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  1. Hey :) I'm good. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but they set up an RP section in the Star Wars Gaming Forums here. Check them out :) I might even transfer my Final Fantasy RP over there

  2. Sorry, I was busy. Thats awesome :D And for the Mecha RP as well?

  3. Not unless her body is dangling low enough from the ceiling :p I reckon someone as tall as a Turian could manage it.

  4. oh no, I was going to get around to it. Like you, I lead a busy life style lol. Don't worry, I'll stay commited :)

  5. Hey Archon. Good to be back :) It is a shame that the ME rp couldnt get finished, but I think that was due to lack of response from the other players. I would have loved to continue it otherwise. But in that note, I'm thinking about starting a new Mass Effect RP pretty soon :)

  6. I back :) Most of you have either forgotten me, or perhaps genuinely wondered what in the hell happened to me... truth is, I do not have an explanation. Other then a few life hurdles being thrown at me, uni and new job. I could list them all, but knowing most of you geeks and nerds you'll probably just skim read them. I came back because I began to miss the RP's I participated in. It wont be the first thing I'll do, but I'd like to take the time to explore the lucasforums I was once a proud member of and how much it has changed. I'm assuming those scummy guys from the Monkey Island forums have not changed abit :p

    Good to be back. I'll keep you guys posted.

  7. Hey Chev :) I posted in the shinobi rp. Sorry, I thought the conversation was finished automatically lol

  8. yeah sure. I thought there was going to be a time skip to the next day or something lol

  9. yeah, I'm still in. Sorry, been working, studying and my latest concerns are curing my insomnia :p I made a reply in the shinobi RP

  10. yeah haha. I was wondering what was going on with your legacy RP. Been busy studying? I'm enrolled in a Bachelor Degree for Screen Production (animation), and I'm already having trouble getting up early in the mornings :p

  11. haha thanks. I intend to do more in the future (at a time where I wont procrastinate so much) :p I'll be sure to return the favour, and subscribe to your profile aswell. Thanks alot :)

  12. In light of recent events, I thought I'd return the favour by making you be one of the first to see my animation ^_^


    Episode 1

    Episode 2


    hope you enjoy

  13. haha yeah I saw it :) havent seen family guy for ages...

  14. Edited the post. And no, I havent played MW2 lol. I was watching the Matrix Trilogy a while back with friends, and the name kinda stuck lol. Unless "Ghost" can be the Hanar's nickname, but its up to you :p

  15. haha I have viewed your character sheet. Everything seems ok. I have to be honest, I'm going through with this because I can see the sense of humour behind it

  16. lol I honestly never imagined something so unusual - I suppose it isnt hard to imagine something with many tentacles could multitask in the cockpit. If you're serious, then I guess your more than welcome to haha

  17. whoops :s sorry, it didnt occur to me that someone wanted to play as the pilot. Your more then welcome to; just post your character sheet, and I'll edit my post once your done.

  18. Thanks abunch. I'm back from the trip btw, and ready to continue. I already updated :)

  19. I'm back from the trip :) still waiting for a response in the RP

  20. hey sky :) just wanted to let you know that I will be absent for a week and a bit - going on a little trip with my mates. you cool with this?

  21. hey chev :) just wanted to let you know that I will be absent for a week and a bit - going on a little trip with my mates. you cool with this?

  22. Yeah, thats cool :) Just so you know, I might introduce Kaneda later on during the story... maybe during the second part. For now, I might add a character who taught him at the Kenjustu academy, as a form of connection between the character :)

  23. yes its fine. And you dont need my permission ^-^ I look forward to it

  24. no proble :) sorry didnt get back to you, btw. I'm ready for the PM regarding the opening summary :)

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