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WIP: Tercero-Anakin Model


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It's been a very very long time.

And Asyou've guessed, the anakin model died with Tercs old computer.

It had been comming along beautifully, and he was just about to update you all on the state of this model with new screens when this happened.

It's never been recoverable.

Though we were able to access the data, it was fragmented beyond repair, and so all of his hard work died.

It was, at the point time to move on. With the constant flames and doubts, there was, for awhile there the feeling of need to prove people wrong and finish it (which it would have been had it not been lost). however after the complete death of the model, he saw no need to cater to the flamers and imbiciles who did not to anything to help, and only served to make things hard on him. As though expecting him to work so hard like they had a personal stake in something they werent paying for that did not directly pretain to his life as a whole. In short, people were harsh.

With a shift in tercs working enviroment, it's left him less time, but more money, and in that regard he's been doing well.

It's turned into more focus on the movie work of his own toward the goal of portential producing something that can be enjoyed and produce income, and maintaining his lifing status, than working on game models.

Both he and I are doing well, and going on 2 years together as of this january.

Despite the flame wars on this thread, we still thank everyone who gave theire opinions, and critiques and didn't doubt him.

I'm sorry that it never worked out.

The death of this model was not terc giving up on it, but the idea of having to restart it with the degree of detail it had been reaching when things died.


I know this message is bleated, but this is the official.


Thanks everyone.

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That really sux :(, it was a really nice model and its bad to read what happened to it.

I haven't read the whole thread (40+ posts) but i dont know how people could harsh with him, maybe cuz in that times (2 years ago) there were much noobs around here that didnt know how hard it is :rolleyes:

If i wasn't had no idea of editing in that times i would have helped to put it ingame :(

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Great to hear from you again, Seka. I had pretty much expected this to be the case. Anyone who can be inellectually honest knows that Tercero put a lot of time, effort and love into that model and really had a tough time in his real life. In the end, this is only a game. I've been a SW fan since 1977 and don't expect to ever lose interest. I'd have liked to see Anakin come to life, but there are more important things in life. Time to move on.


Though I never personally exchanged posts or email with Terc, I had a lot of empathy and sympathy for what he was going through. Please give him my best and thanks for the effort!


Take care,



Ron Brothers

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Oh man so this project died. I was reading it from pages 1-28, then someone said merry christmas and i thought this was curious so i look at the date and it was over 2 years ago. A very big shocker, but i should have looked before that. God this was such a great model too, better then kevins i would say. He has my condolences, maybe there is a chance it will be revived. Yes i guess its time to move on, and wait for that great ep3 anakin coming out soon.


ps: what about that beta that toonces had , cant you continue from there. And with jk3 engine you can do so much more, the facial animations. But if its dead its dead not much we can do about it.

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It's unfortunate but while toonces had a beta... it was SOOOOO far back in the production of this model that it would almost be like starting from the beginning again.

It may be awhile in comming, and I cant say if it willl be in the starwars game fandom, but I guarantee this isn't the last you will ever hear of myself and terc ^_-

Thank you for the concern interest, and ever the dissapointment.

Oddly enough, it's very encouraging XD

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I met Terc waaaay back when I was only beginning to learn to program and chatted with him maybe 2 or 3 times, there really are so very few people around who put that kind of time and effort in to their work, and are nice people to talk to.


Terc's a hell of a guy, from what I can remember, and he was going to let me code even though I didn't know how at the time - help from guys like him back in the day got me to where I am.


Best of luck to Seka and Tercero :)

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