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  1. Which is why I don't really follow you reasoning. So he retires in name and de facto and nothing changes.
  2. We understand - been too long since the last bitch fight you watched.
  3. Hahaha, I guess it must be really weird for someone that doesn't speak portuguese as a mother language to witness people using "Cum" as a swearword. Though "porra" is probably one of the most recurrent on my personal repertoire, kinda like the F word (thanks, censor) in englsih. As for "filho da puta" I thought you had learned that on Tropa de Elite. :xp:


    Still haven't played it, Sabrez. I do plan to, it looks positively awesome. Gimme some nice screenies from the favelas (oh, and downtown São Paulo if there are any), because from what I've seen, this still looks like a very faithful Rio. :p

  4. I'm not too big on TB as well, Legend being the only one I thoroughly enjoyed. But I'm with you, everything seems great about this one, especially survival. Well, all the beating was enough to get me mad at everything and everyone that was doing this to Lara. I just wanted to take control and kick everyone's ass at some point, just to make it stop. They're going down the emotional road, it seems, and it's working, on me at least.
  5. Hahaha nice analogy. I'm all for a death-sticks/spice addict for a character (or at least a key companion). But I distinctively remember those drug references being censored or removed in a Star Wars media, don't recall which. I wonder if we'll see those or even more interesting, Hutts with investment in drug dealing.
  6. So I take you ladies and gentlemen all watched the trailer shown on E3? [youtube=hd]qC0WyzbNS_A?hd=1 It follows the same line of what we saw on the last CG trailer last year (thankfully). And I stand by my statement of one year ago when I said there's definitively something sadist on this game. Lara gets beaten even harder and I'm pretty sure there's not a single 10 seconds where she's not being pierced, slashed, stabbed, shot at or slapped. Not sure if this is amusing to anyone (some kind of guilty pleasure, I guess) but while watching Lara being covered in someone else's blood I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. Really? In a Tomb Raider game? Wow. I'm keeping my mind open, though, as this is seeming to be the best Tomb Raider game I've ever seen.
  7. Haha, if I went by my heritage I'd end up rooting for half of Europe. I suppose Belgium and Portugal are the closest, but Belgium is not in and I'm not really in the mood to cheer CR7, so...
  8. Congrats! Those not there yet, will make it and those that have made it, will score another 10!
  9. I guess I speak in the name of every cell, organ and muscle of my body when I say I'd rather have a new character. Sort of what TFU did with Starkiller, but with less Mary Sue involved.
  10. I always pick my favorite as the competition go. Whoever gives the best show.
  11. Yeah, some things definitively were but on this particular scene, at least some elements weren't. Like the bystander that witnesses the crash and then proceed to help out on the people in the cars, asking "are you all right?" while trying to get someone out. Unless they scripted that guy there, this at least was the AI being awesome beyond GTA level and I was mesmerized at this and some other details. Personally, this, along with The Last of Us, were among the best shown in the E3, and, coincidentally, those two might end up having vast amounts of scripted events. Or not, which might just be plain amazing and groundbreaking. As for the shooting in the end, it wasn't that bad: it could have lasted longer and for most of the trailer, instead it was a small bit. And brawling with your fists seems to be an efficient option as well. Plus, could be worse: there could have been an horrendous cover system along with the whole package. I'm so sold to this game.
  12. Don't know how you can tell it's far away (unless you consider a year from now far away, which by today standards isn't. Damn, it's the time span I'll have to wait for GoT third season to air), but I totally buy the seamless gameplay-cutscene transitions they were talking about now. I'm not too sure about the combat, though. It looks a little clanky and probably enjoys too much the cover feature. I hope they make it really dynamic.
  13. Well, if it is this late in development. Surprised they hidden it for so long, then.
  14. Yeah, I must say I agree with Lynk, it could be pretty awesome and visceral. I wouldn't mind some experimenting of their own, though. Trying to delve into this deeper or develop techniques of their own. They have ILM support and expertise, after all.
  15. Hmm, almost all of the cinematic action beside shooting and running was done through QTEs on DS2. Which is fine, I'm not sure the game would go well along with wall-running and pulling other stunts. Which may happen on 1313. That's the difference I see between those games.
  16. Gotta agree on both accounts. But everyone's expectations were so high there was little chance of they reaching it. I was actually a little disappointed with the battle, overall. The hack'n slashing was fine but I missed a certain green demon whipping the ships aflame on the Blackwater... It also seems Tyrion might not Let's see how he turns out next episode.
  17. Dead Space with Co-op. Before anybody says the horror element will be gone with this RE-ish move, I gotta say it won't: cheap scares won't fade away with a mate beside you to share the shock. Gotta defer to Bill Yahthzee description of DS: "And then there are horror games where the guy in the spooky mask goes "abloogy woogy woo" while standing on the far side of a brightly lit room before walking slowly over to you plucking a violin and then slapping you in the face with a t-bone steak." It's still a fun game with an intricate and surprisingly intriguing in a "I want to know more" way, so I'm hoping for the best.
  18. !!!!!!!! A new direction to the franchise? Mature themes and storyline?! One can only hope! It's being internally developed so, for me, this cast a shadow of doubt. Still, ILM and Skywalker Sound on it might guarantee exceptional cutscenes and outstanding sound effects. Well, I won't jynx this: it's the first SW title I've been really excited for in years! I hope it doesn't get screwed down the development path, I really do. I'll follow this closely. PS: so the image below is Coruscant. Heh, from a quick glance it looked like an Imperial-subdued Utapau.
  19. Please do not insult us. We steal/pirate what we play.
  20. From GoT to DwD, arguably 2~3 years. It's never too clear on the books, with some chapters picking up immediately after the last, or with months of interlude. Our best hint is probably the younger character's ages. Sansa, if I'm not mistaken, is 11 at GoT, and 13 by a certain point of SoS. There are more hints, but not many.
  21. You may read that as I included an answer of sorts for your question and some sort of consolation prize if you don't like it. Still a spoiler, though.
  22. Same. I know that Martyn is closely by the production team and is under every direction they choose to take, but I sincerely hope some of the choices the TV series seem to be taking (some are pretty radical changes) don't impact Martyn's two future. He wrote on A Dance with Dragons that he's already having some trouble keeping up with all the lore. Fortunately, he isn't getting short of dedicated fans and fangroups all around the world to help him out with the task anytime soon, but you got to admit it may be getting harder to wrap it all up. Again, agreed on all accounts. I know that the actor DOES looks like Martyn description of Stannis, but I tend to create personal templates of them in my head depending of their personality. As "gaunt" as he is repeatedly described as, I kinda miss the "strong jaw" and... I'm not certain, an even more serious face. I don't know, no one but Davos and Melisandre and Davos's son and Stannis's squire were supposed to like him anyway, so if we don't think he's charismatic, he's on the right path. The characters of old are still excelent, not so sure about some of Sansa's scene, but overrall great. The new characters are pretty good as well, special mentions for Ygritte, Davos (supreme, one of the most beloved characters on the books and now on the series as well, and the guy hasn't even read the books because he wants to discover his character as he goes but still managed to explain Davos-Stannis relationship in a paragraph in better ways than I could in a certain interview), Xaro, and Brienne, who definetly looks the part. Of the recurring scenes I enjoy the most are two plain, but filled with sagacity and tension, conversations: Tyrion and the Spider on the Red Keep and Arya and Tywin, on Harrenhal - minor spoiler for A Clash of Kings below:
  23. Hmmm, a serious cartoon from the looks of it. I don't go anywhere near those Disney's or any of those channels anymore for years now (except for, we'll see, the new Avatar), but if this anywhere as good as the aforementioned cartoon, man, I'm so watching it.
  24. Critics are loving this game. Good going, I was planing to get this anyway.
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