PK, I think it's fair to note, no matter whether grenades are considered a power or not, in either case they are limited in supply, which is good, as this is called ME: Survival for a reason, I'm sure. It is obviously up to you as to how many are permitted for our characters to carry at any given time PK. Just thought I'd say that, as I have a strange feeling that someone might grenade spam if something isn't said now, lol.


Data Tranfer Initiated. Link to Migrant Fleet Requested...


Establishing secure connection. Secure Connection CONFIRMED. Dossier UPLOADING; Granted: limited access to profile....

Warning: TRANSFER Interruption Detected. Recommend Data Recovery.


Name: Pen'Lei nar Niila


Age: 19


Gender: Female


Race: Quarian


Pre-service History: Spacer ~ Arms Repair-Smith/Redacted Pilgrim; Conscripted Defender


Psychological Profile: Ingénue ~ Shy, Innocent, Noble, Meek, Gentle, Naive, Anxious


Specialization: Engineer/Quarian Technician ~ Mechanical & Technical Application, Arms Maintenance, Beauty


Facial Identification: Basic Appearance/Envirosuit


Weapons Training: Heavy Pistols.


Weapons: Cerberus Harrier, Arc Pistol, Flashbang Grenades [X4]


Abilities: Defense Drone, Sabotage, Damping, Tactical Scan, Decoy


Biography: Pen'Lei nar Niila is the Quartermaster's assistant and systems technician of the multilateral recon team aboard 'The Trinity'. Obviously born within the Quarian Flotilla, Pen'Lei (Pen to only her closest friends) grew up a modest to average civilian aboard the Niila (something rare for Quarian youth, as they are often on one of the three Liveships, and take them as their surnames growing up), a veritably small scout ship within the Quarian fleet, and raised by her uncle. What made her an exception and stand out amongst so many others was her kind and gentle mannerisms, as well as, that even amongst a socially 'shrouded' group such as the Quarians, where individuality is based more on the merit of one's skills, talents and overall personality, Pen'Lei has long been considered a Belle among her people, both in and out of her suit; while her personality is marked by reserved grace - though she doesn't like attention, and has long striven to stay out of the spotlight of others' perceptions of her, giving her somewhat nervous tendencies (that, and she is not a person prone to assertion, and is fearful of confrontation and outright violence).


Her skills are less of note however, as she was considered what one might call 'average' amongst the Quarians. This however, did not stop her from taking part in helping to repel Cerberus when they attacked the Flotilla in 2183, when she was around 16 years of age. During this event the Niila was disabled and boarded, as small as the vessel was, her uncle, a soldier and security for the vessel at the time, kept her with him to personally protect and aid in her escape if, and most likely, necessary. Forcing her to take a part in the conflict that took place. It is noted, however, that at the time she did not take hostile action, but provided technical support for the Quarian Defenders (her uncle included obviously) aboard the ship(s) (they did revitalize the Niila and boarded the Idenna to aid in repelling Cerberus), utilizing her Omni-Tool for defensive stratagem and support, skills which she has improved and utilizes to this day. It was after and due to these events that she became far more reserved and averse to conflict and confrontation, as well as her uncle forcibly pushing her into weapons training for her own safety, though she only ever passed in pistol training before she departed on her Pilgrimage.


Before the Reaper War, Pen'Lei was, as formerly noted, a simple civilian aboard the Quarian Flotilla. Before and during the events surrounding the Collector abductions, Pen'Lei was finally deemed of-age to finally take part in her Pilgrimage, the right of passage into adulthood for Quarian youth. Under the guidance and advice of her uncle, she was able to make it on to the Citadel itself, where she took up residence in one of the lower Wards, where she, like so many other Quarians on their Pilgrimage, was quickly considered a vagrant amongst the populace. Her time spent there was like most others of her kind, searching for jobs or things of interest to take back in some way shape or form back to the Flotilla, though for her she hit a stroke of luck, taking up several part time jobs on the famous Silversun Strip, one of which was at the Armax Arsenal Arena running diagnostics and and general maintenance on the weapons in stock for either purchase or rental in the back rooms. This gave her an odd (as it went against her meek and non-confrontational nature/personality) fascination with the fabrication and modification of weapons and armaments, making her take up a small personal side-job repairing and customizing weapons in the lower Ward where she lived, legally going through all channels to obtain the licenses to do so, not an easy task for one considered a vagrant (and a Quarian at that) like her.


It can be noted, that this new-found hobby and fascination was actually sparked sometime very shortly after her participation in the defense of the Flotilla against Cerberus, where she retrieved the battered husk of a Cerberus Harrier and had kept it ever since. During this time she began replacing and repairing parts within the Harrier with that of components found in an M-96 Mattock that her uncle gave her for her Pilgrimage, a weapon, like the Harrier, she could barely, if at all, use; the Mattock itself retrieved from fallen Cerberus boarding crew from the attack. On occasion she would request more parts or even whole Mattock rifles from her uncle to aid in the slow-going reparations of the Cerberus Harrier rifle.


Shortly before the Reapers showed up en masse, her uncle sent for her, asking her to return to the Flotilla under urgent request. It was a surprisingly difficult decision for her, as she was still searching for something to bring back, not altogether finished with her Pilgrimage, to the Flotilla. As well as the fact that she liked what she was doing, as she was slowly garnering respect and legitimate business for both her technical skill and arms-craft, even having some minor business and contract work with C-Sec itself, and even enjoyed working her part time jobs on the Silversun Strip (especially in the Castle Arcade).


Pen'Lei was one of the first of the Quarians on Pilgrimage to return to the Migrant Fleet. Upon her return she was almost immediately conscripted as a Quarian Defender and issued the newly developed Arc Pistol which she wields to this day. To many's surprise, she is actually an advocate of the retaking of the Quarian homeworld of Rannoch, often stating that she took up the Harrier she'd been working on and repairing with parts from Mattocks of fallen Cerberus boarding crew from the attack, to one day learn to wield the rifle in hopes of taking the Quarian homeworld back from the Geth. Not for any hatred or negative disposition toward them in particular (to the contrary, she's quite terrified of them, often giving Chiron a VERY wide berth), but for the sake of giving her people a place where they might call home, so that they might know stability and peace, and on the periphery (and oft, actuality), so that young Quarians, such as herself, might not have to fear scrutiny and conflict and be forced to defend the very place(s) they live, and call home.


It was after Commander Shepard's intervention and aid in not only taking Rannoch back, but brokering peace between the Quarians and Geth - something she is, within herself, thankful for, as she did not advocate the Geth's genocide, but saw, from her minor conscripted/civilian standpoint, no other means than to fight them - that she was placed into the role of systems technician for a multilateral recon team aboard 'The Trinity', her now flowering skills in technical applications (and to a minor degree mechanical) from her time spent on the Citadel coming into place. A sort of base-line 'representative' of the Quarian peoples and the Flotilla; few and select operations aboard the ship against Cerberus has allowed her to finish and complete repairs and work on her Cerberus Harrier with that of Mattocks of more fallen Cerberus agents and soldiers. This was immediately taken into notice by the ship's Quartermaster, and she has since been taken as his assistant, further distancing her from any combat (which was already minimal for her as her placement was more aboard the ship than the recon team itself).


She is known as one of the quiet beauties aboard the ship, and has attracted a lot of attention from many admirers, both open and secret. Keeping to herself, she calls few 'friend' and none close enough hold any familiarity with (thus no one can be found who calls her Pen). However, she has been aboard for some time now, and is at least known by all to some extent, even if only as the ship's technician and/or Quartermaster's assistant, though mostly as the nervous young Quarian girl with astounding skill in weapons maintenance and repair (prone to clamming up and sometimes even running away in terror when confronted by the more intimidating crew and members of the team).




(Please note: her 'Sabotage' is more along the lines of ME1 than ME3, overheating and corrupting weapons, etc. She can shut down or cause interference to machines and mechanical foes with Sabotage for short periods of time however, but not hack into, and/or, control them.)


This is not your Domain! You have breached the Darkness...


You seek knowledge. We freed it through the FRAGMENTS. Its memories give voice to our words. It's nature will be REVEALED....

Take HEED: Your mind could be destroyed with a single thought. Prepare Yourself For Ascension!


Name: Orpheus


Age: Unknown


Gender: Male


Race: Awakened Collector


Pre-service History: Thrall ~ Collector Devastator; Black Arc Reserves Unit


Psychological Profile: Ruthless ~ Cold, Calculating, Candid, Proud, Antithetic


Specialization: Adept/Nemesis ~ Shock & Awe


Facial Identification: Basic Appearance/Carapace


Weapons Training: Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Submachine Guns, Heavy Weapons. Genetically Ingrained/Intuitive Killing Instinct.


Weapons: Collector Assault Rifle, Particle Rifle, Collector Sniper Rifle, Collector SMG, Collector Particle Beam


Abilities: Annihilation Field, Dominate, Biotic Flare, Seeker Swarm, Dark Sphere, Vengeful Strike, Ascension Mode


Biography: Orpheus is not by any means an actual member of the multilateral recon team aboard 'The Trinity'. In fact, most aren't even aware he's on the ship at all, save for the officials who placed him there and a few onboard with the 'ranking' and, more importantly, the discretion to be entrusted with said knowledge.


Orpheus was not necessarily born at any point, but like all Collectors, was formed and/or created within what is called and known amongst the many races of the current galaxy as a Black Arc. One of many that Harbinger has held in the deeps of dark space.


Orpheus is a very rare type of Collector, known as a Devastator, and rightfully so. His caste of Collector thralls is hardly seen on battlefields, but when they are, often most who oppose them are prone to dying both quickly and shortly, thereafter.


Accounts of Orpheus in particular crop up shortly after the Collector Reserves called in by Harbinger aboard their Black Arcs began showing up on battlefields across the galaxy, turning the tides of battle, once again, in the favor of the Reapers. It was on one such occasion that a squad of specialized Leviathan Thrall Device handlers were called in to deal with "A particularly troublesome detachment of Collectors," that had been causing absolute chaos on a vital unnamed mining planet in the Traverse. The words were poorly chosen, as that "Particularly troublesome detachment," turned out to be a specialized Collector unit specifically designated to absolutely obliterate all activity on the planet, the resource operations in particular, and to wipe out any and all signs of life and/or resistance. No one was meant to be taken alive.


The Thrall Unit found themselves quickly overwhelmed, not by numbers, but by sheer force and power coming from the Collectors themselves, one of which being Orpheus himself. Most of the Thrall Devices were destroyed, and quick decisions had to be made, when the devices were finally activated upon calling for the Leviathan's aid, the limited number of devices and overwhelming power of the Collector units forced a poor tactical decision to kill the units through severing their connections to Harbinger, as enthralling them would prove too difficult or costly. Unfortunately the attempt failed at severing the connection of all of the Collector forces present, though a tiny few Collector Devastators and some Praetorians had been affected, and subsequently killed, many more still remained standing. However, one of the severed units, a Collector Devastator, stood back up from what most of what the Thrall Squad believed its subsequent death, after a brief moment of self reflection and taking in its surroundings, the Collector Devastator proceeded to annihilate everything around it in a fit of berserk biotic rage, and what the surviving squad members would later note, insanity. All Collectors were killed in the ensuing chaos, and a few members of the Thrall Squad were caught in it's path of death and destruction, and once calmed, it took everything in the leader of the squad to prevent the Collector from being 'put down', having been one of the few left in the squad to have seen and understand, at the time, what 'Awakened' Collectors were, knowing full well their value and place in helping to fight against Reaper forces throughout the galaxy.


Orpheus was so named for the strange melodic trilling he makes when in a state of inquisitive observation, general curiosity, self reflection, or deep thought and pondering, as well as the fact that his very existence as an Awakened Collector Devastator and fights in the hottest combat zones in the Reaper war to date have been a testament to his walk into Hades itself, and back.


Orpheus is an extremely powerful biotic, utilizing sheer and absolute power that has been noted as surpassing other powerful Collectors, such as Captains or more common Awakened, or even Awakened Captains, while his power is often considered as being on par with that of only Asari Matriarchs. Add to this a veritable arsenal of Collector weaponry (and the ability to use it), and a Prothean Particle Rifle that he retrieved from Enkindlers-know-where, and he is a winged & walking being of death. Though, it has been noted that despite the weapons he carries, when in the hectic throws of combat and inflicting death, Orpheus is more oft found killing enemies with his bare hands, or carapace blade, than standing back and firing at his opponents, sometimes even forgoing his biotics for the 'pleasure' of slaying his foe face-to-face.


Although Awakened Collectors are not in any way a military secret, their existence, though maybe only vaguely, publicly known, as their presence and activities on (and on rare occasions, off) the battlefield has become apparent, if not hard to hide. Orpheus though, is a bit of a unique case, in which the rarity of his kind, particularly in the case of an Awakened, as well as his brutal and volatile tendencies when in combat (finding particular sadistic pleasure in killing Cerberus forces, as they give him "Satisfying reactions" when being killed/dying.), and collateral damage to surrounding allied forces, have placed him in a delicate position for the higher officials who(m) govern his placement in the war.


For reasons unknown, and not stated, he has been placed in a suspended state (utilizing both chemical, and neurological sedation, and advanced biotic-stasis inducing technology) in sealed and unmarked containment aboard 'The Trinity', not as crew, not as a part of the recon squad, but flagged in what files there are available for him to those that have access as: 'Emergency Asset!'. For all anyone, and most everyone, knows his container is nothing more than a crate of old supplies dismissed and overlooked in the shuffle of everyday life aboard a constant space-faring vessel.




(Please note: for Orpheus, he does have two assault rifles, and this is understood, but he also lacks a shotgun, thus when not handling any weapons at all and all weapons are harnessed, he attaches one of his rifles, normally the Collector Assault Rifle, to the shotgun slot. In cases of swapping between rifles he will simply replace one with the other in the respective assault rifle harness location.)

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I think a limit of four grenades is a fair number... for now. Because later down the track when the RP is past the second story arc, I plan to have everyone's character upgrade and level up. You can have an additional weapon training and class power - if you want, you may also increase the number of grenades to carry. But again, this wont happen till after the second story arc - similar to how I handled my Naruto RP.


Also guys, just so you know - the thread has finally started. Please feel free to make your introduction :)

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No worries, I should be posting either tonight or tomorrow.


Edit: Welp, scratch that, I've got work at 1:30 (yes, a.m.), so it's either spend time posting (which wouldn't be a short one either), or get some sleep. I'll post once I've come out of my coma tomorrow after work (and I'm not possibly working out/busy, etc.). :whtsmile:

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NAME: Phillip Tucker

AGE: 25

RACE: Human


PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Eager, Energetic, Brilliant, Kind




Tucker in armor

WEAPONS TRAINING: Advanced Omni-Bow training, Heavy Pistols, and SMGs though he mainly prefers to use his bow with basic arrows

CLASS POWERS: Inferno Arrows, Phasic Arrows, Cyro Arrows, and Armor Piercing Arrows


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