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Official JKII 1.04 Patch Thread


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Originally posted by crazyplaya73

Higher saber damage is the way to go for sure.



The guys I really feel sorry for are the FFA players who prefer sabers over guns. Taking out a guy using Protect with rockets and the repeater secondary fire mode with 20-30 damage saber swings is going to be a challenge to say the least.


Perfect Jedi Outcast = The high saber damage and blocking (or lack of it) found in v1.02 combined with the attack animations and increased collision ratio tweaks done in v1.03.


Hell, keep the parry/knock away crap if you want but at least make the damn things do decent damage when they do connect.

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You know, i was just dueling...and I could still pivot while backstabbing. My opponent used mind tick and appeared behind me, so I used the backstab for its TRUE purpose. I moved the mouse out of curiosity, and I pivoted during the move. Is this common? or am I high?

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Originally posted by boba fett c3po

is it just me or is kick overpowered in v1.04

and you can still use the floatbug

and you can also still pivot while doing one of those special moves

i thought those 2 things were gone in v1.04



You we're playing a 1.04 server without the assets5.pk3 file. Which essentially reverts it back to 1.03..

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it seems that many ppl had that problem as well but now the dedicated server patch has been released so it should be ok

i played a duel for 2 hours under 1.04 and i must admit that i had fun :)

now people complain about duel taking too much time and kicking taking way too much damage

if you dont already know, there is the variable g_saberDamageScale which allows you to multiple the damage done by the lightsaber

default set to 1 i played with 4 first then 2

i think 2 is perfect for duels and ffa games as well since it does pretty much damage for a lightsaber (a full front stab in high stance kills the guy)

it sounds like an easy 1 hit kill but still you have to "fully" stab him that means he doesnt move (which is quite hard that way)

otherwise that will damage him around 40-60 hp (which i think is normal for a lightsaber, and i precise i was playing with g_saberDamageScale set to 2)

duels dont last forever anymore and there are finally really good finishing moves done

as for the kicking that MAY be a problem since it cant be blocked (but you can block bullets and so on...refer to TheRock's post on page 3 :) ) but there is always a way

back on 1.03 i was playing everyday with backstabbers and ass fighters and still i managed to kick many asses

i'm not a mad kicker who tries to protect the kick and i think that its damage should be fixed but until the next patch comes i'm sure a way will be found to "avoid" being kicked

so for now plz guys join servers and enjoy that patch coming from the heavens given to us by raven :D

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Amazes me how people always mistake sarcasm for arrogance due to low self-esteem...


Pull+saber throw>kick

Repeat X 3

Win match.

This is MY patch. :D


BTW Gauvain, on the last page someone said something about good kick fighters not "running up against you", rather they would "fake" a kick attempt to make you roll, slash, whatever, hence exposing yourself.


This is so very true.


The only defense against kicks is to master it yourself. Not just the move but also the "setups" for it.


The key to surviving against a good kick fighter is not getting suckered in.


Well, Protect will help, but the fact that I can still put a person on the ground with a kick and then follow up with a saber throw and another kick (and maybe a DFA if they fall again) makes it pretty irrelevant.

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So far I only noticed the backsweep nerf and no more air lunge...


I was assuming that there should be more fixes to make it an "official patch"


Why really beg LucasArts to grant them to make a patch that really only has like 2 fixes?



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one big one is the game-freezes.


minor bugs like u can purposely make ur saber fly away from you (works best on bespin)


More options on the voting menu/game setting menu...


And probably something new...like a new saber combo? or a new stance? Sound sound? I dont know...just a gut feeling that 2 fixes can't really make it an official patch...especially when it takes like forever to beg LucasArts for another patch

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indeed mastering kick yourself is a good protection against mad kickers but that also makes yourself one of them

i just want to find a protection against them that would allow me to stay in the light side :)

killing a killer is not the solution i think

for example what about pushing them while they are in air ? i know its really hard to do since you need god's reflexes (specially if the mad kicker is a god mad kicker :)) but with a little luck (like anywhere) maybe he would slow his kicks down a bit ?

or rolling if he approaches too near from you ?

well there are many solutions that must be tried out

i dont say they will be as effective as a kick itself but dont forget we are the good guys here so we have less advantage :D

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Is it just me or does the BS seem more difficult to do now?

I don't mean the spin part or the damage, I mean the simple back+attack.


I was messing around with some bots and backed one of them up into a corner, I kept trying to execute a BS, but it wouldn't work.


Finally I simply held down "back" for 3 seconds and grinded butts with the bot then pressed, "attack". It still did not execute the move?

After 2 more attempts it finally did.

Was something put into the code that requires "back" to be held down longer now?

At first I assumed I was not lined up perfectly "in a row" with the bot directly behind me, but I was.


Anyone else get this?

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Gauvain I am going to warn you now, against someone who either has mastered the timing on a pull+kick combo or someone who has it scripted, you are going to be screwed.


This is insanely effective, unblockable and yes, it ignores absorb.


You ideas about push can work, if the person jumps from a distance, does not use pull, and comes at you straight on.


The person, who taught me to be such a bastard with kicks, also showed me that the best defense against them is a good offense.


While you can avoid the "average players" kicks with a simple sidestep, a veteran will set you up every time.


The only players who I cannot successfully beat using nothing but kicks, are the ones who use them to great success their selves.


That's not me bragging, it is the truth.

It is also the reason I rely so heavily on them to this day.

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ewok i didnt have that problem with the backstab

i managed to stab desann nicely on a local server

it just took me 4 BS :)


ryudom when i fight i'm quite "calm" (not running everywhere) so i'm an easy target for those who want to kick

and if i get near them to try something good (combos and so on) they just have to forward + jump twice and i'm on the floor

that is what i want to avoid


one other way is to play saber throw all the way but its not that good either :p


back to ewok i know that a really skilled kicker can be really annoying (i met one on a team ffa server, that was a nightmare) but still he had a hard time hitting me b/c i was rolling all the time and then throwing the saber at his face

you say that doing kicks yourself is the only solution

i just want to rephrase it as "only really effective solution"

there are ways to counter a kicker....not as efficiently as kicking yourself but dont forget that what he will mostly do is kicking and you have your saber

as far as physics are concerned lightsaber > kick :D

you just have to be smarter to hit him before he gets you...

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NWO: you're damn right I'm bitter but let me assure you my real life (i.e. social life) is vibrant, yet my geek life, i.e. school and videogames is suffering right now because summer school uni just ended and now my 2nd fav game at the moment takes too long to play... this is kind of a whine but not really because I can still win, I still enjoy playing (but not as much), and it's still my 2nd fav game :)


cjas: I really don't think Raven intended the game to take this long unless you go the kick in the face route. The beauty of a game like Age of Empires is there's a nice long build up, and it's an hour committment if you're into that kind of thing. The beauty of a Quake game is you can be in and out under 15 minutes, get your fix for the night, and go sleep with your wife. What they've done is A) make saberists useless against gun wielders (unless you pull the gun and then shoot them with it) and B) make FFA saber-only exactly what you alluded to, Jackie Chan styles kick-fest. I would gladly buy a game that just focused on light-saber fighting if they made it a true fighting game but I'm sorry, Jedi Knight is no Street Fighter (which by the way was much more complex from a fighting viewpoint yet the average match lasted 2 minutes).


I'm glad they fixed some stuff and I'm not bitter that backsweep was nerfed, once again I'm bitter because the saber is that much more useless now. Here's hoping for another patch with a damage boost across the boards for all the saberists... maybe an expansion with a fleshed out fighting system?

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I can still use backstab with 1.04 as much as I did before, although movement is a bit restrictive, they should have limited the pivot rather than remove it altogether.


With 1.03 the following things killed me:


Backswing - No matter how good you are, this move will get you eventually.


Kick - I'm on 56k, and as any 56ker will tell you, the only way to win a kick fight on 56k is to do the first kick and hope it kills. There is no way for someone with my pings to win a kick-fight.


Lightning - Well not really, Lightning only kills me if someone is lucky enough to find me when absorb has just run out and i'm on low health and mana.


Pull/Push - It happens to the best of us, but careful observations and taking few risks usually stops this.


DFA - For some reason even If I dodge the attack with plenty of time to spare the move will literally "drag" me back under the blade.


As you can see a lot of the times I am killed is due to my insane pings. I also have no idea how good I would be with low pings. But in a few months i'll be at University with high-speed internet so i'll finally be able to play well.



But. Backstabbing is still possible and though it will still take us a while to get used to the dynamics of its restrictions, I feel people will be whining about it again quite soon :D

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