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Originally posted by King Andrei 2

Pedgey, no one can be banned just like that. There are WRITTEN rules here, visit JediKnightII.com to find out...


Admins make the rules. They are all powerful. So STFU.


Originally posted by King Andrei 2

What am I supossed to do to get unbanned?


Apologise. Stop blaming us. Accept that you were in the wrong. Realise what you've done.

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Andrei bugger off, I have never flamed you, ok sure maybe I called you a knob or a loser, big whoopee that hardly counts as flaming, it's called being honest and even if you did try to report me to a mod, they'll most likely laugh in your face. Andrei reporting someone for flaming or abuse when all you've done lately is flame and abuse people over something so petty as a sig.


The reason why I came onto mixnmojo was because I was sick of your usless posts abusing the hell out of the mixnmojo forumers. They have a right to know exactly what you've been saying, and also to stand up for Metallus who happens to be a very respected member of the forums. Also I'm sticking up for a fellow mod, which of course makes it my business.


If you don't like the way you are being treated on this forum then you can leave altogether, it's not like we're forcing you to be here, infact I've even heard from other forum members on escapemi.com they wish you would go away too. Of course he/she is much to polite and good natured to say what they really think of you, which apperantly isn't very nice at all :)


PS- I would just like to apologize to everyone at mixnmojo :) (Andrei excluded coz he doesn't count)

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