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My solution to Antialiasing/DirectDraw issues


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Hello everyone!


I had been trying to find a solution to this:




And after tons of tries to possible solutions, i tried the following, and now i can play the game as when i was a little kid :)


Hardware info: I have a Nvidia GeForce 8400 series, running on a windows XP.




Step 1: Make sure you have the patch update



Step 2: Also make sure you have enable compatibility at "windows 98"



Step 3: On the "Grim" folder (where the executable for the game is), there is another executable named "DXDIAG.EXE". Open it.



Step 4: Look for a tab named "Display 1"






Step 5: Where it says "DirectDraw Acceleration: Enable", click disable, and say yes to the poped-up windows.



Step 6: Click on "Exit" and run the game normally. It worked for me. i hope it does for you. :)




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This is a long known troubleshooting tweak. I implemented it as an option in my launcher, in an automated way that doesn't affect other games. But it was already obsolete at the time because there was Residual. Now even Residual has a golden ticket to obscurity. So thanks for sharing what you thought would be useful but you're not likely to get many cheers for it.

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Using Residual is actually a good idea even if you don't need it to get the game running. It fixes a number of bugs that exist in the original game and were never patched, for example the infamous dialogue scene between Manny and Domino in Year 3 that never plays in almost all cases.


Of course, even better is the new remastered edition of Grim Fandango released last month that includes updated lighting and less compressed cutscenes. :D


Still, for those still able to get the original game running and don't wish to use additional tools I guess this is a good way of achieving that, and digital archivists might find it useful so that they can properly explore the original game.

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Hello gentlemen and Yes i had exactly the same error running the original game disks which i use for my research on an XP SP3 machine with a Nvida 9600GT card. the backgrounds are wonderful with 3D Acell turned ON in the game, (before that Manny was spread across the screen in long lines) now he is just like the screen shot above. I will try the fix this poster mentions and I appreciate the fix.


What is Residual ? i would welcome other fixes and info. I will not be using the Remastered GOG version as i want to study the original. thanks for any info. i found the old threads but didnt want to revive old threads without cause. thanks.


my current set up gave me this:




using the DxDiag tool as suggested above all is now well in full screen, wonderful ..i will use this for now.



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Residual is an interpreter, like ScummVM (from which it split off). Currently it supports (to varying degrees) Grim Fandango, Myst III, and Escape from Monkey Island. As an interpreter, Residual basically replaces the original game binaries but still requires the original game data. Go to residualvm.org and check it out.

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