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Dante modellling CONTEST

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Another iluminative and brilliant post from an even more brilliant poster
Why thank you. Illuminative is with two L's BTW

The modellers are quite excited with the project, and we are working cooperatively, I provide material and guidance so they get it right.
I thought it's a contest.

Time is not lost if you put your good will, and effort in it.
It is, if no one see and download your work.

Whoever thinks that a good work's time is lost, then he is lost himself.
Very inspiring, did you write it yourself?

So take a hike, imyourdaddy.
It's tFighterPilot for you.
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Psyk0's made this point already, but I feel the need to reiterate this for some people so it's clear:


It is illegal to be paid to create a model of a copyrighted character for the purposes of distribution.

If any potential modelers accept payment from The_Freeman (whether it be monetary or exchanged for goods/services) and he decides to distribute it - not only can he be sued, but you can be sued as well.


If you decide to do it, you need to either do it out of the kindness of your heart, or make damn sure that no one knows he paid you for it.


And don't think that just because you might be under 18 that the law doesn't apply to you.

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I started badly? I did NOTHING but to offer reward in form of a gift/s (that modellers truly deserve, for such a good work), and all you people did is to post negative things against me and the gifts.

Sue me, go ahead, I beg you to sue me, you will make me LMAO. But first, make sure you READ my previous posts.


To the rest of the non-resented forum users, I will be posting pics (with the modellers' permission) shortly.

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Well, I am here to post some old WIP screens of the Dante project that me and a fellow modeller are working on:






We have taken the decision to make Dante from Devil May Cry 1 instead of DMC2 look, simply because, to our eyes, we like him better in the first one. His suit is more complex in the 1st one, but dont worry, the amazing modeller has pulled it off. I will post screens shortly.

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Ok, the new WIP:

After sending more accurate reference shots (part of the reward, which is the insider artwork) The modeller made some nice progress, though there is a lot to be fixed yet, specially in the face.







As shown next, I indicated the modeller through these next to edited pics (which I sent the modeller) to bring up the sleeves, change the coat and pants colors to the ones I added, and to make changes in the face like so:






I indicated the modeller to lower the eyebrows, to shorten the eyes, heightwise, and to get rid of the features inside the purple circle, in the edited face shot above.


Oh, and I just post this in order to document what a "jerk" like me can acomplish for being a "jerk", as you said ;)


I was a jerk for starting a project by rewarding the amazing jobs of the modellers? I think YOU people were the jerks to tell all the negative things you did, that I just cant do that, and that its illegal, all that bull, and I just replied in order to show you that you are, indeed, wrong. The result is obvious. Otherwise, I wouldnt have goten support from such talented and nice modellers. Oh, in case someone misread, this last paragraph is not flaming, its explaining.


I will post more WIP shots, the results are better and better.

Sweet dreams ;)

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Look what you are doing now is exactly what I am talking about. STOP TELLING US YOU OFFERED REWARDS, WE READ THE BLOODY POST. Everytime anyone says anything thats not completely in your support, you jump on em and tell them how you were offering these great modelers some rewards for their work, we know that already, say something new! Now look, I tried to say something nice about what you did, I myslef believe the modelers should recieve reward, which would have been fine if it was an original model you wanted, but its not. Im not going to go into the legal crap cause its already been talked about. Im just saying cool it, we would be in support if you just admitted you were wrong, or made a joke of it, but your not. Now, again, and as you said above, this is not a flame, nor a explanation, I just had to say it.


Now that that is out of the way, the model looks great, and I commend you and your partner for such great work, if it is released I will not hesitate to download this model, as it looks top notch. Well, that is all.

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STOP TELLING US YOU OFFERED REWARDS, WE READ THE BLOODY POST. Everytime anyone says anything thats not completely in your support, you jump on em and tell them how you were offering these great modelers some rewards for their work, we know that already


Yeah? if you read it, then why you keep posting useless, negative posts? Dont you people get it? Its quite simple. I give for what I receive, nothing more. You tell me Im repetitive? Read your posts first.


I myslef believe the modelers should recieve reward,


Then why do you flame my actions?


which would have been fine if it was an original model you wanted, but its not. Im not going to go into the legal crap cause its already been talked about.


You are so full of sh*t. You truly are a HYPOCRITE, cause you are requesting an Aeris model, and you are offering not just a gift, but MONETARY PAYMENT for the model.

And that other imyourdaddy guy/girl is asking for another registered and patented character.

You are doing the same thing we are, with the difference that ours is being criticized and flamed, but its being done by HIGHLY talented modellers (one of them is the best modeller ever, IMO), and our project is backed up, and nicely evolving.

I cant believe you actually have the nerve to come here and brag about something you are trying to do yourself. Please use your brain and THINK: how many patented characters have been made? Go to the various models/skin pages and count them.


if it is released I will not hesitate to download this model

You are just an unbelievably hyprocrite person. First, you brag about my "attitude", then you go and offer money for your Aeris model, and then, AS THE GRAND FINALE, you say that you would download our model? You are too much...


This will be my last post addressing your sad comments, and everyone else who thinks this is not "appropriate".

If you dont like it, then ok, you have your point of view, I have mine, as thousands of other people that have made patented characters as models. If you like it, its ok too.


You know, we started this in order to provide another fresh quality model to the community, but frankly, since I got here you have dont nothing but brag about this.

Now, I honestly dont care what you think. We are doing it for ourselves, plus Im having a blast in helping and guiding the modeller. I met a kind and cool person, besides the best modeler out there, gained a buddy, Im having fun, and Im learning and evolving my skills at the same time. So its 300% all good.


Good luck trying to make your Aeris model, you will need it.

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I tried being nice to you, but you keep cursing.


Yeah, me and Cloud requested a model also, but that what it was, a model request. We did not disguise it as something else.


My problem with this "contest" of yours, is that you expect modelers to do this hard job, only for a chance to get a prize.


Most modelers, and also mapers, skiners and modelers, are doing what they are doing not for getting a physical prize, but to put it on the web, so many people can enjoy their work. Their prize is the downloads count and the good reviews that people made on their file. That's how this community works, and if you don't like it, you can go to some other game. I heard that in some flight simulator, people are used to get physical rewerds for their files.

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More wip shots.

As stated, the color gradients is fixed, the coat, pants, and jacket have the correct gradients of red/purple. The sleeves are by the elbow now, face is slimmer, and the jacket straps have been fixed, among other things. You will see how Dante is shaping up, and the early Alastor model base:








Dante's hair is a little longer on the nape of the neck/beggining of shoulders' section. I roughly indicated the modeller how long it should be:




I also indicated several things in order to achieve a more expressive face. The eyebrows are going to be lower, the eyes shorter, heightwise, and other things. Also, Dante's eye color is a greyish-green, which is now fixed.


I exemplify this with this animated image showing the different states:




Finally, you see how the two faces compare:




In our opinion, the "edited" face looks more mature, and more expressive, and better yet, more like Dante. Currently, this is fixed, as well as the final version of Alastor, Dante's sword.


I will up the next wip shots soon.

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Im sorry, but you cant. We will beta test it.

Oh, and this is not the finished model, the final one will be far better. We are closely finishing. In fact, I have finished making the player select icons. I've made quite a bunch, I now have just to decide which ones will be the definite ones.

Thanks for dropping by.

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If I could throw in my two cents... But before I do, please keep in mind to the modeller/artist that this is just constructive critisim, Personally, I think it's one bad ass model for dante and looks great as it is now. So please if you find anything offending don't take it personal.


Eyebrows - They seem too curved. In the pictures I have seen with Dante in them he has them quite straight and when facing the "camera" they come very close to to his eye near the bridge of his nose. Also, the house shape with a V on top of it you have for the muscles in his forehead don't seem natural. To tell you the truth, they look like they belong to a lifelike version of a DragonBall Z character. Rather then having it look like he has serious muscle's controling his eyebrows I would suggest making it less pronounced or makeing the "house" smaller. ^^*


Eyes - In the remake version you made the eyes shorter heightwise, although I am now inclined to agree on the size more, the shape really doesn't look like it belongs to dante. The top of the eye should be straighter while the bottom more curved. As for the color. I have always thought it was a light blue/greyish color rather then greenish. If you want, I can see if I can scan in an image confirming this.


Nose - In the picture it seems rather small horizontally. To me, it seems rather pinched. The length of it may also need to be increased slightly.


Chin - Most of the times in art classes they tell you that the chin is the same length as the nose, making the tip of the nose halfway from the eyes to the chin. In the frontal shots you have, the chin seems slightly longer. I would shorten it slightly to as well as adjust the length of the nose to make it look more acurate.


Again all this makes it seem like I dispise the model, which I don't! I can't wait tell it's finished and we can have a bunch of Dante's running beserk with lightsabers ^ -. And if my suggestions seem rather obsurd I can try and get a picture up to help explain. Keep it up!

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