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Hi, I visited your site...


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For the nth time I received a mail from Christine Hall telling me "I visited LUCASFANS.MIXNMOJO.COM, and noticed that you're not listed on some search engines! I think we can offer you a service..." bla, bla, bla.


Of course it's just a dumb crawler pretending to be a human person so it's no biggie confusing me with Swordy. Has anyone else got such a mail from TrafficMagnet.net?

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Well alright. I can understand that one don't want to get spam mails all the time but hell it makes it so much harder to actually reach one of you guys.


I for example try since over a week to reach Swordmaster and already discovered that the lucasfans email doesn't accept mail anymore.

The email I found on another board didn't get me a reply also and pm wasn't answered aswell.

Gets kinda frustrating now...


I mean setting up some lame hotmail email adress and checking that one once a week isn't such a big deal or ?


Oh well...



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That's right. I can't understand neither why one would get a fake e-mail account. I've never had a need for one although I get a mail like the one I mentioned above from time to time.


If it isn't too private, why not post your question here? Joonas visits every once in a while.

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