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I just thought this would be handy for any newbies or anyone looking to challenge, etc. Hopefully this will get stickied. Just post this info:

Clan Name:

Clan Website:

Open To Challenges:


Any any other valid info you think should be applied


Clan Name: North American Corps

Clan Website: http://www.nacorps.com

Open To Challenges: Not yet :) Subject to change

Recruiting: Always


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Clan Name: IRON Brigade

Clan Website: http://www.iron-hq.com

Open To Challenges: yes, duel and ctf

Recruiting: Yes

Server: IRON Brigade (IP changes)


IRON is a multi-gaming clan that has been around for over 4 years now. We have our own game and voiceware servers, extensive team message boards, team skins and signatures, and most importantly, a great group of gamers :) Reptile IRON aka SuperLen

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Clan Name: Jedi Masters of Honor

Clan Website: http://www.jmh-temple.tk

Open to Challenges: Decided based on information supplied by challenger, Clan is currently in trainning


Recuriting: Always open, students accepted based mainly on their attitudes and commitment.


RPG: We have nearly set up the role playing aspect to the clan so if you like JK2 and RP, well this allow you to enjoy both at the same time.


Practices: TBA





The Jedi Masters of Honor or JMH is a lightside only clan that strives to work similarly to the "Jedi Order" as seen in the Star Wars movies. We teach honour, respect, lightsaber combat forms, jedi philosphy and greater understanding of all things if possible. We have clan forums and mostly have a presence on MSN gamming zone. Our memberalso strive to help other members and non member to improve game skills and techniques or skills related to the JK2 world.



DISBANDED - If you are interested in Roleplaying in JA please see the reply on the second page of this thread about the "Jedi of the Old Code"

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Clan Name: {FK} Fallen Knights

Clan Website: http://www.FallenKnightsClan.com

Clan IRC: /server irc.gamesnet.net /join #fallenknights

JK2 Server:

Currently a member of the Global Clan Directoy and competing on http://www.teamwarfare.com, http://www.jk2l.com and http://www.xtgl.com. Ranked #1 in the Sabers only/Full force TDM Ladder on teamwarfare. And have advanced to round 2 in the xtgl ctf tourney.

Recruiting: We are an invite only clan, do not bother asking to join unless you frequent our server and have spoken with a few members.

RPG: eh? what's that? isn't that galaxies, rpging Jedi Outcast = teh ghey

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Clan Name: |Rogue Jedi|

Clan Tag: |RJ|

Clan Website: http://www.roguejedi.net/

Open To Challenges: Yes

Recruiting: By invitation only


If you are interested in joining our guild, Play in our server frequently so we can get to know you. Or server name is |Rogue Jedi|Temple and heartbeats are sent to GameSpy Arcade, ClanServers.net and Ravensoft.com.


You should also email Robbu with your Player name so you can be identified. I can be reached at masterknpho@roguejedi.net

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{E.C.H.O} Evil Clan Hunter Orginization


We are an anti-clan (I know, clan thread, cut me some slack)


Have you ever gone into a server occupied by a clan, they all turn on you and you end up on the run until you leave. Well we are sick and tired of it. We turn this situation around on the clans as we hunt them throughout the various servers. We understand that all clans are not like the ones I discribed.


Open challenges: No. We'll find you.


Recruiting: If you are intrested koocoo88@yahoo.com


We believe swearing and rude behavior is a sign of stupidity.

It will not be tolerated.


You will not be allowed to let others do the work for you. Weak players will be in as much danger around us as around our enemies.


We allow either side of the force.


We do not except other clans honor codes or rules unless they match our own. We will not compromise!

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clan name : The Last Guardians


clan tag: =(TLG)=


clan website : not up and running yet but have forums -http://tlgadmin.proboards18.com/index.cgi


open to challenges: just starting up so post on forums and ill see what i can do:P


recruiting: yup (again forums)


server ip :


practises: TBA


our clans basically for enjoyment more than competition (altho we have had clan matches) , play with your mates type and we always looking for more friendly enthusiastic people :D



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Clan Name:~[}UbA{]~ "Uba Jedi Council"

Clan Website:Click here to go to our site

Open To Challenges:Yes

Recruiting:Yes looking for a head skinner and a head modeler plus a couple or recruits



~[}UbA{]~ is a clan that uses both light and dark forces (becasue uba means using both forces) and we have a forum chat room, download page and an E-mail serverClick here for a free email account


we hope to hear fom you soon

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Clan Name: Redeemed

Clan Website: http://www.christiangaming.org/redeemed

Open To Challenges: Of course!

Recruiting: Yep, you need only be Christian. :)


We also have a dedicated public server. It isn't always up, but if you want to check it out, the IP is:


Enjoy! :)



[Edit: The internet provider of the public server went down for a while, the IP has been updated]

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