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The Associates Treasury


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I would like to bring up something that nees to be addresed.


It is important to the success of any PA/Guild to have loyal members, amd a functioning treasury. Though having a treasury is not absolutely necessary, I know from experience that having a succesful one goes a long way toward increasing the prominence and renown of a PA.


Having a treasury helps with paying PA Hall expenses, supporting PA sponsored events, and (if we start being more comitted in paying dues) the acuisition of a Capitol scale vessel when the time comes.


As far as "Well how much should i pay?" I should think 1000/week should be an easily obtainable ammount, (1 mision) and if you cant swing that every week then no pressure...


If you are worried about what good your money is doing then I would suggest (though this means more work on behalf of our Treasurer Murashu) a bi-weekly or monthly report.


Just remember, the reputation and supperiority of the Associates depends upon the dilligence and devotion of each of us. It is up to us how much power our PA has.


So when you pass murashu /tip 1000




thank you,

Suriso Starstrider



other suggestions:


-Treasurer keep records of who pays dues (maybe not worth the trouble)

-Mail this to members in-game for those that do not frequent message boards...

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Suriso went over his points with me before, and I think he has some good ideas. Up until this point, the only reason we've been given to pay taxes is to keep the PA hall up. Now, I have no problem with paying tax, and I don't know how the situation is now. I know at the beginning, though, not many people payed it. There are other things we need to think about though. PA events, support for members, tax for the city (a lot of municipal buildings, all probably as much as the PA hall), and in the future, as Suriso said, I think it would be cool if we could afford a PA starship :D.


One point that he made but didn't post; any funds spent from the treasury exceeding a certain amount should be voted on by the PA. Once PA cities come out, this will affect any big buildings we buy, and then again, ships during the Space Expansion. I think this is an important issue. Also, a treasury report every so often I think is a good idea. I know it's extra work, but it will let the PA members know how we're doing.


Anyway, that's my 2 cred. Just some suggestions for the leaders, and reminders to the members to pay their taxes :). We'll all benefit from it.

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Well, the thing I have with taxes, is do we have to pay it every time? I mean, do we have to track all the way to the city to pay it, or will it just come out of our bank account. I think it is so pesky, having to run to a house, just to pay the maintenence on it. I just want it to withdraw the money from my bank account, making things a lot more easier...

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Ok, to pay the weekly tax you type in: /tip murashu 1000 bank


This will work from anywhere in galaxy.

BUT ... do so when Murashu is online preferably, and remember to send a /tell to him saying that money he just got was from you. Otherwise he will have no idea who sent it ... apperantly. :)


To see who apaid and how much (and also who didn't pay :) ), check out our PA website for the details every Sunday/Monday.


Now, a 1000 Cr a week is minimum, but you are allowed to pay more if you feel like it. :D

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Very few people actually pay me in person, its much easier to type /tip Murashu 1000 bank and pay the 5% fee. It costs 50 credits to do it that way which is pretty small considerinf shuttle costs and all.


I dont mind doing a weekly reminder, but I hate being that guy asking for money every week ;)

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Just as a reminder NEVER pay unless I am online. If you pay the taxes while I am offline I don't get the money and I have no idea if you even attempted to send it.


I have said this 4 times now and people still dont understand....Send me a tell and wait for a reply before sending the money. I dont know how many times now someone has sent me money and all I get is an email saying "Zabrak transfered 1000 credits to your bank."


And if you send me money when I am AFK ill miss it to and I will end up not adding it to the weeks total which means I got 1000 extra credits and you get mad because it looks like you didnt pay.


I hope and pray the player cities comes up with a better way of collecting taxes because our current one is far from perfect ;)

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i always forget..when i get home from school tomorrw..ill get on and get up a bunch of money and just pay it all to you murashu. im talkin more than just 1k though..so ill email you the second i send it:D..



(oh and reaps, if you read this post, Im taking my computer with me and will be on galaxies late saturday..We can still party :D..and you can get my armor :D:D:D:D)

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