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  1. yeah, I'm still in. Sorry, been working, studying and my latest concerns are curing my insomnia :p I made a reply in the shinobi RP

  2. yeah haha. I was wondering what was going on with your legacy RP. Been busy studying? I'm enrolled in a Bachelor Degree for Screen Production (animation), and I'm already having trouble getting up early in the mornings :p

  3. "I think that before we do anything else we need to get the samurai and the villagers to the hidden leaf village and consult the Konoha archives before we do anything." "Very well." Ryuu nodded. "Do you require any further assistance? I need to report back to the head of my Order, and give him an update. We may have to intevene, if this has become a serious matter." Afterall, Ryuu's primary objective was reconaisance. Intervening in a battle wasnt exactly part of the plan, but it wasnt like he could stand around doing nothing while watching people get slaughtered. The code he followed was flexible enough to allow him to do so, within proper reason. He needed to report back. The newest pupil, Kaneda, might be interested in what Ryuu had to say; what with encountering one of his old friends. And besides, he also originated from Konoha as well.
  4. "Well she's okay in my book Tuhrop, she's not a fan of Cerberus," "I cannot imagine any other sentient who would be." Tuhrop added simply. "Extremists, the lot of them are." He glanced at Zack and smirked. "I've got work to do, Hudson. I'll talk to you later." the Turian was about to walk off. "Oh, and Hudson: in the future, try not doze off during our crew meetings. You're involved in this just as much as everybody else." Tuhrop walked off the scene. _________________________________________________ The Valkyrie appeared right before the mass relay, after making the jump. Soaring through the heavens of the Harding System of the Helix Nebula. Within the next hour, a small ball growing larger in the distance appeared through the cockpit window. Osiris appeared on their scanners. Most of the planet was covered by oceans of liquid water. European-sized areas were spotted on the planet's surface, and the atmosphere was nitrogen-oxygen based. Perfect choice for colonisation. Vessels and Cruisers surrounded the planet below. Tuhrop opened a communications channel. "Osiris Control, this is GS Valkyrie: requesting permission to land?" "GS Valkyrie, this is Osiris Control. As you are within Systems Alliance and Citadel Space, our security protocol is initiated." Tuhrop stated their business, claimed quarantine and informed them that they are carrying weapons. He also provided identification and registration of the ship. "GS Valkyrie, this is Osiris Control. Permission to land has been granted. Please be advised that once entering a Systems Alliance controlled building, you are not authorised to carry weapons. Understood?" "Crystal Clear..." Tuhrop acknowledged. "Valkyrie out!" The Valkeryie descended into the atmosphere below, and made her way towards the human colony. It was a settlement right where the beach is; probably larger than any typical human colony. Its most notable landmark was the tower standing within the ocean, surrounded by sea water. Most likely the research facility they were meant to head towards. Tuhrop pulled switched on the intercom. "This is the captain, we have arrived at the colony and are about to dock. Please get yourselves ready, and keep in mind alliance security protocol forbids bringing weapons into the research facility."
  5. Cade threw his luggage on the floor by the corner of his quarters. Atleast his room offered a decent bed and a porthole looking into the great empty void of space - all the essentials he needed. Suddenly, Cyan - the binjiphant and Lyna's pet arrived on the scene. It jumped onto his shoulder, and began chirping with affection. "Heh, how you doing you little rodent?" he ruffled up Cyan's fur. "Its been a while, hasn't it? I wonder what ever happened to those little pups you squeezed out a few years back?" He stood up, and began unpacking his things. Time to get settled, and be ready for the next set destination.
  6. knowing me, being a sucker for Mass Effect, will inevitably join. Give me time to prep a character sheet
  7. "I was actually thinking that we could head to the hidden leaf village and see if they can give them shelter. The hidden leaf is one of the larger villages and it may have enough room. As for this other village...I've never heard of it before." "Jōmae is a village located within the Land of Keys. The shinobi residing there are experts in espionage and reconaissance. Arguably, they have the biggest information network in all of the Shinobi World." "Of course, their services are not cheap. Their Information is a currency to them; it is their weapon. Their defence. And they would rather die then expose their secrets. Well, secrets regarding the safety for their entire village understandably." Ryuu paced closer to Karela. "If this threat is outside their boundaries, then negotiation may be possible. But like I said: it wont be cheap. They will want something in exchange."
  8. "And it appears that they have the ability to bring people back from the dead. I know of only one type of jutsu that does that and from what I saw they weren't using it. This jutsu was something new." "I dont know of any group that fits with that description." Ryuu added. "Nor one that uses that particular category of forbidden justu as their signature." He walked to the edge of the cliff, and gave a small rock a little kick down below. "Can match similarities with familiar organisations and syndicates, but... or perhaps they have advanced and developed new battle stradegies. Too difficult to decypher." "Arashi are probably out of the question. Not many remnants left around the world to sustain themselves. Their prime motive was harvesting, to make themselves stronger." He turned back to Karela. "Once we get these people to safety, you will probably need to consult with other villages. Konoha might have a large enough archive to determine who they are. Or perhaps even the Jōmae Village , but there it may be difficult to negotiate with them."
  9. Tom listened to Naut'uan, explaining how sapient species may be unable to understand or comprehend a hanar soul name without the use of certain technologies or implants. It made sense, if a soul name could only be limited through body movements, visual communication and bioluminescence. "Tom is a good friend, so please be happy with the knowledge that Tom may call It by a nickname, as most other hanar would take great offense at being called an ethereal being of undeath, or even at having a 'nickname' at all, this is a good example of It's hick nature. Tom will earn the knowledge of It's Soul Name one day, as will It's other friends: John, Kallic, Chiron, Selia...... Maybe not Selia." "Heh, understandable..." Tom agreed. "This One hopes Tom is happy with this explanation, if not, then It is truly sorry, and apologizes most deeply. It would bow in deference, but It would rather not plow the ship into a mass effect field." "That probably wont be necasary." Tom added. "Sorry on my behalf as well: I didnt mean to pry. I was mainly curious, Ghost. I dont know that much about your species. If it is that important to you, of course your entitled to your own personal matters and beliefs." Tom looked down the bridge from the cockpit. "I've got to get back to work. Good talking to you, Ghost." He walked down the bridge and passed the CIC. Tom took the stairway down where the General Crew Quarters were located. There the Asari guest was speaking with the captain, as well as surrounded by other crewmen. "Wow... she sure did won the weekly popularity contest." Tom muttered under his breath. "It must be quite claustrophobic..." he took the elevator down to the engineering deck. Tuhrop wondered if Tom was thinking the same thing just as Zack, one of the Freelance Mercenaries, walked into the scene. He began admiring Quirinius. "So this is what we did on Omega? Tuhrop you sly dog, I didn't think you'd actually listen to one of my ideas," "I "did" nothing. I got hunted throughout Omega, and the next thing I knew Tom, Chiron and Kallick brought her aboard." The next thing he knew Zack began flirting with the Asari. Tuhrop looked a little sheepish. "I apoligise; Zack may lack proper courtesy, but he's one heck of a Vanguard. Which by the way, I'm sorry we couldnt stay on Omega long enough for you to find work."
  10. "The journey from here to the mountains is safe. We won't encounter any attackers," Ryuu nodded, the wind blowing in his face. The villagers should be safe, hidden within the caverns of the mountain. Karela approached Takeda, open to suggestions as to what to do next. She turned to Ryuu, with the same question. Takeda was the first to respond. "Perhaps we should bring the villagers to Yoroi and his village. I do not believe Zarela knows where that is," "We must also not rush into action. We dont know who these people are. Otherwise, they would not have sent me on a recon mission. If we find out exactly who or what we are dealing with, we can build a strategy. We need somewhere with a vast archive to determine who it is."
  11. "That makes little sense, Tom, we can't get off of their hit list before they know it, without them knowing it..." "The one they call "Illusive Man" would... but you're right: my apoligies." Tom scratched his head sheepishly. "This one doesn't think we'll stand a chance, considering, but self preservation says that It will try." Tom found the hanar's unique usage of pronouns amusing. The way Ghost always refered to himself atleast. "I've always wondered, if not curious, Ghost; as to why the hanar always call themselves "it". I've heard something about how they have Soul Names...?" ___________________________________________________ Tuhrop watched Quirinius' performance. She was quick, and her concentration was very high. She might make a useful Biotic as well. "Well, I'm certainly impressed. I was actually asking if you had any notable technical skills, but this could work well for all of us. We mainly specialise in transportation and deliveries: especially collected bounties during those particular assignments. We are Freelancers... Mercenaries... Oddjob People. You'd make a fine addition to security. Especially with Cerberus on our tail." "An unwise decision Asari:Quirinius. Rogue noted Quirinius' claim. "Your attack would only have forced me to take action. I would have had to incapacitate you, or kill you if you continued to attack. Your time control requires much concentration, both a strength and a weakness. I would have also detected you when you drew closer thereby losing your element of surprise. I would have turned and shot you in the stomach to stop your movements, then to your throat if you continued to attack," "Ehough, the both of you..." Tuhrop interupted. "I will not have my crew fighting over who is the better of the rest. We are equals." he smirked at both the Geth Platform and the Asari.
  12. ((this hasn't died yet, I hope has everyone been procrastinating/working normal lives, or have the just stopped playing ))
  13. Quirinius told the story of her Krogan father and her growing up. Then went back to the topic of her current situation. Explaining that she couldnt go back to Omega, given her circumstances and life/death situation... not that that was uncommon for every citizen living on Omega. "I don't want to spend the rest of my life running and hiding--or, at least the remainder of my Maiden years." "Then perhaps a compromise is in order." Turhop proposed. "I may have an offer: as you may realise, its not as simple as hiding out on this ship for the remainder of your years... mind you, Asari live for such a bloody long time." he jested. "I do have a crew position available to you. You work for me, and I'll provide you food and a place to sleep. Plus the standard crew wagers. Far better, and honest life than being a Omega." "If you are interested, I'll need to know what type of skills you have." ___________________________________________________________ "This One thanks you Tom, your assistance is most welcome. It was a bit of a hassle turning around mid-jump to return to the Sahrabarik System from going to the Farther System, but we encountered no hostility, which It counts as fortunate. It only hopes our journey into the Traverse is just as uneventful," "Any time, Ghost." Tom acknowledged. "And with luck, we'll be off of Cerberus' hit list before they even know it." He walked towards the control panel to the side of the wall, and flicking a few switches. Doing the whole "techgeek-to-ship inteface routine" Tom always labbeled it as. "If not, well... We're all hoping you do the impossible for us Ghost. No preasure." he smirked.
  14. That kind of seems like a waste though: turning off my internet security for the sake of ONE pokemon. Thats why I wanted to do it the old fashioned way and having to wait. 70 days has gone by, and so far no Riolu. I've obviously done something wrong too think all that effort of patience has been for nothing... Thats kind of the whole point with me finding Riolu in the first place: he is not in my Pokedex. I'll do as you suggested and see if my local McDonalds would allow me to connect my DSi to WiFi. Other than that, I dont know anyone else who legitally owns Diamond/Pearl or a Riolu for that matter. I say "legitally" because I got conned by my a$$hole of a friend to eat the last slice of pizza one night, in exchange for trading me a Riolu. I did so grudgingly with a full stomach... only to conclude with him saying that he doesnt own one, or Diamond and Pearl.
  15. I may as well sike up you hardcore Pokemon fans out there for the upcoming Black and White series coming out soon. But thats beside the point: I am in need of some desperate help. I keep looking up online, and nothing seems to work for me: I am being provided with mixed responses and different opinions - all of which is driving me to the brinks of frustration. Most of you are probably thinking: "why did you come here?". Two reasons; I need a solution to my problem, and secondly, I cannot be bothered signing up to another forum. I own a copy of Pokemon Soul Silver. And like most people, I am having trouble trying to capture a Riolu from the Safari Zone. I have been given the blocks, and placed 10 Forest Objects and 14 Peak Objects within the Meadow. I tried changing the DS clock to add 70 days to the game time - which expectadly did not work. So then I had to actually wait 70 days, since December 1st last year. There is still no sight of Riolu. I even used repel, to ward off the weaker pokemon and increase my odds of finding a Riolu. After a few more digging, I began suspecting Riolu only arrives during the mornign, according to some unconfirmed sources, so I changed the DS clock to suitable time in the game. That too has not worked. I dont understand what I am doing wrong. What I described above is exactly what I have done. I got the block informaiton for the Safari Zone from Serebii.net. If any of you has played this game and is an uber expert with the Safari Zone, can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong and guide me through the process step-by-step? Much will be appreciated. ((And no, dont even bother sharing your friend-code with me and offer a trade: even though my DS is connected to the internet, for some reason it is blocking me from playing online. Its impossible for me to resolve.))
  16. Another PC game: Amnesia. Its so freaky, I havent worked up to courage to go out and buy it yet o.0
  17. ((oh very well then we'll do a slight time skip. We've already planned what we were doing anyway )) Ulrich keyed in the galaxy map the coordinates to the Helix Nebula: their chosen destination. There an Alliance Research facility was situated on a human colony world labelled Osiris, within the Harding System. Hopefully they wont be tailed by Cerberus Opperatives on their way, or to the most of their worries: already be waiting for them. Ulrich walked into the cockpit where the Hanar floated amongst the ships controls. "I've keyed in the coordinates to the Helix Nebula. We ought to arive their within a few hours." he informed Nau'tuan, or "Ghost" as some of the crew members refered to him. ( ) _________________________________________________________________________ As everyone was dismissed, Tuhrop approached their Asari guest. "Quirinius, right?" he greeted. "May I simply call you Quiri? Its much easier..." He crossed his arms. "Anyway, back to the point. Given under these circumstances of bringing you aboard my ship to patch you up, theres the question of what we do with you. As you are undoubtly aware, we are heading for Osiris, within the Helix Nebula. Do you have someplace to go?"
  18. ((ok, what the hell just happened? Why is it that we are missing a few days worth posting/replies? I refreshed the webpage a few times to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me. Are any of yous seeing the same thing as I am, because I swear we had more replies on this thread. Now they vanished!))
  19. Kallic assumed correctly: everybody was expected to attend. Including the pilot. "Will be at the conference - on time this time, too - will analyze syringe, hopefully with Chiron's help, in the meantime. Will it be in the general quarters ((the ship's living room basically)) or galley? Oh, and should I bring the asari if she comes-to?" "The general quarters will do perfectly..." Tuhrop looked abit sheepish. "I've just realised very rarely do we hold a conference between crew members. Depends upon our circumstances." "And yes, if the Asari wakes up and is a stable condition, she is invited to come along." And with that, Tuhrop left the medical bay. __________________________________________________________ Half an hour later, Tuhrop and Ulrich were standing around the quaters awaiting for everybody to show up. "Have we figured out on what to do with the data, sir?" Tom said, after a long silence. Tuhrop glanced down at him. "Thats why I'm holding a crew conference. I want everybody's opinion on this; this data is worth more trouble then it is." "If it belongs to Cerberus, should we not take it up with the Citadel Authorities?" Tuhrop gave a pfft. "We are within the Terminus Systems. The Citadel Council doesnt give a vorcha's ass about them. I doubt they'll be kind to lend us a hand."
  20. haha thanks. I intend to do more in the future (at a time where I wont procrastinate so much) :p I'll be sure to return the favour, and subscribe to your profile aswell. Thanks alot :)

  21. In light of recent events, I thought I'd return the favour by making you be one of the first to see my animation ^_^


    Episode 1

    Episode 2


    hope you enjoy

  22. "We'll also be in Nal Hutta shortly. Make yourself at home." "Thank you. I'll go set up, and meet you later..." he left the cockpit to walk towards the crew quarters. Cade had been on many ships before. He was always on the run in deep space, either from something or voluntarily. It was a rather fine looking ship. Cade could get used to this. He made his way to his appointed room within the crew quaters. Atleast his room had a porthole overlooking the outside. Soon the ship took off and away from the docking bay of Zeltros. It exited the atmosphere and into darkness of space...
  23. "It's time that we get moving." Ryuu nodded. He then looked over at Takeda. Even with his mask on, he knew that look in his eyes. Given from the way he looked at Asuka, like she abandoned him. But Ryuu could somehow also sense she was not the only one. Loneliness - an inflicting, distractive wound that would take time to heal Ryuu could relate, but now was not the proper time to acquaint himself with everyone: they needed retreat the villagers to the mountains where they could seek refuge. "I should scout ahead, and make sure we do not run into any ambushes." Ryuu walked towards the one named Asuka, who was just standing there feeling guilty. He looked above her, the collar of his Haori covering his mouth and only his steel colored eyes were visible. "We need to get moving." He turned around and continued onward to the Mountains.
  24. ((haha thanks Archon. I admire your enthusiasm ^-^)) Kalick and Chiron explained who the Asari was, and how she was brought here. How Tom and Frank found her, paged Chiron and took her to the medical bay. "Chiron respond to Tom's page first, know more than I, can only give you the technicals Captain, but she is, as of now, disarmed, and shall remain so until you say. Have to admit Captain, she's a bit - as the humans say - 'gung-ho', very unpredictable, but can trust her for the most part." "Unpredictable? Thats a comforting thought..." Tuhrop added. He walked towards the Asari, and noticed rapid eye movement underneath her lids. "Besides, need more women aboard, too much male friction - including Selia, too - not good for morale, soft touch nice addition. Take my 'professional' advice." Tuhrop chuckled at Kallicks comment. "Are you implying my ship needs a "womans touch", Kallick?" he smirked. "And techincally, she isnt a woman. But I'll talk about possible recruitment with her when she awakens. She does owe us for this, after all." ((umm... ok practicality taking place )) Quirinius' hand fell off the bed, and looked limp. Tuhrop picked it up from the air, and placed it back onto the bed. He reached for a Heart-Rate Wrist Monitor and strapped it to her wrist. "If she took a something that halted her bodily functions, then best to keep an eye on her for now." He stood up and stared at his crew. "I will be holding a conference in the next half hour, in light of recent events."
  25. haha yeah I saw it :) havent seen family guy for ages...

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