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indiana jones is the greatest game!!!


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Without a doubt I think that lucasarts the best gaming company in the world...

and many of their games are the best...

but out of all lucas arts games i have to say that I like INIANA JONES AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS the most!!!!!








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I must agree. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis was a great and still is a great landmark in the now fading genre of games-Graphic Adventure Games-

In its era, games like the Monkey Island Series, Loom, Maniac Mansion, etc. were current.

What made fate of Atlantis such a landmark were its highly detailed graphics and what was 3-D effects 'back then'.

The story was a compelling drama against evil. WHo would know what would have happened if Nazis became great gods and Hilter ruled them all?!?!?!?

The story was so in-depth that you felt you were actually there ad the fact that you could play at least 3 different paths.

The game was definately one in a million.


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indy 3 was a great game too .. and the movie anyway ..


does someone remember that Airport where Indy and his father get on the zeppelin to flee from germany ..??


i just drove past it .. i drive pass it from time to time because the airport is the "Flughafen Tempelhof" here in berlin ..


it looks exactly as that one in the movie..

( :dozey: AMAZING, isnt it?? how have they done it..? ) only WITHOUT the 'swastika'-banners everywhere ..



..i heard the critics to indy3 at my pocket radio .. at night in my bed .. (shh.. my mother mustnt know this..)

i heard some scene .. and then they said the (german) title .. "Indiana Jones und der letzte Kreuzzug" .. (i was like 10 and "Indiana" sounds for a german like "Indianer" what means "indian"/"native american" ) and i thought .. native americans and crusades?? and planes?? hmmm ...


but as i grew up and got my amiga and the game .. things cleared up.. short time later i saw the videos and the rest is history ..




so indy 4 is a great indy game .. but my fav was always 3 because of my childhoodexperiences with it



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I played an Indiana Jones game way, WAY the heck back in 1983. It was on the old dot-matrix Atari system...just one generation away from Pong. My best friend had it, and we spent many an afternoon digging on mesas with a shovel, looking for a 'map room' that we never did find...




New code: Captain Spock on the bridge--all hail Captain Spock!

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Hello again fellow Fate of Atlantis lovers!!!!

My real name is not to be revealed...! I am here to nudge FOA forums along here in the indiana jones forum! FOA RULES!!!! and I still, to this very day love the game!!!! okay sorry got carried away! :rolleyes: Anyway My favorate part of teh game, although the graphics suk! I luv em, they add to the whole theme! Fate Of Atlantis is great!!!!


I best be nudgin anotha forum along bye!

P.S.Atlantiluna, I totally idolize FOA to!!!!

P.S.S.FOA2 is comin out soon ! be prepared!

:p :p :D

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Yo, yo, yo!!! Time out!!!

Those graphics dont suck!

They've got this kinda pixelaresque quality that marks games from that era. The greatest games in the wold are made in that resolution. And if you wan't better graphics but a bad game, go play Monkey Island 4 some more!


(No offense though, a fan of those gamess is a friend of mine:D)

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