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  2. Update: I mentioned on the ScummVM bug tracker that I would prefer it if ScummVM emulated the original, possibly buggy Mac font spacing in Indy 3, and eriktorbjorn very graciously agreed to see if it could be done as an option. That sort of incredible generosity reminds me that ScummVM is indeed a labor of love. My hat is off to him.
  3. Yes, along with many Marvel movies being "snowball delayed down the line", the next Indiana Jones movie has been delayed by 11 months. You'll need to wait until June 30th, 2023 to see this film. (From Engadget)
  4. The release notes for the new ScummVM release point out there's more support for the high-resolution Macintosh fonts in games like Last Crusade and LOOM - if it was there already in daily builds I must have missed it, but as a Mac gamer back in the day I quite appreciate it. And after I filed a bug report they put in the moveable Practice box in the LOOM Macintosh port, which is quite excellent! On the other hand, the Mac high-res fonts on some screens in Last Crusade (eg, the Grail Diary pages) are not pixel perfect in ScummVM, and the comments on the bug ticket say they have no intention of making them be so, because the original implementation of the font kerning "looks bugged" apparently. Maybe? But I do wish accuracy to the original interpreter was a goal ScummVM strove for all the time, rather than picking and choosing.
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  6. Yes, I'm going to make a bunch of different versions, including that one.
  7. Pop till you drop! Are you also going to make a version with the logo, but without the border? I think that would be my preferred version.
  8. Here's a link from March: https://www.bossfightstudio.com/2021/03/19/new-sammax/ (btw, it's actually Rubber Pants Commandos - you're getting your Lucasarts-adjacent properties mixed up!)
  9. I was previously blind, but now I am able to see that this is popping!
  10. Obviously there's only so much you can say about these. Getting there: It's weird to see so much more on the sides when you've gotten used to the cropped art over the years.
  11. The second wave of the figures go up on preorder tomorrow. I personally am not interested in this wave of "Diaper Dynamos" and Scuba Max vs Octopus, but I do look forward a possible third wave of toys... and possible licensed LucasArts properties in the future.
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  13. You can expect a photo in 44 years!
  14. Pictured below: what none of us will look like at age 79.
  15. With regard to the involvements of Nazis... SPOILERS The evidence points to the storyline taking place in the "present" of 1969, but that there will be a prologue sequence set during WWII. One thought is that Mads Mikkelsen plays an ex-Nazi who could be introduced in that prologue.
  16. Note: It's ScummVMs 20th anniversary! And GoG is also running a sale.
  17. I know almost nothing about the new movie but they can’t really use the Nazis unless it’s in flashbacks can they? The original movies were set not long before the end of WW2, and Crystal Skull was set in the 50s — long after the Nazis were a thing of the past. This movie is presumably set even more recently, i.e. 60s or 70s? So Nazis are off the table really. I guess they could contrive some top secret Nazi group that lives on, but it really wouldn’t have the same gravitas as the actual German war machine at the height of its power dedicating resources to the supernatural.
  18. i am looking at the pictures and i begin to be very sad , its like they could do the 4 movie the fate of atlantis and to end it , why to bring to the 4 and 5 movies the soviet , bring the true enemy of indy the Nazis . but i am going to see it because i am fan of indy
  19. The restoration is coming along nicely: I was a little scared about painting out the logo, but besides using some great sources for the palm trees (unlike 13-or-so years ago, when I didn't have much to work with), I just went and repainted most of the sky. After all, it's just splotches of color, which can be conveniently sampled from inbetween the letters. Adding the appropriate amount of texture on top of it, it works quite well. However, I think I'll still include a logo-less version with a cloud overlay, like in my old versions. The bottom half of the artwork is still missing a bit of material to remove stickers and logos, but I have a few sources that I have yet to train AI models on.
  20. I don't have the energy to cover every set leak on the front page, but for people who want to go down that particular rabbit hole: the production is currently in Sicily, and people seem to be photographing the hell out of it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUusPm6DqgD/
  21. It depends on the image, and how many sources I can collect. Apart from actually fixing dirt and damage to a scan, piecing together different sources is the most work in a restoration. And you're right: Color-correcting each one so that they all match can often be tricky. Usually I start out with the best quality source, and try to match everything else to that. Sometimes I need to color-correct different parts of the same scan with different settings, which in turn ups the layer count. Once everything is pieced together in a homogenous way, cleanup and color-correction of the complete image can happen. Regarding keeping my sources clean, in terms of color correction I usually use adjustment layers, so that the source itself isn't changed. But when aligning different scans, the pieces hardly ever fit together without warping or distorting them ever so slightly. That's why a simple swap of sources usually isn't possible. Luckily, aligning can be automated with a bunch of different tools. Most of the time Photoshop's own automatic alignment tool is good enough. In the case of the MI1 poster, which was made up of 15 separate scans, it worked right away. The Rebel Assault 2 poster on the other hand failed miserably (because of so much black space), so I resorted to Hugin, an open-source image stitching tool that can align images by manually placing marker pairs in the different images. It took a few hours of manual work, but the stitched image turned out great.
  22. The more sources you post, the more impressed I am of the work you’re doing, Laserschwert. You go through such great lengths to get as many sources as you can. After that, it must be hard work puzzling everything together as neatly as you do, and then colour correcting it and making sure the quality of the final image is consistent. In dutch we call such a thing ‘a monk’s job’, because it’s so detailed and strenuous. I’m glad we have you in our community. I’m curious, how many layers do your Photoshop files have, and do you keep the sources in the PSD’s ‘clean’ so you can swap them out when better images become available?
  23. Nope, the poster was only using scans of game releases. Mainly the manuals of the Korean and Taiwanese version of MI2, plus several box scans. If I had access to scans of the original painting, the quality would be much, much higher. Noteworthy: The Korean manual seems to be the only available source of an unobstructed "LeChuck's Revenge" banner.
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