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  1. Well, not only did I delete my temp internet files, cookies, and browsing history, but I also restarted the computer. I still can't see just how great the new skins look :(. Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow. For now, I'm off to bed.

  2. Hey SA, for some reason when I click a "show spoiler" tab, the old image shows up, not the new Belaya, Sunry, or Nemo. I tried the direct link to photobucket, and I can see the new thumbnails, but clicking to enlarge gets me the old image.

  3. That looks great. Although, the eyebrows do look a tad bushy. So, I see you put a small scar under her right eye. I would have put it on the left, but now I see that the right is better. It explains why she wears her hair over her eye on that side :thumbsup:. The skin colour is nice; not too pale, not too tanned, and it isn't shiny like the original (less highlights). In all, she's looking like she's from southern Europe, like Italy.


    That's a cool robe too.


    I notice that the iris of her eyes looks a little flat. I know that it is a problem with a lot of the original K1 textures. In the TSL faces, the eyes have a little more dimension to them (highlights and shadows). A good example from TSL is PMHC04A.tga. Here is a decent, yet simple tutorial to illustrate what I mean: Eye Tutorial. Step 3 in particular, but with the light source coming straight down. It's a small detail (the iris) that would add a lot of depth to all your new textures.

  4. Alright, I e-mailed you a new head model. I hope you like it.

  5. Hey Logan, I just posted some Rattataki screenshots in the Revenge of Revan thread. I just thought I'd give you the heads up so you could check em out.

  6. Yeah, the patching and healing tools look to the edge of the selected area. If the area right next to the selection is blank, or at the edge of the image boundaries, it has no colour information to use. So it seems to substitue black or white (I guess). What I've done is to use a smaller selection. Sometimes I'll paint along the edge in a colour similar to the old area, THEN do the patch, then erase the part I painted.

  7. Now that I've taken another look at the first screenshots, I can see the detail of the kneecaps, and the highlight along the front leg muscle. I think what threw me off is that the arms of the model are puffy sleaves, and don't look like regular size bare arms. I really like the fishnets on the arms and legs though (especially the smaller ringlets).

  8. Hmm, I guess it was hard for me to see all from the screenshots that you'd already used her underwear tga. Yeah, I usually use the patching and healing brushes too. If the arms in the underwear skin don't make sense, it might be because the uvw maps are different for the underwear model and the clothing model. One of the tutorials I'll do will be how I get the uvw map from NWmax into Photoshop. I'll even show how I use the maps to make things line up better when I copy and paste. I'll try to have that tutorial up by next week. There's a lot of steps, so it'll take me a while.


    I hope I'm not keeping you awake at night ;), right now I'm at work, and I post on my breaks. I also stay up until after midnight my time. Right now the daylight savings time is in effect, so that may be why it seems there's only 11 hrs difference.

  9. So, it is 12:40 in the afternoon here in Edmonton. Is it just after midnight there?

  10. hey pal, for your Bastila clothes where you want to have the skin of her arms and legs showing, what I'd do is to copy and paste areas from her underwear tga image. You can probably also do that for the area on her back (like the shoulder blades), although, you might need to do some manual editing to get rid of the bra straps.

    The two images probably won't match up perfectly, but you can always Scale and Warp them (under the Edit pull down menu). The process I go through is really long to describe step by step, so it will be awhile before I put it in a tutorial.

  11. Well, I've decided to finally start making some tutorials. Maybe they'll help.

    Inyri has some pretty high standards, but she's also got some great results. I agree with most of her comments that I've seen, so I'm going to try and share how I've tried to raise my own standards.

  12. You mean the 40 heads WIP isn't a go anymore?

  13. Hey, how are things going? I hope your exams went well. I see you're helping out with a big skinning project. Someting like 40 heads? I hope that turns out great :)

  14. I've only been doing it for a year, so I still consider myself kinda new. All my other experience makes up for it though.


    Sorry for the late reply, I've been camping for over a week. We left on the morning of the 14th, so I've only just checked my messages.

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