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  2. You may or may not have noticed that some original Steve Purcell Sam and Max concept art went up for sale on eBay recently. Concept art for the lovely statue that was created many years back. Four images (each on 14"x11" paper) of our favorite dog and rabbity thing captured from different angles to be used with sculpting the duo in fabulous 3-D. The art went up for a $4,000 price but sold within a day or two for an undisclosed "best offer price" by the undisclosed buyer. But like the latest in NFT art, you can view the artwork right here! Right-clicking is encouraged. Sam and Max Concept Art 4 shot Sam and Max Concept Art A For comparison: Sam and Max Final A Sam and Max Concept Art B For comparison: Sam and Max Final B Sam and Max Concept Art C Sam and Max Concept Art D
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  4. I just want to know more. Any new adventure game by Ron is cause for celebration.
  5. Correct, I was just daydreaming for fun but the real chances of this happening are close to zero. Plus they aren't going for pixel art this time, which I recall was something Ron would instead use for a hypothetical MI3a. Still, all the secrecy is weird: while it's true that Ron doesn't feed hype, he often used to share screens or chunks of screens / production material even for personal projects, let alone full games. Something good's cooking.
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  7. Ron seems to be generally uninterested in feeding people's hype though. This is just standard practice for him. I highly doubt that any new Monkey Island game would be his 3rd game, it's gonna be 6, which personally I'd be thrilled about cause Tales left a lot of interesting character stuff to pick up in another game. I totally get wanting Ron's story told though, it'd be wonderful for him after all these years. I just think it's highly unlikely that either Disney sold the rights or Ron accepted working with them.
  8. Well, Ron's Terrible Toybox has been working on a new 2D point and click graphic adventure for a long time now, and kept absolute silence about it. We still don't know what they're doing and, when things get so secret, I might end up raising my hopes.
  9. I don't usually look too deep into rumours because it's usually someone's shoddy attempt at clout-chasing, but a few months ago someone in a Monkey Island Facebook group directed me to a stream of MI2:SE where someone claiming to have been part of the animation team revealed in the chat that they were working on an MI3 remaster. Sadly this streamer doesn't save their videos so I can't direct you to it, but what made it credible to me was that they didn't just volunteer the info out of nowhere, they showed up to say "thanks for playing this game I worked on" and then was asked what they were doing now they said "oh, Hollow Knight 2, and this might be a spoiler but there's gonna be an MI3 remake". Someone also posted on another fan group about how a developer friend told then that the Business Dev at Disney let slip that a new MI game was being made and indie publisher Devolver Digital were involved, but who's actually making the thing was not said. Take it all with a grain of salt, I'm just less sceptical that someone in this community would stoop so low as to raise our hopes like that, and that this series is too niche to randomly make up something like this for clicks. Nothing's come of it since though, so idk.
  10. For the love of whoever-you-want, keep COMI away from Bill Tiller! Why is there such need as fixing what's not broken in the first place? The hope is that nobody would invest the amount of money necessary to make something more than what's actually useful, which is a remaster with the original clean and high resolution assets...
  11. Thanks a lot. Is there even a chance that this remaster will see the light of day..? Personally, I would be more curious that a new opus be developed rather than play endlessly on nostalgia. Nostalgia which invariably leads to a certain disappointment indeed...
  12. If you want brain shattering revelations, I've got one for you. Both Craig Derrick and Bill Tiller said in the book that if Curse ever gets remastered they would use 3D. Craig wanted to replace all the assets in 3D, and Bill wanted to repaint the backgrounds and use 3D characters. Personally, I think this would be a huge mistake and it's kinda soured my excitement for a remaster to be made. You just don't do that with a game so heralded for its 2d character animation. Maybe it could work, and I just have limited imagination, but idk, seeing Tiller's other work doesn't inspire much confidence that it could live up to the stellar work that has already been done with the original game.
  13. I have the feeling that everyone left the book in its wrapper paper...
  14. I'm trying to convince my publisher.. ^^
  15. Hi all, sorry for the spamminess, but this will be the second and last time I post about this, because orders close in a week! Please get your order in by the 30th and/or promote it anywhere you think people will be interested. Thanks!
  16. I love this. Those pictures would make a very very challenging quiz. “Name the lucasfilm game from its marbled paper background.” I think I would have only got Night Shift.
  17. Please keep sharing them here too! Mixnmojo forums is about the only social media I got, and I don’t want to miss out on your fantastic work!
  18. MI1's pattern is in a different style, so I'll need to add more features for that to be replicated. Am I missing any other marbled paper patterns, except for MI1?
  19. That's very cool! What about the Monkey Island backgrounds?
  20. Some of you might have seen this on Twitter already, but I'll add it here anyway. I've tried to recreate the marbled paper frames of the classic boxes in Substance Designer, and this is where I'm at currently. Maniac Mansion: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - The Action Game: Loom: Zak McKracken: Battlehawks 1945: Pipe Dream: Night Shift: None of these are final, and the colors might be off, as I was just working off of different scans or stuff from the web. I guess I'll keep working on these, as some aspects of the paint-in-liquid effects of the original papers aren't fully captured yet.
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  22. Hi, Yes, Monkey Island 2 for Macintosh works here, but I had to use a Leopard Mac to extract the .img contents, and then Mac OS 9.2 to extract the archives themselves with StuffIt Expander. Modern versions of macOS won't extract the old HFS .img files anymore, but you can use the ScummVM companion (https://www.scummvm.org/dumper-companion) on a modern PC if you want to extract the .img files. (I'm sure other extractors exist for modern systems, but since I have some old Macs here I just did it this way for the moment.) I might write a small guide about this if people need it, because indeed Limited Run Games just put raw floppy images with zero instructions. By the way, some of you may have noticed that the Limited Run Games version of MONKEY1-EGA has a corrupted DISK4.img file, which means that the game will crash when reaching the Mêlée Island map. Fortunately, they also provided KryoDump images, so there's a way to recover a functional MONKEY1-EGA. Here's my guide for this: https://dwatteau.github.io/scummfixes/corrupted-monkey1-ega-files-limitedrungames.html
  23. What a performance. The guy they cast for Full Throttle Hell on Wheels didn’t even come close. Rest in peace, Roy. You gave us wings, you gave us wheels.
  24. *INSERT FUNNY DRAW DROPPING GIF* Wow, it's incredible that you managed to create that from that photograph. So impressed!
  25. Yeah, dammit. Any of you lucky pups read this thing yet and gleaned any brain-shattering revelations?
  26. i got the new book ' i couldn't post a pic of it because of the total size https://imgur.com/a/zZrghZL
  27. Just realised that this week on Wednesday, January 19th 2022, itll be 20 years since we lost Roy Conrad who we all know for providing the voice of Ben in Full Throttle. Cant believe its been that long ago, what a great talent and just gave the perfect voice for Ben, may he rest in peace Also not only was he in Full Throttle but other LucasArts work, he played the role of Captain Merrick in Rebel Assault 2 and voiced in X-Wing vs Tie Fighter. Plus he was cast in 1 Sierra game as he appeared in the 1st mission of Police Quest: SWAT
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