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Ok, here we go. Please put all requests for models only here. If you have just posted a requests, copy and paste it here, I will close that thread after it has been moved here, or after one week. Also, when you post a request, be sure to put a few links to reference pictures of the character being requested.


The Golden Rules for Making Requests


1) Always provide enough resources ... but NOT too many ... (eg. images, links) ... chances are that if the request is too specific, no one may know what it is, except for the select few know might have the idea about it.


2) Don't get offended by critism.


3) Requesting for a Skin for YOUR Model - do this in the Skinning forum.


4) Requesting for a MOD.

As always, you should provide a link to your MOD as well as some screenshots and concept art about it.


5) Lastly ... Don't SPAM!

Sure your idea doesn't show interest. Don't get mad or upset. You either just didn't provide any good resources or your idea just doesn't seem to be a great idea at the moment.

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Request List - Updated 8/11/02


Only character model requests w/ reference will be included. All others will be removed.


Jedi Cow


Captain Typho - Episode II


Siri Tachi - Episode II


Obi-Wan Kenobi - A New Hope


Tenel Ka




Bender - Futurama


Plo Koon


Super BAttle Droid - Episode II


Jar Jar Binks




Zam Wesell


All Star Wars Characters


Zabrak - Non Darth Maul


Guybrush Threepwood - Monkey Island


Ulic Qel-Droma


Hooded Yuuzhan Vong


Coleman Trebor


Gorc and Pic


Captain Tarpals


Mara Jade


Bultar Swan


Luminara Unduli and Barris Offee


Salacious Crumb


Solid Snake - Metal Gear


Tenchi Masaki - Tenchi Muyo!


Devil May Cry


The Matrix Characters


Now all of you that still wanted that model, but are not on the list probably failed to do something important. Include reference material.

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This isn't really a model request but it is a request for a model fix, I hope it's ok for me to post it here. My request is about the Clonetrooper model that kapnkeg created with Alien JL having edited the skins(Which look absolutely amazing)...The problem is they hold the saber wrong(Like the Mandalorian models), I know when Kapnkeg first released his models he had that problem and released an updated version which fixed the problem...I'm guessing Alien JL just edited the wrong version of Kapnkeg's model...I tried pm Alien JL but he has disabled that option.


This is the Reskinned Model I am talking about:



I apoligize in advance if I have broken a rule by posting this here.

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I look around, and I saw that Midway is making a new Mortal Kombat game. It is called Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and Sub-Zero looks awesome in this game, and I was wondering if someone can make a model of him or a skin like they have done with Darth Vader, Exar Kun etc... Email me at samuelm@tekken.cc , I got a picture of it, or here is the site, you need ot look for it http://www.midway.com/futuretense_c...kda/launch.html goto MK Stuff, and goto Images and you will see good drawings on the MK people. I hope someone can make this, because it would pwn.





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im sorry i dont have many pics but almost everyone know what a ninja looks like http://www.entertheninja.com/multi_media/ninja_pictures/images/ninja_art/pic_ninjaart05.jpg


If Possible make the clothing look like this pic except black



here is another reference pic


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I already requested it but when you posted up the updated request you only put up the one Tekkaman Blade link so i'm just gonig to post them agein.






And thats it :) Hope this guy gets done. I'd REALY REALY like to run around as him and kick some @$$

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Another thing, I'm working on (without success) is getting all the Reborns into multiplayer. By this I mean getting all the color schemes for them. The only one I really want is the Hardest-to-beat reborn, the one with the darkest clothes. Help?? ANYBODY?

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Hello, this time I got the correct link for a picture of Sub-Zero is MK; Deadly Alliance, and I think it would be a awesome model for JK outcast, if a modeler can make this like the picture, then this skin would be one of the popular ones out there. So here is a link to the site, and please reply to me if you can make this, I would not mind testing at all.






here is a picture of Scorpion if anyone wants to make him as well with a pack.



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