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  1. "I thought that he was going to be on our squad." There was a sudden tap on Karela's shoulder. Kaneda watched amusingly. "Sorry, I didnt want to spoil the suprise." A very tall and muscular figure stood behind Karela. His hair was tied back into a pony tail and thick moustache covering his upper lip. As soon as Karela turned around, the muscular man wrapped his crushing-oversized arms around Karela. "It has been a far too long time, Karela-chan." "I did warn you before." Kaneda pointed out. "He could crush an entire mountain with those arms of his." he laughed. Kaneda took note of Karela's reaction, and frowned at his old sensei. "Umm... could you please let go of her, Tategami-sensai? You might kill her, or something."
  2. "Should I go up? If so, how do I gain entry?" the Salarian asked subtly. Hawking looked above at the catwalks. "There is a maintenance elevator near-by." Hawking replied. "It should take you up to the catwalks, but this could be used to our advantage: assuming there is a sniper." "Alright, lets keep moving." Tuhrop insisted. But he was suddenly interupted. "Wait..." Hawking eyed the hall, where there was a room up ahead before their target destination. "There is a room up ahead that we have to cross." he whispered. "It has ventiliation shafts that will emit a sleeping gas." Tuhrop looked up ahead. "I understand." The Turian looked at Tom and Kalick. "Take the elevator. We'll create a diversion." Tom nodded.
  3. Kaneda walked with his sensei towards the village gates. Kaneda was constantly yawning, Ryuu looked down at his pupil. "If you went to bed early, you wouldnt be in this state." Kaneda replied with another, yet particulary louder yawn. Kaneda held his jaw painfully. "Ahrr, no. Extended Jaw too far..." he waited for the pain to fade away. "Dont you just hate it when that happens?" The two arrived at the village gates, Karela and Akagi were already waiting for them. Ryuu was the first to speak. "Sorry we're late. It was hard enough gettiing this one out of bed without his parents waking him prior." Kaneda gave another yawn. "I see not everyone has turned up yet..."
  4. Hey Chev :) I posted in the shinobi rp. Sorry, I thought the conversation was finished automatically lol

  5. "Of course Hokage." Karela said quietly. "I have seen his recent behavior towards others recently and I am concerned. He's really acting...odd." "Then you will understand that it is for his own good." the Hokage added. "Perhaps even the village as well. Of course, it may be nothing at all." One of the Hokage's assistants entered the door, holding a stack of documents. "I apoligise, Hokaga-sama. But we have some forms we need you to sign immediatly." The Hokage sighed. "And here I thought I was ridded of it for the day." "Well, if you got them over and done with in the first place, you'd have more time enjoying your luxuries." The assistant sternly pointed out. The Hokage resigned. "Very well, put them on my desk and I'll sort them out. Pardon me, Karela. I've got work to do."
  6. "Try not to fall behind then old man," "Dont get distracted and wonder off." Hawking retorted. He proceeded along the hall. Tuhrop walked next to him. "I take it you are not cerberus?" Tuhrop cleared off. Hawking sniffed with amusement. "Hardly." He replied in his raspy voice. "Undercover Systems Alliance agent. I was a sent a few months back to investigate this particular facility. We were receiving rather... vague updates on their progress." While talking, Hawking shot an approaching mech from a distance. "We knew about the experimentation with bioenergy, but they left out quite a few significant details. Nothing to do with Cerberus, but they have placed a Sleeper Agent within the facility to keep an eye on their controversial progess." A guard seemingly came from out of nowhere and aimed a rifle in Hawking's face. But Hawking grabbed the gun, smacked it in the guards face and knocked him down. "Only a portion of the security team are loyal to me. The rest have been... corrupted. So to speak."
  7. "Rogue, give us your current location, then proceed to hold position - stay undetected, and protect the body. Confirmed?" "We still need to grab Tom." Tuhrop reminded everyone. He fired a bullet in the head a mech. "Proceed onward." The squad continued through the hall, firing at mechs and any guards that came in the way. Along the way, Kallics words echoed within Tuhrop's head. It could have been Cerberus behind this mess, but would they really be this sloppy? They finally reached the Interogation Chambers. Tuhrop leaned against the wall, gun his hand. He eyed the door, then back at the crew. Giving them a look that said "Cover Me!". Tuhrop reached for the button, to open the door. As it slid open, something immediatly flung out. It was a fallen guard, than had leftover eezo disintigrating off of him. A glowing figure walked from dark chambers; a young man with glowing tech armor, and an aura of biotic energy. Tom approached the guard angrily, showing no mercy. He delivered a powerful biotic shockwave, which sent the guard over the railing to the levels below. Tom looked over the railing. "Have a nice trip..." Tuhrop froze, looking confused. "Ulrich?... How did you esca--" The Turian was cut off when he saw another figure step out of the doorway. It was Hawking, the head of security. "I am truelly astonished that a child his age could master biotics so skillfully." Hawking added. Tom glared back at Hawking. "I aint a kid anymore." Hawking glanced at the Turian captain, his showing a straight-to-business face. "There is no time to waste; this facility has gone rogue, and we need to save your friend before time runs short."
  8. "Bioenergy wall means sentient beings are turned into living batteries. I was the last, before the asari. Wanted to release me, but proved impossible. I regret that she is gone. Was my hero." Tuhrop was disturbed by the Salarians explanation; the thought that Quiri was strapped to one of those things just proved how demented Cerberus had become. Was the shady organisation the one really incharge of the facility? Or was this all kept top secret, even the security and staff members didnt know about it. Wasnt important. What was important was rescuing his crewmembers from certain danger. Not only that, as soon as the power came back on the squad was surrounded by armed forces. Zack knocked down a few guards with his biotics. "TAKE THEIR WEAPONS!" Tuhrop barked. Tuhrop dodged some fire and managed to grab a fallen guards M-3 Predator. Basic weaponry, but atleast they could stand their ground. "Salarian:Kallic come in. I have located Asari:Quirinius, and I regret she is deceased. Do you wish to "bury" her?" Tuhrop overheard. Or hoping the mixure of gun fire and biotics muffled some of the words. "Dead?" Tuhrop grunted. "I'll believe that when I see it. Tell Rogue to stand-by and give us his current location."
  9. The Hokage had reviewed the list once more, to ensure of no time colision with other priorities. All of a sudden he felt a tap to the shoulder. The shock scared the heck out of him as he yelped. "So hokage...I see that you made up a list for the mission. Any idea as to when we're going to be heading back to Akagi's village?" "Next time, please use the door." Naruto said sternly. "The preparations have been complete. Tategami has returned, but its mandatory for every shinobi to take long break inbetween missions. So two days from now, you'll be sent back to Akagi's village." Naruto gave Karela one of those "I trust you" looks. "Between you, myself and another; Takeda's progress will be monitored and assessed. I trust you to not inform him about this?"
  10. ((Hey Tysyacha, just re-reading over your post. I assume the "twitching mandibles" belong to.... Tuhrop? :/ )) The group ventured along the dark corridors, relying on their Omni-Tool Flash Lights. Every now and then did a security mech approach the group, enchanting "Hostiles Detected." Possibly reprogrammed.. maybe not. But Zack seemed to have no trouble dealing with them. Tuhrop twitched his mandibles, as he saw a dark figure snooping around the hall. His flashlight revealed a half naked Salarian standing with cold feet. There seemed to be some puncture markings around his limbs. "...Hello?" Tuhrop added. He wondered if he was a prisoner of the facility. "What are you doing out here?"
  11. Naruto smiled, as he looked at the list of team members assigned. Organising Ninjas to various missions and organising scheduals was a complicated business; he was glad to be finally rid of the task. For the week, at least. He stared at the names on the list. JONIN Daisuke TATEGAMI Takeda KUEI CHUNIN Dren HYUGA Karela [insert surname] ((Your character doesnt seem to have a surname, Chev haha)) Asuka KYO IMPORTED Kaneda YAMAGATO Ryuu ISHIKAWA Akagi SHURIJIMA The classic eight-man squad, in Naruto's thoughts. Reminded him of the good old days when he was a genin. Then fast forwarding to the present, a year ago - when most of these named individuals were knuckle-headed allies. A year has passed, things will no doubtly be different.
  12. Lyna explained how she asked Vedo to use his information brokers to gather intel on Darth Sethos and his current wherabouts. Cade blew a heavy sigh. "Well, like I said; be cautious. Vedo will want something in return. Nothing is free in this galaxy." The intercom confirmed and granted them permission to land in docking pbay 44. "Don't worry, Cade. I'm sure Vedo will be glad to finally meet us." Cade scratched his head, and crossed his arms. "Yeah..." he said doubtfully. "I'm sure he will." The ship finally landed. Cade unbuckled himself from the chair and went back to his quarters to gather his things.
  13. "Ideas, sir? Or are we, as the human saying goes, 'flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants'?" Tuhrop activated his omni-tool and switched the Torch Mode on, which illuminated the darkness. "We'll have to be quick, and cautious." Tuhrop added. "We dont have any weapons, so our Biotic Specialists will have to surround the party... which only leaves Zack, because one is in captivity and the other has skuddled someplace else." Tuhrop approached Zack. "Are you up for the task, Zack? Once we get Tom, you wont need to be under too much preasure. Hopefully they'll have sometype of armory next to the interrogation chambers aswell." Tuhrop walked into the darkness of the very dim hallway.
  14. "That's very true. One time, I met Queen Jools, the Hutt you guys use to see at her cantina. At first, she didn't believe that I was the clone of Lyna. But after I told her my story and took off my goggles, she was totally surprised." "Thats nice." Cade added. Its been a long time since he caught up with Jool. The ship entered the atmosphere and flew towards the dock of the city, searching for an available landing pad. "Nal Hutta Docking Bay Control, this is the Justice on approach and requesting permission to land?" Cade spoke into the comm unit. "...Well?" Cade pressed on to Lyna, while waiting for a responce from control. "Why are we looking for a Hutt named Vedo in a place like Nal Hutta?"
  15. "You say that like its a bad thing Kaneda. And I'm sure your family really missed you while you were gone." "You know me; I hate suprises." Kaneda added simply. "But, yeah I still missed them." "I'm going to go and talk to the Hokage before I head home. I plan on finding out whats going on now that the samurai are here in the village." Kaneda nodded. He stood up and gave Karela a hug goodbye. "I'll see you later then. Oh yeah, before I forget: I received word that Tategami-sensei has just came back from his mission. He'll give you an even BIGGER hug than mine... and thats not necassarily in a good way." He turned and walked back to his home, where his parents were waiting for his arrival.
  16. Tom slowly regained all his senses together, after the tranquilizer weared off abit. He raised his head in time to see the Cerberus bitch walk out the door, not before giving her collegues a set of instructions before she left. One of the interrogators approached Tom. "Sorry we have to do this to you, but I'm afraid its necesary." "Necasary for what?" Tom replied, sternly. "Secrecy must be kept. We cannot allow the Systems Alliance to learn of Project Genesis. This must also be kept silenced to the general public, and the only way we can ensure that is to eliminate witnesses. Starting with you, the one who found the data in the first place." Tom clenched his fists. He couldnt use his biotics. Smart move by Cerberus - they must have temporarily disabled his amp. But all of a sudden, the lights to the room went out. The emergency red light illuminated the room dimly. The interrogator spoke to the two way mirror. "Status Report of the Facility!" he barked. "Uh, it appears to be a power failure. Emergency Systems should be online within a few minutes." ___________________________________________________________________ Tuhrop heard the conversation between Kallic and Rogue. Most troubling - he had his suspicions on Hawking, but he was a little suprised it was Neesa, the "personal assistant". They were probably going to take them out one at a time, starting with Tom. Tom could be in serious danger. "We have to go rescue Tom. Hopefully they need him alive in order to--" He could hear Quirinius' voice. "Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out...Abort the mission. Now." He turned around. Nobody was there. "If you can, find Subject Ten. He'll tell you what happened. ...I'm sorry..." "Subject Ten?" Tuhrop echoed. He hit his head, seeing if he could snap out of it. All of a sudden, the lights to the room went out. "Well, that makes things easy for us." Tuhrop walked over to the door, and opened it. The power failure must have deactivated all security locks. "Lets look for Tom. Keep an eye out for Quiri as well." And this Subject 10, if I'm not going crazy.
  17. Tuhrop handed the data chip relay to Kallic to insert in his omni tool. "Contact Rogue and see what he is up to." Tuhrop requested. "Now Quiri, I have a job-for----" Tuhrop turned around to see the Asari was no where to be seen. "Where the hell did she..." he glanced at Zack. "You didnt scare her off with those creepy infactuations of yours, did you?" he crossed his arms. Tuhrop looked up at the ceiling, to see that the ventilation shaft above. Could Quiri really have gone up through the vents that quickly within a few seconds? "Where the hell is she? What the hell could she be doing?" ------------------------------------------------------------------ First all he saw was pitch black. Then his vision adjusted to only a blurriness, he couldnt make out where he was. Tom immediatly gathered he was sitting on a chair, but the rest of his body of numb. "The sedative is wearing off already?!" a voice said. Tom couldnt tell if it was male or female. "The effects are designed to be temporal, so it can be out of his system before we can apply the serum." That voice he definatly recognised, as his hearing properly adjusted. In the end, he had to ask himself; why was he not suprised? Tom tried to remember back. The last thing he remembered was a sting at the back of his neck, just as they were escorting him down the corridor. Then he lost consciousness immediatly afterward. "Do... your worst..." Was all he could mumble. "You'll... only be... wasting... time..."
  18. "Some people have a hard time accepting that." Karela said in agreement. "But sometimes I wonder....what would have happened if we had all stayed together in the hidden leaf?" Kaneda couldn't help but feel the same; if simply staying in Konoha would make any difference at all. "If we had not gone our seperate ways, where do you think the Samurai would be had you not stayed with them?" Kaneda added. "Had you and Ryuu sensai not be there, their numbers would have trully shrunk." "Its part of a growing experience, as well." Ryuu added to the conversation. "Of course you and Kaneda had to depart ways. It gives you a chance to for new challenges and experiences. Dont blame yourself for what others may think. In the end, its what you do that really matters." "For example; I left the Samurai, because I felt I was not one of them. So I decided to try out something new. And here I am today, eating Ramen with my student and his friends." Kaneda finished the last of his Ramen bowl. "I have to go see my family... and prepare for what awaits me." Kaneda said dreadfully. "Most likely the loud bangs of party poppers, streamers and raining confetti all over me."
  19. Quite charitable for Kaminoans, Cade thought. Not only had they given Lyna a second chance in life, but also provided a ship. This Tapps guy must have invested a great interest in Lyna. Nal Hatta came into cockpit view. "So we're after a Hutt named... Vedo was it?" Cade recalled. "What exactly are we extracting from him? Keeping in mind that entirely depends on what sort of reputation he holds as a Hutt. They are understandably one of the most paranoid species in the galaxy."
  20. Neesa left with Tom, leaving the rest of the crew in the quarters. He noticed Kallics omni-tool was switched off. "Dont worry. They told us to not bring weapons inside." Tuhrop crossed his arms. "They didnt say anything about Biotic Amps." If trouble were to occur, hopefully Tom's well known biotic shockwave would be enough to knock a few guards down. But Tuhrop wasn't one to take chances. He looked at the spot where Tom was standing, near a table. There was something on that table. Tuhrop approached it. I looked like some type of data chip. He picked it up and gave it to Kallick. "I think Tom left this for us." Tuhrop speculated. The data chip was a communications relay between Tom and Rogue. Obviously while Tom is being interrogated, things would get a little awkward if they found he was communicating with a Geth inside their own base. "Smart boy."
  21. "I think that hes angry. I've had a few discussions with him and I don't like what I've heard from him. I think hes mad that you and I left the village at the end of the Arashi crisis. This is just a theory mind you." Kaneda stared into his ramen bowl, suddenly losing his appetite. He instead played with the ramen noodles floating in the solution. It was because of some sudden guilt that he had abandoned his team mates. "I thought he would have been happy for us." Kaneda replied. "I mean, we all have our own lives to lead. He became a jonin, you went with the samurai, I pursued my own goals." Kaneda defended. "And anyway, what about Asuka?" Kaneda smirked. "Before I left, those guys couldnt keep their hands off each other. I'm sure he would have been a little preoccupied... or did something happen between them?"
  22. ((Yes, your still welcome Now can everybody please stop posting OOC's? Thats what the backstage is for))
  23. "I...It's really good to see you again Kaneda. I've been looking forward to seeing you for quite awhile." "I'll say..." Kaneda added. "Seems like the both of us had lead pretty busy lives. I'm glad we can see each other in person, rather than having to rely on letters for communication." There were alot of things on Kaneda's mind right now - things he didnt really want to discuss infront of Karela with Ryuu's presence. One thing running through his head was when he told Karela his feelings the previous year. The other thing was him coping with a part of Hokage Naruto's demon inside of him. He often wondered how Karela, a Jinchuuriki herself, coped with it all. "I'm glad to see you too Karela." he smiled. "So... what did I miss out on? I hear Takeda's gone abit... funny lately..."
  24. ((Well, I was assuming we all discuss the next step. Afterward, Rogue contacts Tom and we progress through the story. But if you want something to happen during then, lets bring it )) Tuhrop paces around the room. "Next time you have another bright idea Tom, make sure I'm the first to know about it." "But it wasnt my idea..." Tom scratched his head. "Rogue is just a machine, Tom!" Tuhrop replied sternly. "But then again, it might give us a little heads-up on which side is which. Whether Cerberus' presence is lurking here." A humming noise rang from the door. It opened up, and Neesa walked in. She smiled apoligetically. "Sorry to interupt. How are our accomodations?" "Do you need something?" Tuhrop went straight to the point. "We need to have a chat with one of your crew members. Specifically, the one whom first encountered the data on the Cerberus Vessel." Tuhrop glanced at Tom. "Your looking at him right now." Tom looked a little scepticle. "What sort of questions?" "Theres no need to worry." Neesa raised an assuring hand. "Just general questions we need in order to file a report to the Systems Alliance." Tom stared at Tuhrop. Tuhrop hesitantly nodded. ''Very well. Take your time with Tom."
  25. "I'll pass for now. I think I'll speak with Akagi and his men...besides I'm certain the two of you have much to catch up on," Kaneda nodded. "Alright. Well, its good to see you Takeda." he said. "I'll catch up with you later..." Ryuu decided to follow. "I might acompany." he added. "I hear Konoha has pretty decent ramen compared to other villages." So they made it to their favourite ramen bar in the village. Kaneda snapped the attached-chop sticks with a flick of his hand and began digging into the bowl infront of him. "I miss that taste. And aroma." he added. Ryuu stayed silent the whole time. Kaneda turned to Karela. "How have you been this past year? Sorry about not replying to those last few letters: you might understand what its like to be under preasure with examinations."
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