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WIP: Tercero-Anakin Model


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Andy867, you're correct about the model not being textured in-game. I've reviewed the silhouette and have been rebuilding the body to deform a little better and to have a higher level of detail with about the same amount of polys.


Also, I'm sorry I'm keeping everyone waiting. I don't want to release something that is sub-par quality, so I'm taking my time perfecting the model. Please remember that I have to wait just as long as you do to play as the model, and I'm just as anxious as all of you are. I will be sending Andy867 the model right after I receive it, so we should all get it at about the same time.

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I think he just means that when he finishes it, he's going to send it right over to Andy to be posted, so we'll all get to use it at about the same time. At least I hope that's what he means...


Oh, I could use another fix of Anakin screenshots whenever you get around to it, Terc. :D

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Hey Terc. Gotta know what type of Taunts your doing to this...Maybe its a little too early or late but these ones are just ideas of what you can have:-


- "You gonna pay for all the Jedi Youve Killed Today" - To my knoledge i think theres no music behind that line


- "I will Be the most powerful jedi ever"


I liked those ones but these ones may work too


- "Obi wans gonna kill me"


Any others

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I did the taunts for him, guess i'll list em cause i doubt Tercero would have the time it would take :D


"you're gonna pay for all the jedi that you killed today"


"i will be the most powerful jedi ever"


"i'm a jedi"


"jedi business"


"excuse me" (in an arrogant voice)


"i'm deeply sorry"


"i killed them"


"i killed them all"


"they're dead, every single one of them"


"i slaughtered them like animals, i hate them!"


"i know i'm better than this"


"i am a slow learner"


and 2 others that may or may not get used (limit is 12)


"Obi Wans gonna kill me"


"you call this a diplomatic solution?"


that enough taunts for ya? ;)

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As far as your question as to where I went to school, I honestly didn't. I taught myself when I found a copy of LightWave on an old Amiga Video Toaster editing system in the TV studio in my school. I realized what it was, having wanted some good modeling package for some time, and so I set out to learn it.


I've been working with LW for 5 years or so now, and have just recently started posting my work on the net, because it has just recently gotten to the level of quality that I want.


Oh, and pigs can fly if they're on an airplane...or if you put them into a catapult... heh heh - stupid questions deserve stupid answers...

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Pfft! Skins still rule, even though ever since Snyder came along he's been f*cking up my team, what with firing Norv, and then there was that nasty Schottenheimer infection we caught last season (thank god THAT'S gone) and now we got the redneck Spurier... it seems the only thing that we do well is fire people. HAVING SAID all of that, we still rock. We've been #1 before, and we will be again!

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Well Philadelphia is were i am from but im not to proud of it. I do like the teams though but my neighborhood sucks. Im a guitar playing kid with blue hair and always have some sort of rock band shirt on. SOOOOOO i dont really fit in if ya get my meaning. And i am reminded by my fellow NORTH EAST PHILLY residents quite often (those *******s).


Back to the subject at hand. WOOOOW Tercero you have just inspired me to learn. Well not really i was gonna go to a school for it ne ways. HEHE. Just lookin for a good school.

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As somebody who has spent a signifigant amount of time in and around Philadelphia I'm sorry to hear you are not proud of where you live. There is always going to be some ass down the street who doesnt like you, but that's just life. Philadelphia is a great city (well, except for maby Kensington) :)


Go for it though Double, just go grab a copy of GMax and do some tutorials. Many many people who are in the CG industry, and the computer industry never went to college

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