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The Legend of Monkey Island (Sea of Thieves)


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Just an update, Sea of Thieves has put out a very large patch and some fixes were made towards this Legend of Monkey Island tall tale. Nothing of real importance, but it's nice they spent some time tweaking some bugs. Potential spoilers below in the patch notes:


‘The Journey to Mêlée Island’

- Players can now head up to the Mansion as soon as the guard leaves his post, and are no longer blocked by parts of the environment.

- When players have constructed a body for Murray, any players joining the session after the initial sequence will now be able to see Murray’s body.

- Players will no longer see a silhouette of Walt the violin-playing skeleton through the church window.

- Fog seen in the Mansion now behaves correctly throughout the location.


‘The Quest for Guybrush’

- Players should no longer see a patch of mist on the stairs near the Lookout Point after the fog has cleared from the mountaintop.


‘The Lair of LeChuck’

- A Quest Book is now present during the ship chase sequence, giving players the option of leaving the Tall Tale during this section.

- Herman’s Supply Crate will no longer appear to move around while the player is viewing it.
- The front-facing cannons on the Headless Monkey now have more restricted movement to prevent issues with aiming.
- The Head of the Navigator can now be taken from another player when offered.
- Liquids in the cooking pot now appear to drain correctly when collecting Banana Grease.
- The Banana Grease Jar will now appear correctly after it has been used.
- The notification shown to players when the Chilled Banana Soup has been discovered or lost now references the correct item.
- Players can no longer become stuck on the palm tree within Herman's camp.



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Another round of small updates:


‘The Lair of LeChuck’ – Players will no longer intersect with the statues on Monkey Island.

‘The Lair of LeChuck’ – Players will no longer find themselves launched into the air when walking near the rock ladders by the stockade on Monkey Island.


Seems Guybrush always seems to have trouble around rocks on Monkey Island...

[ Restore ] [ Quit ]

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I gave up playing the final episode because several times I fell out of the terrain and ended up trapped under Monkey Island... but there were no underground tunnels there, just sea that I couldn't escape. Escape from Monkey Island was impossible, if you will. I guess I'll have to see if they've fixed that too! :sam:

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Just saw the announcement that SoT is coming to PS5. Between that and the release of Safer Seas in December, I will most likely now get this game, if for nothing else than to experience the Tall Tales. 

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