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  1. hey, how come I can only see your sig banner when I'm logged in? Also, I was thinking that the length of time that your name is visible is a bit short. What do you think, should I make it last a bit longer?

  2. Kyle's mech hand pic in the RoR Social Group :)

  3. oh yeah, I forgot that you'd be right in the middle of that. Yikes, that'd be 46 Celsius. We got lucky on our vacation, we missed all that "heat dome" and only had one really hot day (about 95 F).


    I hope you can find a cool place to be all day :sweat:

  4. I e-mailed the screenies to you yesterday. Did you get them ok? I'm not sure if I should send large attachments to your yahoo account (do you use that for your iphone?) or just to the hotmail account.

  5. The screenies are taking longer than I thought. I'm posing some Party Members with lightsabers, and the glow is tough to deal with. Maybe I'll have enough done to send some tomorrow.

  6. I've captured some screen shots of those full body poses. Tonight I will erase the backgrounds and send you a Photoshop file with all of them (ready to use in the web pages)

  7. You have mail :)

  8. We're on our way back to Canada today. We should be home tomorrow.

  9. I started a chat on FB, but it's one sided atm :lol:

  10. Ok. I was just checking in here to see if you were on. I got sidetracked.

  11. Maybe not tonight, but Tuesday I can pay attention to Facebook for a chat. Pretty much after 5:30 Mountain time (when I'm on the bus home from work) should be ok for me.


    I'll also be going on vacation from July 2nd to the 17th, so I probably won't be available for modding. Depending on what happens with my cell roaming charges, I might not even have internet while travelling.


    Our plan is to head to Yellowstone National Park, and the Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho. Hopefully we'll be able to see fireworks for both Canada Day and July 4th :)

  12. Just a heads up, I brought up a few points in the Social Groups.


    Oh, how goes integrating Bastila?

  13. goodies sent to Deadly Stream :naughty:

  14. I've made some tweaks to the textures, so that her hair looks better (less pixellated and closer to her proper colour), and the robe colours are a bit more balanced. I've added the lines to the heads.2da and appearance.2da files, and I'll e-mail them right now. You'll have to edit the utc or module so that the new appearance shows up in-game instead of the younger face. Her new label is Unique_RR41_Bastila_by_VP because I wanted to make sure that VP gets credit for the model (with my textures).

  15. I started playing "Shadow Cities" on the iPhone. Have you heard of it? It's a neat MMORPG. The graphics are slick looking, but not really a lot of eye candy (There are only about 6 different 3D objects that inhabit the world). The cool thing about it though, is how well they integrate the GPS maps into the game. The easiest way to move about the game world, is to move around in the real world. You can also warp to beacons that other people have set up in their own home cities.


    If you check it out, I play as an Animator (the green team), and my screen name is Lazlo (I don't know why I picked that, something to do with GTA I guess).

  16. busy with yardwork. Over the last couple of weekends we've been ripping out the old lawn, and digging out ALL the dandelions by the roots. I don't want to use chemicals, so it means a ton of manual labour. This weekend, we put in some edge barrier, leveled the dirt, and finally seeded. I'll have to keep an eye on the yard this week, to make sure the seeds germinate, but it should be smooth sailing from here.


    How've you been?

  17. hey, did everything that I sent you make sense?

  18. I've done all the portraits, and checked them in-game. I've just about finished a playthrough, and I've got a few wrinkles that may need to be ironed out (they're not huge issues). I've already fixed a couple of them myself, so I'll have to send you a new appearance.2da


    I should finish my playthrough tonight :D

  19. I've got all the portraits for the humans & near humans, and I've started on the Twi'leks. So far, I've got all the screenies for 'em (84 screenies for 48 heads, because of the LS/DS head wraps). Once they're all done, I'll test 'em in-game.


    Next it's onto VarsityPuppet's Bastila models :D

  20. so you tested it by re-naming the model? And that's what worked?

  21. That would probably do for the demo, at least until you can figure out how to script the change to GBL_MAIN_SITH_LORD. You probably only need to replace Sion's model, because I don't think that there is anything in RoR that would cause the maim menu to switch to another model (is there?).

  22. I think so. In the thread about this, I just listed three mods that change the main menu model. I downloaded them, and at first glance it looks like they simply re-named them so that they overwrite a default mainmenu##.mdl (I forgot which number Nihilus' or Sion's is). I think that #01 should do the trick, maybe :giveup:

  23. I wonder if we could just re-name one of the witches to mainmenu01.mdl? At least for now.

  24. The game reads it from the GBL_MAIN_SITH_LORD global number variable and updates the swkotor2.ini file accordingly.


    I saw that in http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2371400&highlight=CurSithLord#post2371400

  25. I've sent e-mail for the menu models :)


    I've got screen shots for most PCs, but I've still got to get some for all the Twi'leks (48 of 'em).

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