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  2. That is true, but I was I referring to proper point and click adventure games. Humongous Entertainment games were made for kids Ron also mentioned several times that if he were to make a new Monkey Island it would be a pixel art game. In addition the unannounced new game was originally intended to be a pixel art game (or so it seems based on the first job opening), hence my comment.
  3. As a matter of fact, all the Humongous games weren't pixel art. I think Ron made an exception with Thimbleweed Park as a nostalgic tribute, but his normal attitude is to embrace innovation imo.
  4. Sounds like they changed their mind then. Looking at Spine examples I believe you are absolutely right as the tool would not work well for pixel art. I am quite happy Ron is now evolving his style instead of relying only on the old Pixel Art. Don’t take me wrong, I did enjoy Thimbleweed Park and I like Pixel Art but it is nice to see Ron trying something different.
  5. Remember Jesse Harlin, the guy behind the amazing Monkey Island SE soundtrack? Well, he did it again, I just found out he was the composer for Mafia: Definitive Edition's Orchestral Score. So glad for the lad, last time I heard that name we were all quite happy about a Monkey Island comeback.
  6. Here is another "bottle" (actually it's a tshirt) of a Monkey Island game, the special edition of Secret of Monkey Island: I was told, that there exists also another version of the design where it's not called "Arrr! Root Beer" but "Grog" (without anything else). I saw this only once ... does anyone here has this item and can share it with a picture?
  7. Nice to know, thanks for that info Jake. By the way, did you see my PM? I got mine from a fellow collector in the UK, so interesting and long journey for the bottle (especially in terms of transportation of a alcoholic good).
  8. Yesterday
  9. @TRS the brand on my bottle is the same as yours, and I’m guessing they’re promo items from the same event.
  10. The Secret of Monkey Island, of course.
  11. If their animator request is to be taken literally, they’re using Spine, which is not a pixel art tool but is used for a hybrid of 2D animation and tween-style deformation of illustrations. It’s used by Size Five games (the latest Ben & Dan game for example) and can produce output similar to the animation in Broken Age. I’ll be clear here that I’ve never used Spine and don’t know all the contexts in which it’s used, but it’s definitely a general purpose 2D animation tool.
  12. @Jake: perfect, thanks in advance! I'll check for the coaster, then the party equipment is complete.
  13. I’ll check my bottle, which is from that party. It wasn’t a team launch party for the game itself, but a release event for the PS2 version with some press and Dominic Armato in attendance, held on a sailing ship on the SF bay. Old embarrassing Mojo article about it here. I was given a case of the beers which I kept for years and eventually sold a couple on eBay, but gave most away one day to interested co-workers at Telltale. Photo of the case of grog: I also have the Max shotglasses buried in my bar somewhere and will dig them out.
  14. It seems they no longer mention pixel art like the first job opening but “2d illustrated”. I am curious to know if that means they are shifting art style. I would love to see cell shaded style coming out from Ron.
  15. Ok, no shot glasses, but a bottle of grog beer. I heard that these were made for the game release party and ordered from a local brewery. If someone here has it too it would be great if you can check the name of the brewery on top of the cap to see if it's the same.
  16. Hah. I loved Worms Armageddon back in the day. I even bought myself a nice big box edition for my collection just a few months ago. I do want to check out these speech packs. Max by himself could make for a good pack. Maybe purple and green tentacle too.
  17. I just discovered a few speech packs that I downloaded from the old Mojo forums back in the day. If anyone is still playing and wants to download them again, here ya go! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fLLyixoz2KUePkKgYmHSXwyG4CCJzx3e I have no clue who made these originally, but I know I got them here. So whoever you are, thank you! (And if anyone ever wants to play...let me know and I can add you to my Discord :)
  18. Last week
  19. Not that he really needed to prove anything, but I get what you mean!
  20. Oehhh! I’d love a new game from Ron! Thimbleweed Park really proved to me how good of a storyteller he is!
  21. As mentioned earlier, my wife is playing through Curse of Monkey Island and thoroughly enjoying it. She has just lost the Blood Island "map" to Captain Rottingham and encountered the second-biggest time waster on the sea, the dreaded rhythmic shanty. She is now about to embark on insult swordfighting, against random pirate captains and then finally against Captain Rottingham himself. I was shocked to see that within the manual that comes with the game there is no space to track insults -- not even a Notes section on the last page. Just as well, within the official strategy guide th
  22. So, Mr. Simpson, you admit you grabbed her can. What do you have to say in your defense?
  23. Here we go again! Three (3!) open positions at Terrible Toybox. I'm dying to know what Ronzo's working on. The hype, man.
  24. Hey guys. As we're already talking about alcoholic related items ... does anyone here has those nice Sam & Max shot glasses that were also available at telltale? Would be nice to see them.
  25. COMI isn't a 16-bit Windows game, so it should work fine on a 64-bit OS with some coaxing! You could try the setup program and launcher made by the excellent human at Quick and Easy Software: Installer Launcher Let us know how you get on!
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