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  1. hey j7, are you still kicking around? I was hoping to get your input on the latest skins for the Juhani mod. I've finally gotten around to finishing the cheetah and lioness underwear skins, and tweaking the faces. It's all in the thread.


    I hope you're doing well. TTYL

  2. Hey Q, so I've got all the Juhani skins and models done (finally! :fist: at myself). Are all the sabers done? Would we be able to release the mod soon?


    Is J7 still around?

  3. sure, you can use it. I probably wouldn't do things that way myself, now that we're able to compile heads. If I was remaking my playable alien mod, I'd try to re-model them, by separating an alien's head from the full body model. It's more work, but it'd be better results.


    My alien beta mod is pretty buggy.

  4. I'm trying to make a comeback :D

  5. Hey, about the RoR logo; the font for the white "Revenge of Revan" is Trajan Pro, which matches the original "The Sith Lords" box art. I've added that to my gallery page.

  6. Hey SH, re that PM: don't forget the pics here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2787215&postcount=1403


    They may not be vids, but they give you an idea of what's available :D

  7. Here's a visual aid:

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    The ones I can think of that are definitely not the original head mdl are:

    (numbers are based on this image, but might not correspond to the file names)

    brown 2, Kazerian 1, Kiffar 3, all 3 Miraluka, all 4 Rattataki.

    If there are any others that are changed, it's probably to make the uvw map match the texture better (like the hair of Asian 3 & Echani 2).

  8. I usually used unmodified heads, with only a few that had been changed. That's why I prefer the TSL heads.2da, because it has the extra column for alternate textures; that way, the name doesn't need to be embedded in the mdl, and the same mdl can be used for multiple tgas.


    Any list I could make would just be a copy of the heads.2da file.

  9. All the armour and robe models should be the same for everybody (the padawan model has altered uvw map, Master robe model has different front flaps). Not all of the robe and armour textures are my own, but I think I did all the undie & dancer textures for PC & party members, so you should be able to use any of those for 3DSmax renders :D

  10. it felt like a quadrizillion while I was making 'em :xp: It's been so long, I can't even remember what all I did :loco:


    I actually modified quite a few models, so you might have to open up the appearance.2da to cross reference them. Different species have different dancer models (for slightly different curves), but they should all have the same uvw map. Many of the underwear models are likewise altered for different curves. Many of the party members have mix and match tga to mdl; I think Atinah uses the same undie and dancer models as the PC Zeltrons, but she has unique textures :naughty: ; Kaila uses a modified Handmaiden undie model & skin, but the same dancer model as other humans, with a unique texture because of her tattoos; etc.

  11. yeah, I like to try and keep my kotor and tsl mods looking similar in style to the original art, and only a bit better for resolution and quality. My aim is to make things look like they were all done by the same art team. Still, I'd like to get custom normal maps working, so that my droids were a bit more like the Hi-res new droids.


    in RoR, all the dancer models have been tweaked to match the body shapes of the different species (Zeltrons have "huge tracts of land"). All the textures use the same colour outfit, only the skin colour & muscle definition changes. The exception is Kaila, who wears a mesh body suit under the metal bra and loincloth (she's a little more Goth, IMO). Feel free to change up the colours of the clothes (unless you want to make them into a chorus line :p)

  12. Only my TSL Twi'leks. I haven't worked on any "dance party" clothes other than the leather ones I've already sent you. I suppose it wouldn't be porting if you rendered some TSL slave dancer clothes in 3DSmax, then used the screenshots for posters. If you download the Revenge of Revan demo, all the textures and modified mdls should be in there (as well as many other species). If you don't mind waiting until I get home from work and exercise tonight (at least 12 hrs from now), I could send you the relevent files so you don't have to download the whole works.

  13. I see you're back at rendering :thumbsup: I hope life is treating you better these days :)

  14. Thanks, but I had turkey on October 10. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving (even though you celebrate it late :xp:)

  15. since I started modding KotOR, I've used CS2, CS3, and now CS5.

  16. Hey everyone, just letting you know that I haven't been modding much lately. My wife and I are planning on selling our house and buying a new one. Because of that, I've been too busy packing and cleaning, and moving half our stuff into storage. Hopefully, things will stabilize quickly, so I can get back to building new models.

  17. Hey Quanon, I only just heard how serious things are for you right now. I'm glad to hear that you're seeking treatment and help. I know from personal experience how depression can affect a person's thoughts (although I've never attempted suicide); I still have to keep vigilant that I don't get that ill again. I do know that no matter what happens to me, there are people around my to rely on, and who rely on me. I'm sure the same can be said of the people around you.


    Good luck, and get better pal :)

  18. hey j7, thanks for the input, I'll think about those tips and see what I can actually make work. About the hands, did you happen to check out the last post on page 4 of that character WIP thread? Something like that? Or are you thinking of something more detailed?

  19. I just edited that post a bit, to add some more input

  20. I actually just tried to post something, but an error happened, and I have to re-submit it :fist:. It's a good thing that I hadn't closed the window, so I could just use the back button.


    Now it went through :roleyess:

  21. you sent me a PM this morning, but there were only the quotes of older messages.


    Were you able to download the psd file, and were you able to open it?

  22. Hey, how've you been? I haven't heard from ya for a week. I hope the hurricane, floods, and power outages didn't disrupt your day-to-day too much.

  23. :argh: grr, 4 KB too big :fist: I'll re-do it for you soon. Do you want the time to be lengthened for when your name is visible?
  24. nope, still can only see it when I'm logged in. Now that you mention it, I forgot to check the file size to see if it was ok for signature size limtits. If it's too big, I'll re-save the gif for you (but next week, 'cause I'm babysitting my neice & nephew this weekend).

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