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rise against starwars money makers and admin forum

Guest kane2026

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Guest kane2026

right, here we are.


Presidential candidate speech for jediknight.net.


Dear comrades and fellow starwars guru s.

starwars is our live, and we pay a lot of money for this kind of entertainment.

Indeed a lot of people also make their living out of it but that does not say that those people are the rulers of this galaxie.


Ask yourself, would starwars exist without the fans (this a normal question, because it matters) the answer is simpel, no!!!!!!.


No one is perfect, but i must say that lucasarts, george lucas and most site s (like supershadow.com) are making a mess out of it.


It looks like the fans dont matter anymore only the money does.


Starwars ep1 was a good movie (but the vhs tape???, a lot of junk), and the game obi-wan??? where did it go (i voted to keep the game going), the trilogy box was just another way to make money and what about this super bombad racer.


Aaah almost forgot, the 10 dollar fee a month for star wars galxies, or was it 20.


Well i have got enough of this and i am calling upon all fans to rise against evil.


Did you know what happend to me, i asked a question to a forum admin and he closed the topic.

Because he thought the matter was closed.

i also noticed i was the only one at that forum in 2 days.


I call for a vote.

a. admins are gods and can do whatever they want.

b. the admin are just here to keep things rolling and smooth and answer some QA s, for the rest they should shut up.

c. the fans should rise against the starwars rulers (so called) and change it to there liking.

d. kane2026 will be your new leader(together we shall rule the galaxie).


please vote for 2 correct answers in 10 secs.







Please make sure that you respond to every bad news in this galaxie.

And please respond to this topic.


Dont mind the incorect spelling. (i am dutch, ooh well not really).


entrance is free and seats are 10 dollars a person an hour. (where did i hear this).

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Guest Garindan

hey, kurgan, remember when i did a topic on every board about knowing a code to rogue squadron? everybody was pretty ticked off at me, well, i now know how you all felt.

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Ha, my ethusiasm lured you here Jan ??


And Galaxies fee, sorry, saying it has to do with SW is bull.....


It's the running cost you have for a game of that scope...


If you feel like that about SW, we'll we don't force you to be here....

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Man, if I had that many complaints about Star Wars I don't know if I could remain a fan.


What does this have to do with KOTOR?


I'll make it have to do with it:

I'm so glad I have an X-Box. Depending on how different they are I might get both versions.

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I admit that that EP 1 should have been called 'the franchise' but that's not really a reason to lay into admin. After all we wouldn't have SW if it weren't for Lucas, it's his universe, he can do what he likes with it. If you find yourself no longer liking SW, stop being a fan.

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