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  1. sure, no problem. I'm quite happy to help with developing the plot for the RP :)

  2. yeah, its still up for grabs :) I havent really thought much on the plot though, but I might be able to suggest a few outlines. The rest might have to be up to you and your imagination

  3. Actually, I think thats a good idea. I was kind of borrowing/appropriating the idea from Mass Effect 2; Garrus becomes the local vigilante of Omega and forms his own league. Which is essentially what happened to Cade.

  4. possibly. I didnt exactly plan on it, because I had other RP ideas. If you like, I can pass the torch, and let you make another one. Maybe my character will resurface :)

  5. I am, actually. I'm currently considering his dramatic entrance... I was thinking he becomes a form of local vigilante, and the team confronts him to which he reveals his identity :/

  6. Yeah sorry about that. I know I seem to be making up excuses, but I'm just going through a very tough time with me and my girlfriend. She's been kicked out of her home by her abusive parents, and she's been staying with me for now :( I'll make a post today and get things going. I wasnt intending on abandoning the RP, not while we are so close to finishing it :)

  7. :D Thanks dude. Its different now that I'm leaving my Teens ^-^
  8. thats ok dude. Take it at your own pace :)

  9. Well, I wikipedia'd the name. So far, all I could understand is that he is some type of critic/poet haha why, what did you have in mind?

  10. lol I thought you already have one. Well, the thing about facebook is when someone is adding you as a friend, you have the choice to accept it or not. Plus, they have upgraded the privacy options aswell. Again, I'm not forcing you to get a facebook. I just find it abit unusual that a person such as yourself doesnt have one lol. Then again, I dont have a myspace account nor a MyYearbook account either :/

  11. haha thats fair enough. Tho to be fair, I add alot of people from my old school who I dont even know. Those I dont want connections with, I simply delete from my friend list :D

  12. mmm, I've got a facebook. Want it?

  13. Yeah, kind of. Its basically a rip-off of facebook/myspace. The reason I ask is because I keep getting these notifications by myYearbook.com, asking me if I want to add this people to my friend list, play online quizes, etc... Whenever I click on a link from each of the emails, it takes me to this girls account and grants me full access. I just thought it may have been you, simply because of a whim. I'm trying to contact one of the admins to stop this nonsense from happening... But anyway, nevermind that :p

  14. Yeah, I'm really upset at the person talking to me on my computer :p haha. nah, its fine. I know how you feel, because I'm always getting bombarded with work. I'm waiting for a reply by Cyborg Ninja.


    ...Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I know this may sound like a strange question, but I'm just acting on a whim here because something strange has happened with my email address :/

    Do you own a MyYearbook account, by any chance?

  15. Also, I want to discuss about what will happen between the fight with Gatoa and the others. I was thinking about the Arashi's main objective, and to create a rather disturbing twist to it. Like in Mass Effect 2, how Reapers use organics to reproduce. I was hoping to do something similar with that, involving those prisoners drained of their chakra and left in a zombie-like state. Maybe use their drained chakra to ressurect this incarnation of the ten-tailed beast? Do you have any other ideas or suggestions regarding this?

  16. Yeah, I know... I was going to wait until she posts, but it looks like she's procrastinating abit haha. I think you'll just have to edit your post, and move on ahead with or without her. :/


    btw, I've been meaning to discuss two things about the RP. First off, I assume you are pulling through with the idea of killing Karela near the end of the RP? I thought it be a good idea if Kaneda developed feelings for Karela, so at the end of the RP it creates a tragic ending for him in a sense. People are sick of happy endings!!! lol. What do you think?

  17. It does sound interesting, mind you. But I may give this one a miss :( Its just that I'm already in 4 RPs at the moment, plus I have a load of Uni work that needs to be done. Sorry :(

  18. lol yeah thats fine. I keep telling myself the same thing, what with work and uni going on at the same time :p

  19. lol yeah, so I've heard. But the series has to end sometime, doesnt it? :p besides, that doesnt necasarily mean its the end of Legacy. It could be the begining of something else for that matter.

  20. Very interested. Give me time to make a character sheet :)

  21. lol woah, i cant believe I missed that :o :O :o DARK SORCERY! DARK SOCERY IT IS!!! :explode:

  22. ...award? woah, I need to get out more. Whats this about? 0.o

  23. hahahaha yeah dude, I noticed that myself. Its almost like we're connected to an attuned nerve system :p

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