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  1. "Have they found anything of note so far?" Vasere stood up straight with his hands behind his back, a sign of respect. "My men salvaged what they could from the vessel. From what we gathered, it was a simple trading vessel that crashed here due to engine failure. No survivors..." "Also, have you performed any clinical trials so far?" The new lady was smart and calculating. Vasere thought it be useless trying to hide his secret project from her. Especially considering she took down the Sith Triumvirate. Vasere could sense the immense power within this woman. Even he wouldn't dare to challenge it... yet. "No survivors... save for one. An incredibly gifted tech specialist. I did everything that I could to save him." the doctor smirked. "He will be incredibly useful to me. He will be obedient. Would you like to meet him?"
  2. Archon, that's not a bad idea actually. Yes, you can have Grenades in your arsenal. And MsFicwriter, you already beat me to it :[ hahaha NAME: Mahla K'than AGE: 348 RACE: Asari PRE-SERVICE HISTORY: Eclipse Mercenary PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Fierce and Sceptical SPECIALIZATION: Vanguard FACIAL IDENTIFICATION: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120408230336/masseffect/images/1/1e/ME3_Falere.png WEAPONS TRAINING: Heavy Pistols, Shotguns, Submachine Guns CLASS POWERS: Warp Ammo, Charge, Shockwave, Biotic Pull, Biotic Slam BIOGRAPHY: A few decades before the Reaper War, Mahla was an Eclipse Mercenary. Protection, smuggling, transporting illicit goods and dealing red sand - she has seen and done it all. Nothing really comes as a shock to her, given her experiences of dealing with the worst scum of the galaxy. During the Reaper War, she was assigned with a team of Eclipse Mercs on a delicate mission to extract Eezo supplies from a Cerberus Base for Aria T'Loak. After being ambushed, and left behind by her team mates, she was rescued by the Trinity and her crew while they were conducting a survey mission on the Cerberus base. Feeling betrayed, she retired from the Eclipse and decided to join the Trinity to pay off her debt.
  3. "Come. Let's go and see this good 'Doctor'" "I believe that won't be necessary..." Doctor Vasere interrupted, just as the new Sith Lady and her minions were about to head towards the crashed vessel seen from the distance. "I am right here." He approached Velatrix and bowed before her. "Doctor Balian Vasere, at your service m'lady." he introduced. "Those men you see in the distance are my scouts, salvaging the remains of the ship."
  4. or we could just make the guys by the crashed ship scouts - working for the doctor by salvaging the ship. That would probably be easier.
  5. sweeeeeet! We'll wait for one or more to join, then I'll set up the RP thread
  6. by the way guys, I'll just point out that my character(s) were inside the Academy - not where the destroyed ship is. Vasere's lab was inside the academy where he was working on Blint. Then he came to join the others outside. ... I'm not sure how you want to go about this? Do you just want me to play along and disregard the fact his lab was inside the academy? Or should I edit my posts to try and fix the continuity error?
  7. Soon Blint's retinal display became operational, and his vision was no longer blurry. But his entire body was in severe pain. He soon realised where he was: He was laying on an operating table, inside of some laboratory - filled with all sorts of machines and display monitors. Across from him was a hologram of a human body - presumably a scan of Blint's body to indicate his vitals. The doctor before him was very wrinkled, his hair slickened back and had a long hook nose. He wore what appeared to be a science lab tunic. His eyes glowed with a radiant orange. "You are on Malachor V. We salvaged what was left of you from the ship you crash landed in. We saved your life - not an easy process... now you must pay the price for your revival. You must serve us." Blint tried to move his arm, but it was strapped down. He pulled harder, and the restraint seemed to snap off his brute strength. Blint stared angrily at the doctor. He wanted to snap him in half for what he did. He would rather have died. Blint snapped the other restraint off, and landed on the floor. The doctor raised his hand, and suddenly Blint felt some invisible force pushing him away. Blint tried to lunge at him again, but this time bolts of lightning errupted from the doctor's hand. Blint was in sudden shock, and fell on the floor. "We remade you. You will be obedient." the Doctor said coldly. Blint raised his head. "Why... have you done this to me." "I am a scientist." the doctor announced. "you are an experiment. You are the product of Sith Alchemy and Technology grafted into the one embodiment. A prototype if you will. One out of the hundreds of test subjects I had to have survived. That gives you purpose." The doctor knelt down in front of him. "You will serve me. I understand you were previously a soldier for the Republic - a tech specialist. I've read into your history. But the Republic has abandoned you. You are nothing to no one, but me. And you are nothing to me but a tool. You are a Machine!" "W-what... is your name?" Blint asked. The Doctor smiled. "Doctor Balian Vasere. Why do you ask?" "So I can kill you." Blint promised. Vasere laughed. "I look forward... to seeing you try." Doctor Vasere put him unconscious. He rose, admiring his marvellous creation. He will be useful as a tech specialist for the Sith. Especially with all the cybernetic enhancements Vasere designed specifically for him. And he will obey, whether he wants to or not. Vasere was too concentrated on his work that he didn't pay much focus on the outside world. Though he was a trained force user, his real gift was with science and sith alchemy - which explains why his senses weren't well tuned compared to most Sith Knights that lay within the Academy. He exited his Laboratory, down the halls and outside the Academy. He watched as many Sith Students and Assassins bowed before their new master - the new lady of the Sith. It would seem that Darth Traya and her apprentice Sion had been overthrown.
  8. So the thread has started. Anyone gonna post?
  9. That's great, Archon You make an excellent Salarian Role-Player
  10. By the end of 2186, the Reaper War was ended with the activation of the crucible. Commander Shepard chose to control the Reapers, to rebuild the galaxy after the devastating war. The energy fired by the Crucible caused damage to the Mass Relays galactic wide. Affected by the energy, a reconaissance team on board a light vessel The Trinity crash lands into a near-by planet: a lush world of Rogue's, Pirates and Warlords. You will play as a crew member of the The Trinity; a vessel used for reconnaissance during the war, that has crash landed into a seemingly unknown world beyond the Terminus Systems. You must survive the dangers of this lush jungle environment, fight off the feral locals and pirate gangs and uncover the planet's secrets if you ever hope to escape in one piece. General RP rules apply. This will be a structured RP, split into three parts. Has to be an original character, but you can play as any race within the Mass Effect universe. That's why you may have noticed from the RP prologue, in this universe Commander Shepard chose the "Control" ending so I can give you the freedom of choosing to play as either synthetics or organics. Welcome to the Citadel Security Database! Classified information requested... Establishing secure connection. Secure Connection CONFIRMED. Please LOG IN to access your profile.... Warning: DATA Corruption Detected. Please Reconstruct Profile. NAME: Captain Qui'in Tuhrop AGE: 57 RACE: Turian PRE-SERVICE HISTORY: Spacer PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Sole Survivor SPECIALIZATION: Infiltrator FACIAL IDENTIFICATION: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/103/3/b/turian_guy_by_dandzialf-d3dx984.jpg WEAPONS TRAINING: Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles and Heavy Pistols. Omni-Blade Training Included. CLASS POWERS: Disruptor Ammo, Tactical Cloak, Incinerate, AI Hacking. BIOGRAPHY: Captain Qui'in Tuhrop is the commanding officer of the multilateral recon team of The Trinity. Before the Reaper War, Tuhrop was in command of a special forces unit of the Turian Military. After being ambushed by Batarian Mercenaries during a mission, and being the only one left alive, he felt he was no longer fit for the Turian Special Forces and de-promoted himself to simple reconnaissance missions out of survivors guilt. Now left stranded with his team on an unknown world, his leadership skills are now put to the test and swore to escape the planet with his crew alive. PROFILE RECONSTRUCTION COMPLETE.
  11. Blint slowly opened his eyes. Everything was a blur to him. He was breathing heavily when he woke up. "Scanning... Scanning... Medical Scan Complete. Cybernetic Enhancements are online." The last thing Blint remembered was his ship, as it came plummeting down into Malachor V. He couldn't remember much else after that, everything went dark. "It seems the subject is waking up..." came a voice. A blurry figure walked towards him. "Ah... but your retinal display has not completely adjusted it seems... it will in time." It was hard for Blint to breath. "Where... where am I?" "It does not matter. We have uses for you." The blurry figure was pacing around the room, as if examining what Blint thought to be monitors on top of desks. "You took quite a lot of damage it seems from the crash. Broken Spinal Cord, Frontal Lobe Damage, Legs crushed beyond repair... Its a medical wonder why you are even still alive." Blint couldn't move his arms and legs. Then he realised he was strapped to some sort of operating table. "Save for your arm, which seems to have been already replaced before the crash, we have outfitted you with state of the art prosthetics. It took some time, but we managed to completely replace your spinal cord with a mechanical one. Your legs had to be amputated and replaced with mechanical ones. We outfitted you with prosthetic eyes, connected to a neural implant to treat the frontal lobe damage. We even upgraded your arm... a little personal touch. In short, we saved your life." "But... why?" was all Blint managed to breath out. The doctor walked towards him, and menacingly grabbed his jaw. "We have uses for you." he replied.
  12. hate to break your balls, but petitions don't really work... at least in terms of pressuring studios to produce video games. In addition to that, you would need thousands (if not millions) of signatures to make an effective petition. A goal of less than 100 is simply not enough.
  13. Hey Archon. Good to be back :) It is a shame that the ME rp couldnt get finished, but I think that was due to lack of response from the other players. I would have loved to continue it otherwise. But in that note, I'm thinking about starting a new Mass Effect RP pretty soon :)

  14. I've been looking to get back into the RPs NAME: Blint Grayson, The Machine APPEARANCE: http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/2/2d/Soldier_Reborn.jpg AGE: 38 WEAPONS: Cybernetic Enhancements (legs, spinal cord, neural enhancements, eyes and arm), most prominently his prosthetic arm carries a hidden wrist blade and twin blasters. SPECIALIZATION: Scout and Tech Specialist. SPECIAL STRENGTHS: Hacking and Cyber Warfare, Cybernetic Enhancements that have heightened his speed, senses and strength. WEAKNESSES: Though incredibly strong willed against Force Influence, even Blint cannot withstand a fully trained force user. Even with his cybernetic enhancements, he is very susceptible to Force Lightning - as it can interfere with his hardware. His psych profile also suggests him struggling with his humanity after his surgery. ROMANCE: Before he crash landed on Malachor V, and patched up with his cybernetic enhancements, Blint was a tech specialist and a proud family man on Telos. But after losing his family during the destruction of Telos, Blint keeps his emotional distance and is very hesitant with forming close companionship with anyone. BEAST COMPANION: His astromech droid, D3-R4; salvaged after his crash land.
  15. This is absolutely fantastic. You should be very proud to undertake a massive project despite your physical limitations. Your hard work will pay off
  16. I will fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!
  17. I feel this is appropriate... (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  18. A very happy and belated birthday to you sir. Please accept the gift below... a puntastic image made only for you, Chainz
  19. I have succumbed to the temptation of Steam Sales, and bought the first Crysis game (in my opinion the best of the series). I suppose I am asking more for technical support than discussion (not unless you want to discuss your favourite Crysis game and talk about why it is the best of the series), as I seem to be experiencing some game play problems. I cannot throw grenades I keep pressing the "G" button, but nothing happens other than I cannot switch out my guns - and the only way to reverse this is my pressing "H". I don't seem to remember having this problem the last time I played (which was years ago, mind you). Can somebody please help me?
  20. The ability to turn invisible... you know, so I can sneak into women's locker rooms.
  21. I back :) Most of you have either forgotten me, or perhaps genuinely wondered what in the hell happened to me... truth is, I do not have an explanation. Other then a few life hurdles being thrown at me, uni and new job. I could list them all, but knowing most of you geeks and nerds you'll probably just skim read them. I came back because I began to miss the RP's I participated in. It wont be the first thing I'll do, but I'd like to take the time to explore the lucasforums I was once a proud member of and how much it has changed. I'm assuming those scummy guys from the Monkey Island forums have not changed abit :p

    Good to be back. I'll keep you guys posted.

  22. Cade walked off the ramp with Lyna. With his armor and heavy rifle mounted to his back, he looked more like a body guard or a following merc than anything else. He breathed the polluted air of Nal Hutta. "Ah... good times." he remembered. "One of my first assignments was on Nal Hutta when I became a bounty hunter with Blue and Syn. It has not changed at all." The city in the distance from the space port was quite a marvel to see. "We should probably take a cab."
  23. Tom thought back to some previous experiences where he had a gun pointed to his face. "I'm more used to pistols and shotguns. I'm more used to avoiding snipers... like that time we were collecting a bounty on that Turian Merc back on Aey'ra. Man that was brutal..." Tom smacked a clip into his pistol. "I think the captain wanted me to accompany you for my biotics. I suppose its an effective way to learn from experience." The elevator stopped at the above maintenance level, where the two comrades stepped onto the metal catwalk. Tom hid behind one of the support pillars. _____________________________________________________ Tuhrop and the rest of his squad continued towards the hazardous room. "And just what did you have in mind for a distraction?" Hawking whispered. Tuhrop unholstered his gun and pointed it at the catwalk above. He fired his pistol rapidly at random spots. It was too dark up there to make out any form of snipers. Hawking breathed a sigh. "Well, I suppose that should grab the snipers attention from triggering the vents."
  24. Tategami restrained himself and let go of Karela. He beamed, and ruffled her hair. "I sincerely apoligise." he added. "I tend to get a little too embracing when I have not seen a dear friend for to me seems a lifetime." Kaneda sighed. "His vocabulary skills havent lightened up I see..." he mumbled. He stared at Tategami and smiled. "Its good to see you, sensei." "It is good to see you once more Tategami sen...Tategami." a familiar voice spoke, coming from the masked man he had worked with before. One of his pupils, Takeda. Tategami was amazed at his transformation from chunin to Jonin. "I think its best we go now that everyone's here. I've gone ahead and planned a route for the group, as well as labeled resting points... Tategami examined the map. He pointed to some of locations labbeled on the route. "Well labbeled, Takeda-kun. But there is a slight problem with the selected route." Tategami pointed a finger along a road to the north east. "In this time of the year, the Devil Hornets swarm this area to gather resources to prepare for winter. We're going to have to take this alternate pathway that avoids the swarm." He followed his finger along the first resting point. "This area I would highly recomend we avoid.... unless some of you can withstand migrated Manchurian Wild Boars during their mating season." Tategami crossed his arms. "The rest of the route is satisfactory. Just as long as we avoid those areas for no complications."
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