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  2. May Monkey Island games never become so commonplace that a fan would think "ehhhh I'll give this one a miss"
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  4. So a week later and my reflections/thoughts on the endings and how I see it. So we'll start with the secret. I love how it's handled - what the secret is isn't important, and it was never going to be revealed, it could be anything, it could be a lame T-shirt, we don't know as we have an unreliable narrator. Is Guybrush really a flooring inspector? No. Is it all the delusions of someone obsessed with pirates/theme parks? No. I see it that he's legitimately telling the story of Return to Monkey Island and how he *maybe* found the secret to his son, but everything from stepping through the door is just him making up that part for his son - either to help teach him the lesson that obsessing over something like the secret is bad - and that it doesn't really matter; or to make a fun story. The ending of MI2 as featured in MI2/the start of the prologue? What we see in MI2 is Chuckie + Boybrush playing out the ending of an adventure Guybrush had where he found Big Whoop. Again - we never see the real ending, but we know from CMI Guybrush ended up cursed and in a carnival - so this is why the boys pretend and play around that they're in this carnival but don't really know the details or are embellishing it. When the player gets control in the prologue - it's not the Big Whoop carnival. There's no rides, no Steamin' Weenie shack, no costume shop, etc, it's a park with some shops. As I see it, MI1, most of MI2 except the bit in the Tunnels, CMI, EMI, Tales, and Return until he steps through the door *mostly* happened as we saw. Along with any number of unknown tales, adventures, etc. that we haven't seen. At some point they had a child, Boybrush, and this is years later and his Dad is telling him stories of the adventures he went on. Everything is real except the endings of MI2 and Return; and only Guybrush possibly knows what the secret is - or he gave up on finding it out. Maybe it was a T-Shirt, maybe it was gold, maybe it was the friends we made, maybe he never found out. We don't know. As a player, still find it slightly frustrating the main inner plotline didn't get a resolution, but I can live with that. The game was enjoyable. It's a brilliant part of the book and a nice callback to Jack's origins. The books was really done a disservice by the terrible movie adaptation. I also picked up on the Terror Island aspects of it too.
  5. The cannibals used to eat people, but that's probably not a good idea for a celebratory meal. I think Otis mentions catching rats. There are the yellow flowers from the forest, but those are just a condiment. Guybrush does survive a trip on some of those voodoo ingredients mentioned earlier. Otis gets some from the SCUMM Bar's cook sometimes, prehensile tail and all.
  6. I beat #Mojole #188 and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 2/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  7. The chat on the speedrun discord is being quite secretive about routing, tips, etc. I've done a hard-mode speedrun and grabbed the achievement as part of it. My advice would be: Use Easy Mode - it's a lot quicker (20-25 minutes). Double click to run places quickly. In chapter 4, press M or use the map in inventory to jump straight to it. In chapter 3, you don't need to steal LeChuck's theme, just play it - it doesn't change. The 'alternate' ending by heading back into the caves is probably quicker.
  8. Judge me harshly when I reflect that my opinion of Escape is overly biased by it not beginning with "Deep in the Caribbean".
  9. I really love everything you said. This is also my theory, I couldnโ€™t have expressed it better. Thank you!
  10. Yeah, I should also point out that I very much enjoy Escape, both in gameplay and story. It's just a testament to how much I enjoy the others and not a testament to how bad it is. There are several things I would change, such as how Murray was used, but I still very much enjoy it.
  11. That's basically what I figured--I was just curious if the game ever addresses it in any way (possibly in the Writers' Cut), since it's a new nickname for an old character seemingly presented rather suddenly and without comment. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something somewhere. (Not that it matters in literally any measurable way.)
  12. When you mention creating a quantity of 50 or 100 boxes, I cant help but feel they'll eventually end up on ebay as hard to identify bootlegs. My advice, continue your product for yourself and people who may approach you for a copy of their own. But dont start selling this from a webshop or anything like that. It will ruin more than it will bring good.
  13. And the first shall be first, and the last shall be last.
  14. From both a gameplay and story perspective: 1: Return 2: Curse 3: MI2 4: MI1 5: Tales 6: Escape From strictly a story perspective: 1: Return 2: Tales 3: MI2 4: Curse 5: MI1 6: Escape
  15. He hangs upside down. You're upside down when you're bobbing for apples. I don't think there's more to it than that, other than possibly being the opposite of Iron Rose on the hardness scale.
  16. Nothing I caught in-game. I don't know why but I didn't question it, my brain was just like "Oh, 'Bob' was short for 'Apple Bob', good to know" and didn't think anything of it
  17. Currently on part 2, and I absolutely need to know if I'm only able to play an hour or two a day and I don't want to spend the next however-long tearing the game apart for an answer that never comes. I just want my life back.
  18. I think youโ€™ve sold me on doing a Cave replay. I donโ€™t remember much about my first playthrough.
  19. When my family got out first PC with a CD-ROM, it was packaged with the CD versions of Loom, The Secret of Monkey Island, and like ... the Encarta encyclopedia. I know this is not the preferred version of Loom among aficionados, but it had voice acting and was in some ways more technically impressive than the CD version of MI. I liked both games, but Loom was generally confusing to me, and it seemed so solemn. To me it always felt like more of a niche title than Monkey Island. I would be surprised if it sold as well as Monkey Island did! On the other hand, maybe if they had made Loom 2 instead of LeChuck's Revenge, history would regard Monkey Island as the forgotten niche title. Hindsight is weird.
  20. I don't know if this has been pointed out yet, but I noticed how well Guybrush's arc as an improving storyteller during ReMI ties into how he acts in MI2, what with how he keeps annoying everybody with his "killing LeChuck" story. He was a crap storyteller!
  21. Can i just say some of the jokes in Return have wonderful clues to the ending. For example, this joke reads differently with hindsight!!!
  22. I beat #Mojole #188 and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 5/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  23. You can just skip those cards until you reach the part of the game they refer to. It's highly unlikely that you'll find only/mainly cards referring to future scenes or chapters.
  24. We've been updating TP Explorer to add support for ReMI but its still a work in progress. Proper music dumping will come in the next release, I have it working manually but I done the code to do it automatically yet.
  25. I did it on my third playthrough. I didn't use a guide, but the top link Guybrush Transmasc provided gives a lot of good advice. I played it on casual mode and that made a huge difference because it prevents a lot of backtracking. I was constantly using the . and Esc keys. I would just use both of them whenever text appeared onscreen, figuring one would work. I don't think my speedrun playthrough was optimized or anything like that and it only took about an hour and a half. So there was a lot of spare time.
  26. I am always interested when somebody has Escape as penultimate, but then a different MI game as last.
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