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  1. Sure. You've got two more character slots, so go for it

  2. I suppose I could, given there is no harm :) The next story arc will involve finding a man who once escaped from the Arashi's Hidden Lair. The Team must find him, so they can locate the Arashi's secret hideout.

  3. wats the name of the website, just out of curiosity?

  4. Yeah sure! I'd be honored :) dont forget to cred me :p

  5. Thanks. Sorry I couldnt reply earlier.

  6. I wouldnt say that. I'm just waiting for Ninja to reply. I might post later on.

  7. lol alrite. I'll see if I can post now, cus I'll be going soon. Otherwise, I'll post later tonight.

  8. M'koy :) I thought you said Asuka was gonna stop her, or has Skywalker forgot about that?

  9. Yeah, thats thats fine. Thanks for notifying me :)

  10. Yeh, I'll take a look at Cyborg in a moment. Lol, I binded him with Shadow Endgame, so that oughta constrict him. I also want to skip ahead to a small battle with the Ogawa and focus on the plot.

  11. I live in Australia :p I'm just taking a holiday in QLD, thats all. But yes, its fine! :)

  12. I'm sorry that I havent been posting that often in Shinobi recently. My dad keeps me busy, but I think he's giving me a break. I try and post more often in the future,

  13. Hey man. Skywalker and I are just wondering whether you are still playing in her Werewolf RP. We need the good ol' villain, if you know what we're saying ;) So you still playing?

  14. Its one of the states in Australia =D

  15. Hey :) Whats going on with deh Werewolf RP? Because the admiral hasent posted for a long time. Should I message him?

  16. Yeah, I know. I'm sorry about that, my dad has been keeping me busy away from the computer. Just so you know, I'm going on holiday to Queensland to see my brother. I'll try and post then, but we'll see.

  17. lol nah its fine. And sorry for my delated answer: caught up with school work, is all..


    Anyway, i've still gotta figure out the second story arc, but I'm liking your idea but I'll think about it. I've figured out whats gonna happen during the last story arc though. =D

  18. Hey, Ninja. Yeah, thats ok. My computer is being gay aswell: I keep getting the blue screen of death :(


    Here's whats happened in Shinobi so far:

    - The group gathers around and leaves Konoha for the mission. They head for the Land of the Waterfalls.

    - As they near the edge of its border, they decide to rest for the night. The team are suddenly attacked by clay dogs with explosive tags attached to them. The group then catches a glimpse of a dragon-form of white chakra, which attacks Karela.

    -At this point, we discover Karela is a Jinchuuriki (a person with a tailed beast sealed inside of them), and we contemplate what the White Chakra could be.

    - The next morning, everybody wakes up, and begins to doubt the mission they have been assigned to. They begin contemplating whether the client (the Arashi) is to something more then protecting the rare vegetation within the temple, and begin wondering whether the White Chakra has something to do with their intentions.

  19. Sorry, i'm abit busy with school :( anyhow, i think Shinobi is doing good progress so far, regardless if Cyborg is still playing or not.

  20. Much more free time!


    With trees :)

  21. meh... he's obligated to go at his own pace. I sometimes cant login for a while, due to school related matters -_-

  22. I'm not sure... I assume he's alive. Itachi did entrust him to restore the Uchiha clan afterall, so he'll probably be mating with Sakura :$

  23. eh, hopefully its just a flesh wound. Nothing Saukra can't fix... or if anything else fails, sacrifice another Chiyo (crude, i know. But what else would it take? ;) )

  24. About freakin' time she confessed :p they better find a way to bring Hinata back to life, or I'll be so angry.

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