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This is a bit off-topic, but anyway, does anyone know of some really good (or even mildly amusing!) multiplayer games that are available purely online? I'm talking about Java applets or Shockwave/Flash games, that sort of thing.


The only two I'm aware of as being any good are:


Games where you can have more than two players are preferable. :)



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If this comes to pass, we shall have to form the MIGC Java/Shockwave/Flash Division (MIGCJSFD), dedicated to churning out free implementations of well good games.


On the list:

  • Atoms
  • Couronne "Express"


Also, I think it seems likely that anything with "Deluxe" in the title will have to be paid for. It's marketin' speak, man! I hope I'm wrong though. :)


EDIT: I luvs teh lists!

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