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LucasArts history by The Digital Antiquarian


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I want to bring some attention to Jimmy Maher’s superb and ongoing interactive entertainment chronicle at The Digital Antiquarian. Though the articles devoted to LucasArts represent only a selective fraction of his overall exploration of game history, they amount to a superior work of scholarship about our favorite subject, replete with rare photographs and can’t-be-found-anywhere-else anecdotes.


I get the sense Maher’s achievement hasn’t been as trumpeted as it should have been, so as a public service here’s the full list of all the LucasArts-relevant pieces he’s published so far:


A New Force in Games, Part 1: Fractal Dreamers July 10, 2015
A New Force in Games, Part 2: A Habitat in Cyberspace July 17, 2015

A New Force in Games, Part 3: SCUMM July 24, 2015

The 14 Deadly Sins of Graphic-Adventure Design (or, Why Ron Gilbert Hated Adventure Games) July 31, 2015

Loom (or, how Brian Moriarty Proved That Less is Sometimes More) February 18, 2017

Monkey Island (or, How Ron Gilbert Made an Adventure Game That Didn’t Suck) March 10, 2017

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (or, Of Movies and Games and Whether the Twain Shall Meet) September 28, 2018

Day of the Tentacle June 7, 2019

Sam and Max Hit the Road June 21, 2019
The Second Coming of Star Wars February 5, 2021

Full Throttle July 2, 2021

The Dig July 23, 2021

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