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WIP: Tercero-Anakin Model


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I'd definitely like to see an update shot, and its good you are considering to do modeling as a career... Character modelers get a lot of recognition.. Not to mention moola with the right company:) (say, itsn't Raven hiring ;) )



Hey, I thought i'd show off an old anakin pic against NLS's Vader model.


Beware that I don't have adobe photoshop 6.0 installed just yet, which explains why this doesn't look as great as my old skin renditions of the anakin model "reskins" I did of the pics.

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Uh i guess this is great news..i would really like to see this model released..lots of nice skins will soon be made for it :)


Just hope you know what you're getting into Tercero..modelling as a career...well i guess it isnt too bad...ah bah dont listen to me...im only 14..hehe

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I'm very sorry to hear about what happened Terc :( The few times I've talked to you I feel I've gotten a "feel" for you as a person and it increased my empathy for you, I hope everything works out for the best, one of the funny little things about life is that it usually does just that, works out for the best


I'm glad to hear your back on the modeling wagon though, I think if it's something you wish to do professionally you should go for it :D You definatly have the talent that very few few people have :) Your still young (it feels wierd as a 24 yr old saying that ;) ) and can do whatever you like, go for it! :D

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Okies, I'm going to try to have some screenies of the new model up soon - probably sometime within the next two days. The new model has come a long way from it's predecessor - the clothing is now layered on the model (should look great with shadows in SP) as opposed to before when it was simply a flat surface with the layers painted onto it...


As far as the hair shaders, I've been thinking that I might leave them off, as they will not shade properly in SP, and they will add more polys to an already heavy mesh... I still might add them for the first LOD, but I'm still trying to decide... If anyone wants to make a suggestion, feel free.


Right now I have the model built down to the waist and am working on the UV's for what I have done. The UV's are also a big improvement on the previous version, as they will make it easier to simulate different weaves of fabric by the way they are laid out now.


I'm also now doing the texture as an off-white color, the color of Obi-Wan's robes to be exact. This will look a bit off until I recolor it to suit Anakin, but it will make it easier to make more models from this one in the end if I have a master texture that I can just recolor to match the robes of the Jedi I am making.


I'm trying to put the level of quality that I put into the head into the entire model, so it will take a while. I'm not going to give a new estimated release or beta date at least until I'm further along. I don't want to rush anything - I'm going to move at my own pace from now on...


On a side note, I've also been working a good deal on a new version of my Tercero-Sabers, which will come packaged with the Anakin model and will also be available as a seperate download. The new version will feature more new sounds, better saber graphics, and a couple of hotkey assignable color packs for use with Tchouky's RGB saber mod (featured in JediMod), and I'll also be including all three hilts that Anakin used in Episode II.


- Toonces, thanks for the support. I'm working through it - it's not easy, but I think I'm going to be okay. I think that you're absolutely right about my age being an asset - right now I don't have anything tying me down, and I have people there for me if I need them. I figure that if there's a time to move on my goals, it is now.

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Originally posted by skywalker19

Iyour one of the best modelers out there.


Not ment to be mean towards Tercero but


But people should not be going all like: "Ow, you are the best! Best modeler I've ever seen". Especially when the person hasn't released a player model before. Have you seen a flat render? That way you could point out if he is a good modeler.

This has also happened with Toonces, he was already called the best modeler by some people when he hadn't released a thing. Think before you post.


Note: I am not saying tercero's is the worst modeler I've ever see nor am I saying he's the best modeler I've ever seen. Just wait with passing judgement after you've seen a (player)model he has released.

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heh, off topic, but what the hell :)

Double_S, you have a valid point, everybody is entitled to their opinion. I happen to think Tercero is a very good modeler.


I actually have one of his old mesh's on my computer, and through examineing it I came to the conclusion that it was a well built mesh, with great workflow, just examineing the mesh I learned some great things that helped me in my own modeling. I'm a very visual person, most people are, I very much think in three dimentions which is one of the reasons that just examining models for a short period of time provides a wealth of new information for me.


I wouldn't go as far as saying Tercero is one of the best modelers out there, but from observing his work I beleive he has the potential to be a fantastic modeler.


Grefox has a very valid point though, I've been touted as a "Great Modeler" and while I've posted wireframes and flat renders, nobody ever actually had one of my models until very recently. (I won't count Dooku for this since I didn't do any of the actuall modeling) While I'm very flattered that some people think that way, it certianly isnt the case. I'm very much a noob, an average modeler at best, in my own eyes I stink but that's just natural, and that's where your point comes back in Double, everyone is entitled to voice their opinion :D


heh, sorry for the long speech, but I very much agree with you both :)

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Originally posted by Double_S84

Graphox....Maybe you should think before you post!!


Ever hear of freedom of speach?

Ya thought so. All people are intitled to thier oppinions. So please try not to tell them what to think.


That maybe so...


But think before you post( and post my name right.... )


And thanks to toonces for agreeing with me. :)


[edit] Also, I don't try to tell the what to think. Opinions are ultimatly(sp?) based on facts, and the fact is, that he has not released any player models as of yet.


Just a reminder, this is not to bash tercero, I love his work.

But I just got sooooooo annoyed with: "you're the best modeler"

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Please - you know how I hate it when people bicker. Grafox does have a point that I haven't released anything yet. While this isn't the first model that I've worked on, it will be the first that I put out. As for the timing, yeah - it did kinda come at a bad time. I do realize, however that with all the good feedback that I get, I'll get the negative as well. It's good in a way - I think that it grounds me a bit... I need that every once in a while to make me strive to be better.


Toonces - it's good to hear that you've learned a bit from my models - I'm realizing now more than ever that we all have a good deal that we can learn from eachother.


I've learned a good bit while working on this model, both about modeling and myself. I think that doing this publically has made me realize where I want to be in my life, career wise at least. I've always wanted to model professionally, and I think that I have a pretty good chance at making it now. If not, life goes on, but if I don't try to follow my dreams now, I'll regret it for the rest of my life.


Thanks for your support everyone - this community has been more helpful than I could have ever imagined. I'll try and have some more screenies for you to critique soon - I just have a few things I still want to work on first. Sorry to keep you waiting - it shouldn't be much longer now...

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