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  1. I might ;) I'll have to check it out first

  2. We are in the training arc. A few weeks have passed, and it currently night time ^-^

  3. A few weeks have passed ^-^

  4. yeh that sounds good. I'll give u a signal on when a few days have finished, so Kaneda can atleast have a chance against her

  5. Its up to you really :p Either one works for me

  6. hmm.... I was sort of thinking a few weeks after your character has recovered (i'll inform when a few weeks is done)

  7. Suppose you could do that. But I recommend you go through with that on the next arc, which we are just about to enter.

  8. eh its fine. I'll be throwing a bday party sometime during the September Holidays, so its all good ^_^

  9. lol thats ok. I havent had my actualy party yet, meaning I havent blown out the candels. So TECHNICALLY, I'm not 19 yet :p

  10. Yeh, i'll start posting asap. We should probably ask the other players if they're still competing

  11. That's ok, take all the time you need :]

  12. Hey Skywalker. How have you been feeling lately? We've all noticed you seem abit down nowadays...

  13. Its actually Winter down here :p but yeh, thanks

  14. Not too bad. Just recovering from a holdiay with my dad :(

  15. Nice to see you too. I hope things have worked out since?

  16. Please, go right ahead. I cant really be bothered looking after him right now lol

  17. Probably, but its probably best to send them messages: asking if they're still in

  18. Skywalker will post soon... She just got some issues to sort out first - she emailed me. I'm not sure about the others though. Might have to start checking on them

  19. Its very evil >: D

  20. Its very evil >: D

  21. Just got back :) I've got a stiff back from Go-Karting though... Atleast I managed to beat these 3 other guys I was racing against

  22. yeh, I am deeply sorry abou this: i should told you. I've gone on Holiday, and very rarely am I on the computer. I'll try and post ASAP

  23. Yeh, Dai's looking great. I was just about to post in the Shinobi RP when I spotted your message lol.


    Anyway, yeh I dont mind you borrowing a few themes from my character. I sort of stole his concept from FF7 Vincent Valentine.


    I have noticed there are alot of emo characters on the Magical Strike Force RP however lol

  24. lol first we better deal with Specter, before he can visit the nurse. I posted :)

  25. Hey, sorry for not replying. Anyway, I was gonna have Kaneda check out if Karela was doing fine at the hospital, only to find out she wasnt there. I dont think he would know where they would take Karela, unless the nurse told him.

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