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  1. Thanks, that might come in handy if I start working on the module textures. I'm thinking that it would really help make a "hotel" look upscale and rich.

  2. I joined the RoR facebook group, and sent ya a friend request :D. It'll be weird seeing people's real pictures instead of avatars.

  3. I hadn't checked my e-mail in a week, I'll do that right away :D


    I didn't know we could use that goto re-skin, so I hadn't added it to the 2da files. I don't think I even have the skin or name. What type of outfit do you want him to wear? I'll whip up a mini patcher for you tonight, once I know the name of the skin.

  4. replace them with what? Is there something new for me to download?

  5. Firefly is one of the greatest sci-fi tv shows to ever last a half a season :xp:. It got cancelled, but Joss Wedon made the movie Serenity to close the story lines. Anyway, there is a guest character called Saffron that appears in two episodes. She's a con-artist, played by Christina Hendricks (now in Mad Men).

  6. Hi there. I saw that you posted in the Getting to know each other thread. Saffron is a nice name, it reminds me of the character from Firefly.


    So... this is the visitor message box. It's useful for having short conversations, but it's open to all viewers. I also try not to use if for spoiler type messages (PMs are better for that). This gets used more for off topic stuff.


    If you post here, I won't get a message indication. It's better to click the "View Conversation" link, and post a reply in there. That way, next time I log on, I'll get a pop-up telling me I've got a message to read.

  7. I sent you an e-mail for a fix up.

  8. I can do a batch edit of all the icons using photoshop's match color tool. I would only have to go in and manually edit the ones that have more than just the pale green colour. I can get a complete (I think) list of files to change by using this mod as an example:



    It has all the .gui and .tga that I think we need (but it is for TSL, so some may be changed for RoR). Take a look through it, and see what you need.


    how does the yellowish text look?

  9. Hey, have you seen this thread?


    It talks about changing text font colours, but by hex editing .gui files.


    I'd suggest starting with R=201, G=127, B=28. It is similar to the RoR logo, and should have decent contrast with a black background. If you devide by 255 like it says, that would be




  10. well, LR999 got back to me in a PM, and he started posting again in his WIP thread. I'm glad that the flood waters were held back from where he lives, so it sounds like he's ok.

  11. yeah, I already checked out the s.g. *:I need a smiley that is rubbing his hands together and grinning with anticipation:*

  12. Hey, have you heard from LordRevan999 in a while? Does anyone know how he's doing? I'm kinda worried because this summer in Pakistan there were some serious floods. The place he has listed as his location (Rahim Yar Khan) is only about 20km from the river that overflowed it's banks.


    Anyway, if you or anyone else at Team Hssiss knows if he's ok, please let me know.

  13. almost ready for a new build, eh? Can't wait to test it out :D

  14. I was just thinking that the wiggly "RoR" wasn't very dynamic, nor really representative of your name. All I'd do is make it look more like blood splatters, and then put three claw marks streaked through it. It would just be a little more "Logan" that it is now :D

  15. yeah, that's the problem with any mystery; it's more intriguing when left up to the imagination, but your brain just wants to KNOW :lol:. I'm more of a DC fan (I still collect), but one of my friends is a long time Marvel fan. He's always bringing up the length of time that Wolverine was without his adamantium; if you're gonna do a stunt in comics, make it last a while. Not like Superman dying, then 4 months later they start bringing him back :xp:.


    I'll try and work in some wolverine references on the shoulder pauldron of the Mando suit ;)

  16. it should fire as soon as possible. That way, any other conditionals that require the PC's species will have the correct info to go on. I'll post more in the social group.


    BTW, is there any particular "Logan" that your screen name is derived from? I was just thinking again of logos for our team member Mando armours.

  17. hey, I noticed on LordRevan999's profile, that you have a Bendak Starkiller skin. What does it look like?

  18. I started up a new thread that you might want to add on to

    can a script recognize the PC's line from appearance.2da?

  19. yeah, I listened to all the interview answers. They were pretty informative. You might want to add the links to the RoR thread.


    I also added some info about the number of playable species on youtube. Thanks for the kind words in the audio :)

  20. this is just a friendly reminder: try not to "bump" a thread, because a modderator might flag you with an infraction. You might want to brush up on the forum rules to get a full definition of what a bump is.


    As for RoR, we're still progressing on it. If I had something worth posting, I'd certainly post it. Right now, however, all I'd be doing is posting spoilers, so I'm keeping quiet so that players have a better experience with the mod.


    I am glad that you're so interested in RoR :D

  21. hey, it's been a long time. I sincerely hope that you've been well & healthy.


    I was wondering about your Golden Bendak Starkiller armour too. I made my own for RoR, which is similar to yours, so that it could be a continuation of your work. Since the logos are mine, all I had to do was try to approximate the colours you used. But, since you've never released yours, I was thinking of releasing mine as a K1 mod. I'll still hold off if you think you'll still release yours soon. I realize that issues in real life might be holding you back, but I'd really like to share our vision with the community.


    So, what do you say?

  22. classes are ok. I'm still kinda slow when it comes to modelling from scratch. We're just starting on uv unwrapping, and its going ok. In my other class, we finished with Photoshop, and are just starting Illustrator. Finally, I'll be learning something completely new :D.


    So how're things with you? I started to listen to the audio answers, but haven't listened to them all yet.

  23. hey, I might have steered you down the wrong path with my tutorial. You should check out my fix. I'll have to make some new screenshots later.

  24. you might want to PM all the testers, and let them know about the RoR social group thread for reporting issues. I'd do it, but I don't know who all is testing.


    I also noticed several places where Tanik has been spell checked to Tank.

  25. I sent you an e-mail.

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